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Sunday, July 26 View Page
(Main Vine) It seemed fine yesterday and then today this, it was partially buried, this is after i removed all the dirt from around it.
Sunday, July 26 View Page
After i removed all the bad stuff... it was all rotten inside, its even worse then it looks, i might attempt to graft a secondary onto the main vine just for fun
Thursday, August 6 View Page
I was going to make a nice patch for my first year but wasn't able to, I decided to grow a couple in my yard anyway just to learn and experiment with, I just dug up some holes and mixed in good dirt and fertilizer, I live in Arkansas, the smaller plant in the front is an 848 fay, seed when in ground end of June, The bigger plant in the back is an 1842 Connolly, that one went in the ground beginning of June, that plant has the issues with the main vine, other then that they seem fairly healthy, I purposely haven't used any pesticides just to see what happens, I have killed a dozen squash bugs by hand and a few cucumber beetles, nothing major, hopefully I get lucky and have no issues. I had my first pumpkin pollinated and growing the other day, it was about the size of a fist and my dog decided it looked tasty and he ate it, lol, I will have to do something to prevent that but normally hes good for protecting the plants so nothing else touches them, anyway I'm not upset, I'll just have to pollinate another one , i'm not expecting anything big anyway, just using it to learn and for fun.


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