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Thursday, May 28 View Page
We have been getting some great weather here in the UK, so growth has been amazing and everything is ahead for me. Iím hoping that it isnít too early. This 2528 Geddes is around 11í long today.
Thursday, May 28 View Page
Giant red cabbage now planted out.
Thursday, May 28 View Page
384.5 Terry Bushel Gourds planted out. I started off 2 of these as well as 3 x 335 Ansems. They all germinated and grew into really strong plants.
Thursday, May 28 View Page
Kohlrabi in the polytunnel is racing ahead. Hopefully, this will just get bigger and wonít melt.
Saturday, May 30 View Page
2528 Geddes. What a difference a couple of days can make
Sunday, May 31 View Page
Another view of the 384.5 Terry BG.
Thursday, June 4 View Page
The 2528 Geddes yesterday.
Thursday, June 4 View Page
The 1807 Holub yesterday. I gave both plants a foliar spray os SB Plant Invigorator, MG and B
Monday, June 15 View Page
2528 Geddes. Now around 25í long. Pollination is
Saturday, June 20 View Page
1807 Holub green squash has 3 fruits growing. This one is 12 DAP, perfect shape, but is only 10 feet from the stump, so I will probably cull it in favour of fruits at the 15-17 feet mark.
Saturday, June 20 View Page
2528 Geddes pumpkin. 3 fruits pollinated, the latest one today, but the first 2 have freaky shapes. Hoping that the third baby will be a better shape.
Wednesday, July 8 View Page
1807 Holub taping at 165lb today, putting on 20+ lb a day at the moment. The light stripe is where I left the tape measure draped over it for 1 day.
Sunday, July 19 View Page
My 1807 Holub squash is looking reasonably steady at an estimated 384 lb today. Thatís at 34 days after pollination. Putting on approximately 25lb a night now. Happy days......
Sunday, August 2 View Page
Giant squash (1807 Holub) is estimated at around 655 lb today. Growing in Gloucester UK. Growth is very sporadic for some reason. It maybe my measuring skills, but on the whole putting a reasonable amount of weight on weekly. Need to tape it every 3 days at leasr, I guess. If it continues for the next few weeks, then it may achieve a nice weight. Anything around my pumpkin PB (887lb) would be very welcome........ Note to self: Do a soil test next year.
Saturday, August 15 View Page
At last a tomato PB for me. Just short of 3lb 12oz. Not a record breaker, but very happy to have something.
Friday, August 21 View Page
Giant squash 1807.5 Holub estimates at 900lb at the moment. Weight gain has really slowed down but should be a nice PB. Not sure that it will put much more on but Iím pushing it all the same. Excuse the ??......
Thursday, September 17 View Page
Black Giant Bell Pepper. Not huge, but very attractive and the biggest black one Iíve seen so far.
Saturday, September 26 View Page
Funny how things work out. Last year, I grew a 36Ē cucumber.This year, the biggest was shorter at 34Ē but fatter (just short of 20lb).
Sunday, September 27 View Page
Seed from the big cucumber. Usually 50 or so would be a good number, but it yielded over 240 viable seeds. (When placed in water, the good ones will sink to the bottom)
Saturday, October 3 View Page
The 1807.5 Holub came in at 877. A new PB. Happy days...........


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