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Saturday, April 11 View Page
The weather looks good here in the Sacramento Valley of California, so I've made some selections! 1856 Mathison (2016), 1921 Frias (2018), 2017 Frias, 1727 Hawlkley, 1082 Carlson, 1829 Urena.
Saturday, April 11 View Page
85* water + Liquid Kelp + Fish for 6.5 hours in the incubator.
Saturday, April 11 View Page
And now we wait. Incubator set for 85*, overnight lows should be around 50* this week. I've had an issue with aphids already in the greenhouse this year, kinda worried that I'm going to get an attack early. I don't know why this property has such a problem with them?
Tuesday, April 21 View Page
Added tons of compost and amendments yesterday. Mounded planting sites as well. Today we installed our drip line as well as cooling sprinklers. Here is the Sacramento Valley of California, it gets HOT, and stays hot. Its dry. A perfect set up for PMD. Stay tuned for details on how we beat the heat. Next up, building huts and settling plants in for the night.
Tuesday, April 21 View Page
Today we installed the drip mainline and the cooling sprinklers. Hilled planting areas (3' circle, dug out and back filled with aged compost, added Pumpkin magic stuff too). Might plant tomorrow??? North winds are expected, but plants are getting really leggy.... stay tuned!
Friday, April 24 View Page
Totally nerve wracking day here in the Sacramento Valley. Forcated 30 MPH North winds (these winds will suck the life out of everything, including us!) High in the 90s....but the plants are SO leggy! We we went for it. Planted 2 in each site: The West side: 1856 Mathison & 1921 Frias, East side: 1082 Carlson & 1829 Urena. These are the largest, healthiest plants of the 6, surprisingly the 2 largest seeds (the Frias 2017 and the Hawkley 1727) were not planted, these plants are in the bull pen should something horrible happen in the garden.... Each planting site has a mini hoop house, but that in itself was a worry, as it's hot. Really hot. Plants were a bit wilty at 4pm, but I turned the drip on for a half hour, and they looked better at 6pm. Whew!


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