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Monday, April 6 View Page
Un saluto a tutti i coltivatori, per noi la stagione di crescita inizia ora!
Monday, April 6 View Page
Despite the virus hurdle, work continues. Even the organic substance has arrived, this year we try the biodigested
Saturday, April 18 View Page
Ready for the 150 ft sq contest ... again this year we will participate with this seed, 1297.5 Young 2016, probably the most beautiful pumpkin we have grown so far!
Monday, April 20 View Page
This is the "Young" seedling that will soon find its place in its 150 ft sq cradle!
Wednesday, April 22 View Page
Here are some plants that we are going to grow in 2020. Not all, we will grow, Covid-19 permitting, AG, LG, English Marrow, Field Pumpkins, Trombetta di Albenga, some ornamental pumpkins, carrots (hopefully) giants, Long Pepper, Heavy Pepper, Heavy Cucumber, wide sunflowers and giant tomatoes
Tuesday, May 5 View Page
With the ground level, we begin to "draw" our 150 ft sq space with the help of the cat!
Wednesday, May 6 View Page
Well ... the perimeter has been defined, the area measures 7.7 feet in width and 19.45 in length, which correspond to an area of 150 square feet, as per regulation!
Wednesday, May 6 View Page
We then opted for our own seed, the seed of a pumpkin that we call "Celestina", which we have been cultivating since Oriana and I joined together to form "Team 721". We met in April 2016 and when we planted the pumpkins, there was a small squash seedling in a corner (I don't remember which genetics) that I didn't think I would use. Oriana saw it, and ... we cultivated it. Then we will tell you the story with some photos
Saturday, May 16 View Page
This was the end of the first "Celestina" 2016, which died prematurely as she was about to become a beautiful Squash. Fortunately, we managed to recover some seeds that were not fully formed
Saturday, May 16 View Page
Of the few seeds not yet formed, only one seedling was born. I didn't think it could grow, but nature always manages to amaze us!
Saturday, May 16 View Page
Our "Celestina" was becoming a beautiful pumpkin, (in 2016 the pollination had been open), when a strong hailstorm destroyed all the leaves. Again we thought it would not grow ... instead nature has shown its strength, slowly new leaves have grown.
Sunday, May 17 View Page
... and the day of the harvest arrived, a nice 160 lb courgette that accompanied us until 11 February, Oriana's birthday
Sunday, May 17 View Page
In 2018 there were no inconveniences in the cultivation process and our "Celestina" arrived 2nd at the "Fiera della Zucca" in Piea (AT) - Italy with a weight of 661 lb. Pollination x self
Sunday, May 17 View Page
Finally in 2019, pollinated by 1872.8 Willemijns "15, it reached a weight of 540 lb. Still 2nd at the" Pumpkin Fair "in Piea (AT)
Monday, May 18 View Page
These are the measurements on the ground of the cultivation area, 150 ft sq
Saturday, May 23 View Page
Even today a photo with Celestina who is growing
Thursday, May 28 View Page
Today we also installed the irrigation system
Saturday, May 30 View Page
Connecting and testing the irrigation system ... all OK
Saturday, June 6 View Page
Even today we have made some adjustments to our Celestina. In the next few days it may rain, hopefully not too strong!


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