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Tuesday, January 21 View Page
Ya itís been awhile since Iíve been here. Iím back in Port Orchard, Wa for the winter. I hauled an old 42Ē craftsman snowblower here and Iím going to convert it to a 42Ē pull type tiller. Iíve already gutted the thing, with a lot more fabrication to do it should easily be ready to hit the garden in time. Iíve got the tines, 1Ē shaft bearings, wheels and tires. Iíll be installing a 9hp electric start 6 to 1 gear reduction motor to drive it. Engaging the rotation of tines, raising and lowering will be via remote control. This is going to be a fun project.
Friday, March 13 View Page
Iím making progress on my binford 20000 pull behind tiller. Should be done in plenty of time to head back to ND and put her to work.
Friday, March 13 View Page
I got my covid19 virus suit today it fits like a glove.
Saturday, April 4 View Page
My tiller is almost complete. I Just need to get a sealed box for my controllers. Itís been tested and works like a champ.
Monday, April 20 View Page
Itís full steam ahead. I already tilled mine. For video purposes Iím doing the neighbors. https://youtu.be/UHYNKHskLcc
Tuesday, May 5 View Page
Hoops are complete, soil heating cables in place. Plants are ready but not out yet, still waiting for the heating cables to reach closer to 70 degrees. Although in years past I put my plants in cold soil and still didnít do to bad. I still have some cleanup, a little tilling, then put out walking boards.
Saturday, May 9 View Page
Not unusual for around here
Saturday, June 6 View Page
1629 Carrier 2017. First female of the season. Itís currently only at 8 ft out. It might make it to 10ft by the time it opens. It wonít be pollinated, plenty of time yet. I have another plant my 1461 Carrier is sitting at about 6 ft. The others are a little behind, unless we start getting some really nice weather they probably wonít be pollinated till end of June or early July. My 1921.5 wasnít pollinated till 7 July So no worries here.
Monday, June 29 View Page
This is the second pollination on my 1629 10.5 ft out. Pollinated another today at 14.5 ft.
Monday, June 29 View Page
My 1461 at 9.5 ft out. Will pollinate another in a couple days.
Monday, June 29 View Page
1629s blossom this morning at 14.5 ft
Monday, June 29 View Page
1577 at 9 ft. Another in a few days at 13.5 ft
Friday, July 3 View Page
1629 is ready
Friday, July 3 View Page
1461 ready, itís pretty and round.
Tuesday, July 7 View Page
2 weeks of hot hot hot. Put sheets up covering secondary tips. Iíve lost several secondaries on most plants. I finally received shade cloth I ordered and still there isnít enough.Things continue to chug along.
Tuesday, July 7 View Page
I have 3 others plants growing, just havenít decided what kin Iím keeping yet. As usual my grandkids came up with the names.
Friday, July 31 View Page
Hobbits Pumpkin Patch mini update: Pumpkin Pie Hair Cutted Freak turned 40 days old today. OTT- 313.5 estimated weight 710 pounds. 10 day average 31 pounds a day. Sheís not a sprinter by any means, sheís in for the long haul. She has heavy genetics in her as seen in her family tree photo, so hopefully sheís growing well on the inside. Sheís still growing 4 secondaries, I want to get a little more plant square footage before I terminate 2 more.
Saturday, August 1 View Page
Skylynne rarely gets a good photo taken, lighting is usually wrong because the photographer takes photos of her against the sunrise. So I thought Iíd post a mini update photo of skylynne in the evening. Current- DAP-42, OTT-322 Estimated weight 769 pounds, 36 pounds a day


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