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Friday, April 3 View Page
Blevins 550 is in the ground, heating cables are doing what they are supposed to do. now we just need some good sun.
Wednesday, April 8 View Page
Man it was hot in the hoop house when I got home from work, I only opened up one side and let me tell you that was not enough.... lesson learned...
Wednesday, April 8 View Page
It got hot in the patch... I only opened up one side of the hoop house... won't do that anymore...
Tuesday, April 14 View Page
Did a little flower chopping tonight
Sunday, April 19 View Page
And then there were 2
Wednesday, April 22 View Page
We got touchdown on the 150sf plant
Thursday, April 30 View Page
First female of the year. Way early but did give me a smile.
Sunday, May 3 View Page
150sf plant is really starting to stretch out.
Tuesday, May 5 View Page
Lil water and a little love. Now I just need some better weather.
Thursday, May 7 View Page
Plant is looking alot better, you can see the scars of the ME PROBLEMS that I left on her.. The new growth is impressive ...grow on...
Monday, May 11 View Page
Growth has been slow but semi steady. I have an infestation of small manure flies in the pumpkin shack,not really bothering the plants just annoying. We are having some cold weather some freezing nights and frost,frost,frost,frost,Frost! Lost my big tomatoes plants I had going from March 1st. But pumpkins are great and growing on....
Friday, May 15 View Page
150sf hitting her groove, terminated 7 secondary vines.. it's still alot of work with this small plant but I feel I am able to give the plant more care to vine burying and soil moisture levels.
Tuesday, May 26 View Page
Got caught slipping didn't get shade cloth on in time.... going to amputate the main and let a secondary take the lead...
Thursday, May 28 View Page
Nice recovery for only 2 days....
Tuesday, June 9 View Page
My 150sf plant has made a full recovery from the main amputation. I see a pumpkin in the tip that will be real close to where I want to be... the pumpkin by the can is getting pollinated in the morning (will serv as backup hopefully)
Friday, June 12 View Page
Snapped the 2 main after pumpkin pollination? Got 2 tertiary vines as the new main not much room left in the 150sf hope something happens soon
Wednesday, June 17 View Page
Chug chug chug still plugging along.
Friday, June 26 View Page
Not where I wanted her but she will do fine.
Tuesday, July 14 View Page
My 150 sf kin is but steady.
Tuesday, July 14 View Page
My 150 sf kin is but steady.
Saturday, August 1 View Page
Lost the vine past the pumpkin due to vine stress. Dap 55 or close to it around d 500lbs
Monday, August 3 View Page
150sf, she is growing slow but steady.
Tuesday, August 18 View Page
150sf plant has seen better days, but she is still growing.
Tuesday, September 1 View Page
On way to Michigan state fair with 150 sf contest challenge
Tuesday, September 1 View Page
150 sf challenge contest official weight 526 lbs won't woot


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