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Tuesday, June 9 View Page
Hey everyone! Been almost a year since I've posted, a LOT has changed in my life. Last winter, I worked my butt off and saved enough money to move out of my grandparents house. Since then, I've got my own place with some community garden space. With covid-19 and my job in healthcare, It was impossible to find time to get any pumpkins going. (Pictured is my Japanese Maple Bonsai)
Tuesday, June 9 View Page
Although I'm sad I can't grow much this year, I did start some 9.65 Porkchop seeds. Aka some ReAl sLaMeRs.. This plant is 24 days old. Soil sucks here so I made my own with promix, perlite & fox farms, growing in trashcan. Is 5 lbs even possible in a trashcan? Stay tuned
Tuesday, June 16 View Page
At 31 days old, I have a 1st truss megablossom on both of the 9.65s
Tuesday, June 16 View Page
One of my 9.65 plants this evening
Wednesday, June 17 View Page
Both of the 9.65s in buckets, I also have 2 in the ground.
Friday, June 19 View Page
The tomatoes are now protected from rain, and get watered strictly through capillary action in the soil from the bottom-up
Sunday, June 21 View Page
Getting close!
Monday, June 22 View Page
Trashy looking plants this morning ;) weird thing I noticed: the branches of these plants sometimes get super twisty and flip upside-down at night, righting themselves with the morning sun. Why do they do this? I don't think I've been overwatering
Tuesday, June 23 View Page
9.65 beginning to turn yellow
Wednesday, June 24 View Page
Someone decided to say hello this morning
Wednesday, June 24 View Page
Friday, June 26 View Page
Never had a 1st truss like this...
Saturday, June 27 View Page
Rain in the forcast today, hoping the flower is protected enough. She's a sexy lil thing
Saturday, June 27 View Page
Loving the color this year
Sunday, June 28 View Page
So if I'm counting right this flower has been in bloom for 5 going on 6 days? I really just want the petals to fall off already ... Apologies for all the posts, I only have 4 tomato plants so I have way too much freetime
Monday, June 29 View Page
9.65 at 44 days old. Lifted up because of all the thunderstorms
Monday, June 29 View Page
Right side up?
Thursday, July 2 View Page
11 days of growth in the buckets
Thursday, July 2 View Page
Per the advice of porkchop, I gave the plants a 2.5 gallon drench today. I also foliar fed some calcarb under the leaves. Up until this point, I have only watered less than a gallon. I will let the pots dry out over the next 5 days and see what happens
Friday, July 3 View Page
Big stem.. I must be compensating for something
Friday, July 3 View Page
I pick my petals off as they lose color, so I think this is what most growers would consider 1-2 DAP? I don't mind if I get crap for picking the petals off, my logic is after 5 days of blooming, pollination either occured or didn't, airflow to the stamen must be good like it is with pumpkins?
Sunday, July 5 View Page
The 9.65 seems to be all fused... this is the only tomato I have growing so far, I have some nice blossoms on the other trashcan plant.


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