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Wednesday, January 1 View Page
One of two of my favorite places to be. Up on the side of the mountain at my buddys cabin. Skies are clearing and it is absolutely beautiful up here after the snow storms ended. Gods Country..no noise except Mother Nature.
Wednesday, January 1 View Page
View of the backyard. If I can get some manure up there i will plant a couple kins in the backyard. Small pond on the right will give me all the water i need. Happy New Years Everybody. Grow Em Big N Orange!!
Saturday, January 25 View Page
Rain Sleet and Snow. Us old fat guys know what to do to prepare for the storm
Monday, January 27 View Page
There you go Norm. Hope your happy with it. 27" 6 1/2 lb Lake Trout. Now can I get a couple of your seeds?
Thursday, January 30 View Page
Mr. Gansert..how would you like these packaged??? Need to let me know in five minutes or your getting em how I do em. I will take your offer of one seed per fillet. You're a good man!! T
Monday, February 3 View Page
My other favorite place to be. Out on Lake George fishing. Caught some morning rays as the sun was about to rise. Warmer than normal in the northeast so I fished from the row boat instead of thru the ice. Life Is Good.
Monday, March 2 View Page
Caught my limit of 50 perch by 7:15 am. Pulling them up 2 at a time. Gotta love it.This never gets old.
Monday, March 2 View Page
Where I'm fishing has no shore ice. So I make do with what I have. Rowboat to the ice..put down plank on ice. Then step out of boat onto the plank and then walk the plank. Don't get any better than that to get the blood flowing.
Friday, March 20 View Page
Life Is Good. Even like the color. Glad they washed the blood out of the bed before I signed the papers. It wasn't my deers blood otherwise I wouldn't of cared.
Tuesday, March 24 View Page
Don't believe Mother Nature is ready to give it up yet.
Tuesday, March 24 View Page
But it sure is beautiful up here in the Adirondacks!!
Tuesday, March 24 View Page
There's one happy camper!!
Monday, April 6 View Page
Got to spread 50 yards of aged manure yesterday. Gotta thank my buddy John. Normally this is still covered in snow. Life is Good
Wednesday, April 15 View Page
Built a 6'w x 6 1/2'l x 3h' greenhouse this morning out of 6 sliding glass doors. Made a 4' x 5' cart out of plywood and 2 moving dollys. Front door is easily movable if i want to pull cart out and check on the plants I have power to the greenhouse and will add a small electric heater. Sealed up good and double pane doors will help keep heat in. This is going to beat the hell out of growing in the house.
Wednesday, April 15 View Page
Greenhouse must be working. Lo 20s this morning..low 30s when i finished at 10 and at noon temp was 82 in the greenhouse. Gotta like that. Life is good.
Wednesday, April 15 View Page
Decided to start 4 seeds today now that i have a working greenhouse. 907 Young 1059 v/m x self....1048 Engel 777 Young x Self...these 2 seem to take longer to germinate. Will also start 2 of my own. 699 dmg Hoffman 200 dmg Hoffman x 1501.5 Wagner and from my first year my 500 Hoffman 681 Dill-McDonald x 1374 Engel-open. Will start on hoop houses this week.
Thursday, April 16 View Page
Greenhouse is working. a little snow covering the greenhouse this morning. 24 degrees out and 40 inside the greenhouse. Double pane glass is working well.
Thursday, April 16 View Page
Started 2 more seeds this morning. both are the 1000,5 Gansert 2011. Older seeds seem to take longer to germinate so I figured I'd better get them started.
Friday, April 17 View Page
Started 4 more of my own seeds today. 384 Hoffman 247 Gouin x self..........328 Hoffman 907 Young x sibb, prettiest one in the patch last year...........348 Hoffman 907 Young x self...........300 DMG Hoffman 224 Hoffman x 1297 Young. That should be enough to get me started. That finishes Round 1..Round 2 coming soon.
Saturday, April 18 View Page
Gotta like my new greenhouse/coldframe. Snow on the ground the last 3 mornings. Checked temp today at noon 68 degrees in the greenhouse. Low 30s and still flurrying, no sun. I gotta like that!!! Guessing I wont have to supply heat with double pane windows. The concrete slab it's sitting on is a darker color so willing to bet it's soaking up heat as well. I think my problem child is also pushing dirt. Will find out soon.
Sunday, April 19 View Page
I've taken a couple starter plants out of the germ chamber. Time to start a couple more. Starting 2 from my biggest kin last year. 550 dmg Hoffman 816 Gansert x 907 Young. I'll be starting seeds as I take plants out of the chamber.
Monday, April 20 View Page
Started 5 more seeds yesterday 793 Toftness 1000,5 Gansert x self.....666.5 Gansert 681 Gansert x 1092.5 Gansert......1229 Seelow 1317 Clementz x self......775 Gansert DMG 816 Gansert x 1044 Gansert....489 Gouin 681 Gansert x 923 Gouin
Monday, April 20 View Page
907 Young and 1048 Engel aren't up so I started another 907 Young. Also started a 1297.5 Young 1912 Carter x 1000.5 Gansert. Also started another Engel but not the 1048. Started 1374 Engel 359 Foss x 1048 Engel.
Tuesday, April 21 View Page
Started 4 more seeds this morning. 681 Gansert 907 Young x 1044 Gansert.....1044 Gansert 1059 V/M x 811 Gerhardt.....923 Gouin 907 Young x 793 Toftness....532 House 1044 Gansert x 575 Wolf.
Tuesday, April 21 View Page
The old guy ain't dead yet. Probably take over a week to get them up if not more. Another club root but was sticking it's nose out so I pawed thru it. Yup club root with stickers coming out all over. Been almost a week and the other was poking thru so I didn't touch it. Why does it take so long for an old guy to get it up. Guess I should have bought some Viagra and put it in the mix. Both 1000.5 Ganserts are pushing dirt and moving. Ain't quite up yet but I will get a woman to talk nice to them. Maybe that will help. Nice older seed for the patch.
Thursday, April 23 View Page
Took 9 days but the 1048 Engel is up.
Saturday, April 25 View Page
Was very happy one of the two 907s came up. Hardest seed I've seen to get to germinate. Everybody else is up except 1044 Gansert and 1374 Engel. Still early yet so not worrying about those two. 18 up..13 repotted and in greenhouse others still under lights. Life is Good!!
Monday, April 27 View Page
everybody is up. All germinated except for one 907 young. The other 907 is up so Life is Good.
Friday, May 1 View Page
Started 3 more seeds today. 721 Gansert 1044 Gansert x 816 Gansert.......1215 Young 1297.5 Young by self.....667 Wolf 575 x 1146 Snyder..this seed threw nice dark orange for me last year but didn't make it..giving it another shot.
Monday, May 4 View Page
721, 1215,667 are up and under light. Started 10 of my 328s from last year..prettiest in the patch. These will be used as give aways and backups. Life is Good!
Tuesday, May 5 View Page
Got stimulated twice yesterday!! Got my check and I got a seed packet from Joe House. I got 334s and 220.5s both 150 Rea x self. Prizewinner x Orange AG. Glenna grew the 334 as an upright pumpkin and it looked great! Beautiful red color on the 334 and great shape on both. Can you say some nice small kins and beer money!! Thanks Joe for the seeds!! T
Thursday, May 7 View Page
Mini-greenhouse is working great. I'm able to open the front door and vent or pull the kins on the cart right out into the sun. Little electric heater with fan keeps the greenhouse at 60 when it's 25 outside. Still really cold here and wont plant for at least another week. I might be close to the teens a couple nights and more snow on the way. Kins are happy.
Thursday, May 7 View Page
The 8" 1x8 board vent across the top of greenhouse can be opened a little or a lot for proper ventilation.
Thursday, May 7 View Page
Anybody have an idea of what might have happened here. I use clear plastic cups to start my plants. This seed had one of the most impressive root systems I've ever seen. Had to transplant almost immediately after sprouting. 1st true leaf was big but the next two are tiny and misshapen. 4th leaf isnt fully open yet. There are about 20 plants it was grown with under the same conditions. The seed was filed and soaked on the 21st of April. Plant has been up for 10 days.
Thursday, May 7 View Page
Sprouts and leaves?? emerging at cots
Sunday, May 10 View Page
Starting 2 more seeds today. Can't help myself. 2-224 House 150 Rea x 1059 V/M. Ought to be interesting
Sunday, May 10 View Page
Forgot an entry for 5/6. Started 4 each of the 334 and 224 House. All up. Pushing dirt in a day and a half. Can't wait to see what I get. Warmer weather on the way. 8" of snow yesterday 10 miles away from me. Glad I only got a little. Life is good.
Tuesday, May 12 View Page
A couple sliding glass doors..minihut..looks like solar panels !! Can't Wait
Sunday, May 17 View Page
Took ten days but both 224 House are up. Started some more and then dumped cups from 2 original seeds. Both had club root. Replanted and now up. I'm a Happy Camper!!
Sunday, May 17 View Page
Sorry..only took a week not ten days on the 224.
Tuesday, May 19 View Page
Apple Tree is in Full Bloom!! Waiting for leaves on the trees. Lots of Orange Planted. Cuke Beetles are definitely out. Took care of that right away. Sunny and warm in the NorthEast ..Life Is Good.
Tuesday, May 19 View Page
Hope this is right pic.no blossoms in last pic
Tuesday, May 26 View Page
Been doing some prep work at the Scofield Farm and Planted 14 AGs and several of the House crosses with the 150 Rea..220 and 334 House 150 Rea x self and the 224 House 150 Rea x 1059 V/M. and some Prize Winners. About 30 altogether. I'm gonna be busy
Tuesday, June 16 View Page
Broke a couple ribs a week ago on the 9th. I've got 5 weeks to go before full..further participation in this hobby. I've been doing a little to try and stay in the game. Had a few friends over the other day to help finish up patch and veggie garden. I;ll do what I can without further hurting myself. Couldn't pick a worse time of year. Patch is ahead of schedule and I'm behind. I'll make the best of what I can. Looking forward to some nice Orange. I should be OK.
Thursday, July 9 View Page
Haven't posted in a while so i thought I better get something in here. Only took me 2 weeks to rebreak my ribs and injure my innards to go along with it. Doc did say something about not lifting anything heavy. Handle broke on a heavy tote i was moving and I fell on it on an downhill incline. Gravity still works the way it is supposed to and old fat guys fall hard. Started internal bleeding in the stomach and i spent july 4th 5th and 6th in the hospital. Still have a month or more for recovery. On the bright side warmer than normal spring has made my plants go nuts. They have overrun there boundaries and its time to cut and bury. My sister has volunteered for this job. God Bless her!! She has kept up with weeding my veggie garden also! Family and friends are there for me and it's very much appreciated. I have 10 AGs in the pictured patch. I have 4 more in the front yard. I've only got vines half buried and she will have her hands full. I will do what I can to help ( which won't be much) but I'm not interested in visiting the hospital again anytime soon!!!! The patch is about full and I'm happy with the patch so far. All Orange and some nice genetics!!!
Thursday, July 9 View Page
Living in my backyard are 907 Young, 1297 Young, 681 Gansert, 1044 Gansert, 666.5 Gansert, 775 dmg Gansert, 489 Gouin, 1229 Seelow, 500 Hoffman and 550 dmg Hoffman. Living in the front yard are the 328 Hoffman..prettiest in my patch last year, 220 House, 224 House and 334 House. Can you say ORANGE!
Thursday, July 9 View Page
Unfortunately life at the Scofield Farm had to take a back seat. 30 AGs left untended looks like this. Life goes on. Can't wait to fully participate. I'm alive so Life Is Good!!
Friday, July 10 View Page
681 Gansert x 489 Gouin 15 dap 47"cc at 11'...pollinated today at 20' with 907 Young
Tuesday, July 14 View Page
907 Young 15 dap,,,,45cc 107 OTT
Wednesday, July 15 View Page
681 Gansert 20 dap 172 ott 72 cc Love the shape
Sunday, July 19 View Page
907 Young 20 dap 158 ott 65cc
Friday, July 24 View Page
907 Young 20 dap...197 OTT....83cc Blossom end is pushing out a little...starting to orange up
Friday, July 24 View Page
last post should have been 25 dap
Wednesday, July 29 View Page
907 Young 30 dap 228 ott 98cc Hopefully it might turn Orange
Wednesday, July 29 View Page
Unfortunately the 681 Gansert stopped growing at day 25. It was a looker. Have a couple open pollinations on the 681 that I will work with. Time will tell
Monday, August 3 View Page
907 Young 35 dap 247 ott 107 cc still hoping it will turn orange
Monday, August 3 View Page
775 DMG Gansert on a secondary..194 ott 107 cc open pol approx 25dap
Monday, August 3 View Page
666.5 Gansert 19 dap
Saturday, August 8 View Page
907 Young. 40 dap..250 ott 108cc..growth has slowed considerably ..found 2 other kins under the canopy after the storm..culled them yesterday..hopefully growth will pick back up


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