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Tuesday, March 16 View Page
I've been waiting a long time for an upgrade but maybe 2021 is the year I finally get it back?
Wednesday, March 17 View Page
Three targets to aim for this year, + 200.6 for a PB + 203 for Vengeance ;) + 206.5 to become 'King of the marrows!' Simple as that.
Friday, March 19 View Page
So my main priority again will be the marrows this year, provisional line up. 165 Baggs 17 x 4 220 Baggs 18 x 4 198.8 Baggs 19 x 2 217 Baggs 19 x 2 198.4 Baggs 20 x 2 200.6 Baggs 20 x 2 16 plants total.
Friday, March 19 View Page
I'll also be growing 4 field pumpkin plants, I'll likely grow a seed from each of my three crosses from last year and am undecided on the fourth as yet.
Friday, March 19 View Page
And just for fun I'll be growing a couple of AG's, Two plants in my 20x42 ft tunnel so a little over 400 sq ft per plant. Not sure of line up yet but it's of little concern as I'm only growing them for amusement. I'm considering trying my own 917 (2255xself) from 2019 if I get a good plant. No time for cucumbers this year.
Sunday, April 11 View Page
I started pumpkin seeds this evening. 12 seeds went in to 3 litre pots and are in the propagators at room temperature. I've never felt so relaxed about growing a pumpkin, I didn't even bother to sand seeds :D. The plan is to start one plant off at each end and they'll meet in the middle, but I'll still have the option of thinning to one larger plant if one of the plants looks to be a runt. A picture of the tunnel taken last weekend before the frost touched the potato plants, which will be taken out before the pumpkins require the space if they're ready or not. I've now got side doors (one each side) in the middle of the tunnel which will enable me to get around the plants easier.
Sunday, April 11 View Page
Nothings happening in the marrow patch yet, I did spray a little glyphosate around at the weekend just to keep the weeds in check but I don't want to disturb the soil too much until planting time or it'll only encourage more weeds to grow!


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