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Sunday, April 5 View Page
I'm back at it again. Builted a greenhouse last summer and fall. Got it covered on March 5. Passive heat has melted the 18" to 24" snow inside. The top 4 inches of soil has thawed. I have enough plastic to raise the center up to about 11ft. I'll do this as the pumpkins are growing hopefully. I was able to keep the snows in March and April from crushing the house. We had four straight days above 50 degrees. Most of the snow had melted away. Then we got 7 inches of wet snow on 4/2 and temps down to 2 degress at night.
Sunday, April 5 View Page
All have past the paper towel stage. Waiting for green cotyledons.
Sunday, April 12 View Page
This Easter Morning at the greenhouse, one inch snow and 22 degrees
Sunday, April 12 View Page
All successful up and going. Started seven 1134 Harper's as back up and to experiment with.
Sunday, April 12 View Page
My four primaries. 1400.5 Jarvis, 1921.5 Carrier, 2157 Paton, and 2252 Paton. Will transfer to bigger pots soon.
Sunday, April 12 View Page
Easter Morning, 22 degrees and i inch of snow.
Sunday, April 12 View Page
Success! All up. I had to help each remove seed shell. Sanding & soaking did not help this time.
Sunday, April 12 View Page
The four primaries are: 1921.5 Carrier , 2252 Paton , 2157 Paton, and 1400.5 Jarvis. For backups I have seven 1134 Harper.
Monday, April 13 View Page
Well another snow shower late yesterday afternoon and another snow shower this morning gave us another 1 inch of the lovely white stuff to trudge around through. April snow showers bring May flowers in Dakota Land. I like using the word another.
Thursday, April 16 View Page
Houston we have a problem. 2252 Paton has decided to stop growing.
Friday, April 24 View Page
Planted both 1921.5 Carrier and 2157 Paton in the greenhouse today. 1400.5 Jarvis will be planted outside when ground thaws and dries enough to till. Still have snow on ground in the shade.
Sunday, May 10 View Page
First attempt to raise center of greenhouse. I purchased more plastic than needed for 60x28x7. I knew I could not raise it to 12 ft. I figured 11 ft would gitter done and have enough to button sides down. I was wrong by 8 inches on one corner. 10 ft should work. The wind needs to rest now.
Sunday, May 10 View Page
Another rookie mistake. Forgot to unplug heating cable before lifting hut off Carrier 1921.5. Pulled both orange wires from black cord. Need to keep cord under hut 2x4's not on top. I believe I can repaire it.
Monday, May 18 View Page
May 11 was the last morning with temps around 20 degrees. This time the heater killed 2157 Paton dispite all the precautions. Trimming the leaves did not help. Replaced it with 1134 Harper. 1921.5 Carrier Ok. 1400.5 Jarvis was planted in ground outside of greenouse on May 15. Jarvis did not grow well in the pot.
Sunday, May 24 View Page
1134 Harper that replaced 2157 Paton.
Sunday, May 24 View Page
1921.5 Carrier 1 month in the greenhouse. Vine ready to lay down.
Sunday, May 24 View Page
1400.5 Jarvis 9 days in the ground. No growth but not dead.
Sunday, May 24 View Page
Greenhouse elevated. North end is at 10 foot. Door in is at 8 foot. The plot is not level it slopes.
Wednesday, June 3 View Page
Pumpkin house acting like an airplane wing. Two days (6/1, 6/2) of high winds 45 to 55 mph have cause two 12 foot middle sections to pump out of the ground. The photo is the east side 4 inches up. Placed bucket of sand to hold it down. The west side section pumped out about 9 inches. I dugged down below enough to reset the 18 inch stud. The two 12 foot sections were dismantle and the assemble again. A bucket of sand was placed to hold it down. The house is based on Mark Clementz screenhouse design. If I was to build this design again, I would extend the studs down 3 foot for the North Dakota wind.


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