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Sunday, June 21 View Page
Whats going on? Help is appreciated.
Sunday, June 21 View Page
Another angle...
Sunday, June 21 View Page
And finally
Thursday, July 2 View Page
First Svb killed june 21st via Holland trap. This picture is today's kill, July 2nd. I emtpy it out each day to monitor fluctuations. Yesterday was close to 50. Yikes.
Thursday, July 23 View Page
July 19th. Starting to show some growth this week. Dumped 80lbs of homemade worm castings on my tomatoes to stimulate some flowers...
Friday, July 24 View Page
Tomato plants are 7 to 8' tall. Plenty of produce.
Sunday, July 26 View Page
Took down the new raised bed...
Monday, July 27 View Page
6!!. But it goes very light.
Friday, July 31 View Page
Then single weighs more than the 6 pack. Whatever.
Saturday, August 1 View Page
Dap unknown...its going well at one watering a day with the dripworks small crops driptape kit. I pushed it to 1 hr 15 min the pumpkin showed a small crack on the stem. So dialed back to 45 minutes. Also moved it to the morning so I don't have another year of rotting. My soil holds water very well.
Saturday, August 1 View Page
July 18th. It's come along nicely in two weeks. 1. Had some stump foam so i stopped watering back half of plant and that's helps a ton. No foam. 2. Small crack on stem from too much watering. Sulphur. Next morning crack was not any bigger and drier...last year the rotting stem started this way so less watering.
Saturday, August 8 View Page
After vacation in grand marais all week...still holding together!
Sunday, August 9 View Page
well...ef....picked an svb grub that holed its way through the kins stem. It seems to have done very little damage at least. I've done systemic recently which may have pushed him out, and knock on wood its been the only one so far.
Wednesday, August 12 View Page
Took the picture with the Nest video camera that is keeping watch over the 1143 engel.
Saturday, August 15 View Page
Dap maybe 35 ish. Measured yesterday. Will be best yet, as long as it doesn't grow over its stem. Lessons for next year: adjusting kin when young, no drinking and scratching the heck out of it with the foliar wand...haha and keeping up on svb battle. I'm still catching svb in Holland trap.
Saturday, August 15 View Page
Turning red?
Saturday, August 22 View Page
1143 engel
Sunday, August 30 View Page
8 ft maters and first kin over 300 ott! And some sunflowers
Sunday, August 30 View Page
Sunday, August 30 View Page
14 without sepals
Sunday, August 30 View Page
Beauty queen
Sunday, August 30 View Page
He won't remember this
Thursday, September 3 View Page
Story time in the perfect spot
Saturday, September 5 View Page
Leaves dying in the back. Only morning light with shorter days and the house blocking it. But foliar with humus, seaweed, cal, mag, recharge and it looks good. Growing over its own stem....maybe 2 weeks before its done
Saturday, September 12 View Page
Still growing somewhere over 300"
Sunday, September 20 View Page
Only the cc is growing. Soft spot on stem so maybe time to cut it it gets worse. I won't get to a weigh off with 3 kids and a shed to build...no time and money to hoist and destroy my yard moving it. Its the burbs so I get to talk to people everyday about the pumpkin as they stop their car to take a picture...you would think its the biggest pumpkin ever by the sheer number of gawkers...lol
Sunday, September 27 View Page
All done for the year. More adjustments for next year to keep getting bigger
Sunday, September 27 View Page
Sunday, November 1 View Page
Harvested seeds
Sunday, November 1 View Page
A quick carve
Sunday, November 1 View Page
Nice surprise under the snow! Supposed to be small variety but there's such a thing as ag pumpkin effect


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