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Friday, January 1 View Page
6.23 Koneiczny was transplanted to the tub on December 29. That gives me an extra month on last years plant. And Iíve gone from 2 1/2 gallons pot of grow medium two around 14 gallons. I am seeking to set the 100% indoor WR tomato this winter. Whatever that is.
Sunday, January 10 View Page
The young contender is full of hope. So far I am able to get the soil and air temperature up to 75F with a 4 ft heating mat and a soil heating cable.
Monday, January 25 View Page
Well it is the dead of winter and everyone is probably jonesing for some actual grow talk about now so I will try to give as much information as I can. The young contender has been training hard and he is bulking up quick. I added about 7 more gallons of additional soil mixture, which raised the level to the top of the tub and to where the 3rd or 4th branches were. The container is now filled to its maximum capacity of 18 gallons. The first truss did not form flowers, maybe due to the mixed signals of too much light while being too cold overall. The temperature is now 83F/ 84F while the light is on vs 72F/ 73F while the light is off, and it is on for 16h/ off for 8h. Soil temperature stays at 72. When the plant was first moved to the big container it was 18h/ 6h. I may reduce more based on what feedback I get on the tomato board. The plant split at the first truss but no flowers, so I deadheaded the weaker side. I got the temperature up by lining 3 sides of the grow area with 6 mil plastic, put a heat lamp with a fan blowing the air onto the plant, looped a 48ft soil cable around the back wall which is the poured foundation of the house. This combined w/ a 4 ft heating mat and a little heat from the 1500w LED. But they run cool. I am about to start the high P/ K fertilizer today.
Wednesday, January 27 View Page
Here is the temperature and humidity profile for the week. These thermometers are really cool. They Bluetooth to your phone and give you this data, and they only cost like $12 on Amazon. One is definitely going in every hoop house this spring!


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