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Sunday, April 19 View Page
Planted Seeds April 7th after a 24 hour soaking. They are grown in Happy Frog. No additional fertilizer.
Tuesday, May 5 View Page
Planting Day. Its a hot one. A good 80 degrees today. Planting a Wallace 2017 and a Gedes 2018. Mixed in Happy frog, Oceans Alive and bagged compost and watered in. Go Get'em!
Wednesday, May 6 View Page
Loving the Glow of the new lights. The first step towards spooky season.....
Tuesday, May 12 View Page
The girls are growing. They are taking on size fast.
Thursday, May 14 View Page
Loving to look inside at night. Plants are moving. I have a small heater, pink growlight and regular growlight pointing down. The hoop house stays about 10 degree warmer without the heater.
Tuesday, May 19 View Page
Little fella in the advanced agricultural and aquatic resource center.
Monday, May 25 View Page
Letting the girls breathe. I have fed the lots of N. They have recieved 21-0-0- granular and 13-0-1 liquid drench. I figure i am planting early so lets push them with N until about mid-June.
Sunday, May 31 View Page
Plants are moving. Not a lot of flowers so i am backing off the N. I am putting more PK down with a 18-21-21 and using the Captains Neptune and Dr. Earth spray. I think i will be putting down a more general fertilizer. I have also been burying vines with a compost/topsoil mix and hitting them with a liquid fertilizer to them when i fertilize the plant. About once to twice a week.
Sunday, May 31 View Page
I thought the stem color and sepals were looking a bit off but after consultaion with the great folks on this page, i believe they are fine. I guess some AG's have a yellow vines and sepals. The more you know.
Tuesday, June 2 View Page
View of the two pumpkins from the kitchen. They were about the same size at planting. The one on the right has had a light on it often and has soil heating cables (which i need to remember to unplug)
Wednesday, June 10 View Page
The primary vine is certainly slowing down. Maybe growing 3-4 inches a day. The secondaries are growing much faster. Probably twice as fast. The primary vine is about 11 feet long. I also noticed the first female on the plant today at 11 feet. I also noticed two more females on the secondaries. I noticed a female on the backup plant a few days beforehand. Also, the male flowers are starting to bloom. I probably have 3-4 on the main plant.
Monday, June 15 View Page
Fertilized the Backup Plant today. I also noticed Cucumber beetles on the male flowers. I'm going to spray Sevin tonight and put down the Grub Ex granular.
Sunday, July 19 View Page
I,Found this today. The pumpkin is a bit larger than a beach ball.....Do you think its blossom end rot, another type of rot or an abort. I feel like i have had a number of pumpkins get to about basketball size this year (16-20 DAP)and then this happens........Any suggestions would be great.
Sunday, August 2 View Page
Patch August 2nd.
Tuesday, August 4 View Page
Its been a year of rot in the patch. Today i found this one. Its 150 total inches. So a bit larger than a beach ball but not by much. Can aborts be this large? The three previous aborts rotted when they were a bit smaller. Any idea what it might be? At first i thought it may have been overwatering but i've cut that back and i am only watering when i think its necessary. Usaully as bit by the stump every other day . I am a newbie so looking for any advice.
Saturday, August 29 View Page
Patch 29 AUG - Downy Mildew?
Saturday, August 29 View Page
Patch looking a little rough. I believe downy mildew. I have certainly seen come downy mildew. Treating with Eagle. Next year, i hope to get a mistblower so i can better get under the leaves.


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