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Wednesday, February 5 View Page
New Drip irrigation watering system I ordered arrived today. Last year's watering system of garden hoses/soaker hoses didn't work well because lack of water pressure. Last fall I timed how long it took to fill a 5 gallon pail to see how many gallons/hour I was getting from the faucet. The components I bought were based on that number. I should be able to put a row of drip tape alongside the main vine of every plant I am growing based on the GPH number . If it works, then I will continue to add rows of drip tape to fill in the rest of my growing area until I don't have enough water pressure to irrigate anything else. I hope the lollipops that they included as a gift didn't mean I was a sucker from buying from them.
Monday, February 10 View Page
Nasturtiums starting to germinate. Directions hint starting at end of May. Ignored directions so that they will be producing flowers that attract wasps that prey on SVBs at the end May. Couldn't find any at any greenhouses/stores last year which means I have to grow my own. Marigolds have been planted to attract ladybugs and other beneficial insects to my patch. Petunias have been planted to attract pollinators to my patch.
Monday, March 2 View Page
My wife was thinking of buying this for me and putting it at the entrance to my grow area.
Friday, March 13 View Page
203.9 Fortey marrow seeds finally arrived from German Silent Auction today. Marrow lineup now complete.
Monday, March 16 View Page
2020 AG Line up. Subject to change if germination issues. 2102 is first seed to be germinated if one of the others don't.
Monday, March 16 View Page
2020 Squash Lineup. Hope to create a super squash by combining biggest genetics (2118), best green producer (996), and a squash that went 29% heavy (1264).
Monday, March 16 View Page
2020 Field Pumpkin Line up. Hope to make a giant field pumpkin crossing these 2 seeds.
Monday, March 16 View Page
2020 Marrow Line Up. Hope to pollinate everything with the 203.9 Fortey for genetic diversity. Lessons learned from last year. 1. Plant in an area with more sun. 2. Do proper soil prep for marrows instead of just planting them in the ground. 3. Set up SVB traps around marrow plants. One of the causes of trashy looking plants at end of season. 4. Stay on top of preventing powdery mildew from trashing plants. Bought a new fungicide to use this year. 5, Don't be so heavy handed with fertilizer; just let the plants grow.
Monday, March 16 View Page
2020 Tomato Line Up. Deformed Porterhouses will be grow in small pots just to see if the tomato continues to evolve with deformity. 7.66 seeds will be grown in 5 gallon pails along the fence by the neighbor's garden. His watering system usually waters my yard so these plants should get watered by my neighbor every day.
Monday, April 13 View Page
2 yards of 50% composted cow manure and 50% compost delivered to my house today. Now I have an idea of how much more I can have delivered to the top of my driveway. Nature has been taunting me today with cold and sunny and then rain/snow. At least of I have everything I need gathered up to put it into my patch starting tomorrow.
Monday, April 13 View Page
Soil cables that I was too lazy last spring to put in. Ended up sending plants into shock for 3 weeks when I took off my makeshift greenhouse last year. No laziness this year. No excuses for not getting a giant pumpkin to the scale this year.
Thursday, April 16 View Page
First soil heating cable put down. I am growing AGs/Squash in 4' X 4' X 1' deep beds to try to grow the stump of the plant in an area with no weeds or tree roots to contend with. Wanted to go 8' X 8' X 2' But pumpkin budget said 4' X 4' X 1'. Bed will be filled with 6" of perlite and 6" of 50% composted cow manure and 50% compost. I will be covering it with a 1" layer of regular dirt. I am building 6 beds total.
Friday, April 17 View Page
Wheelbarrow broke while hauling compost from my driveway to my patch. Note the brand is Radio Line. The wheel barrow was over 50 years old. It can't be an antique because it would have to be in pristine shape. Not lots of wear from years of use.
Saturday, April 18 View Page
Bought new wheelbarrow. The handles were the wrong ones because the store clerk gave them to me. I found that out when it was time to put the wheel on and it wouldn't fit regardless what I tried.
Sunday, April 19 View Page
New wheelbarrow after assembling it. This one can hold 6 cubic feet of dirt. The old one could probably hold 3 cubic feet at the most. Less trips hauling compost from the driveway to the patch.
Monday, April 20 View Page
Started cherry and competition tomato plants. In addition to my lineup, I added 2 4.05 Peine Megamutts, 2 Peine 1.64 (4.54 Martin X Open), and 2 Deformed Porterhouses. We'll see what comes up.
Saturday, April 25 View Page
Finished putting economy greenhouses up on beds. Plugged in all soil heating cables. Started soaking AG/Squash seeds in seaweed water.
Sunday, April 26 View Page
Put AG/Squash seeds into peat pots for germinating after soaking in seaweed water for 12 hours. Took germinated tomato plants out germinating chamber.
Saturday, May 2 View Page
1033 Haist (996 Haist X 1264 Pierpont) squash starting to germinate. Hopefully the Kraken (2118 X Self) will germinate in a few days. It looks like the 1404 Tobeck (2145 X 2150 Skinner) looks like it will be poking out of the ground in the next day or 2.
Sunday, May 3 View Page
1033 Haist squash popped last night. It's taking in some rays today. Disappointed that none of my other seeds have germinated. With weigh offs being questionable, I would be happy to have had 4 out of the 6 seeds germinate.
Sunday, May 3 View Page
5 gallon pails I bought for the 5 gallon pail tomato challenge when I was at Menard's getting things for a much overdue lawnmower maintenance; Change oil and spark plug and sharpen blade.
Sunday, May 3 View Page
Dwarf Juliet Cherry tree was starting to blossom. It's year 2 with it us. The directions said we shouldn't get any cherries until year 3.
Monday, May 4 View Page
Started 2 more Big Wixom and 6.66 Spaziani tomato seeds. The other ones I started did not germinate. Both 7.18 Hill plants died. I am not starting anymore of them because I have plenty of plants with the 5.175 Hill genetics growing now.
Tuesday, May 5 View Page
Started 4 of my 4.05 Peine Megamutt seeds. Hoping to create an army of HYDRA plants. Whatever extra plants I have will go into the 5 gallon challenge or give to Reed if he needs some.
Wednesday, May 6 View Page
Dug up 1404 Tobeck that didn't have enough oomph to break the dirt. Cots were open so I am trying to nurse this plant healthy. Hopefully it will turn into a good plant because I want the genetics (2145 X 2150 Skinner). I gave up on the Krakken, 2109 and 1864 Zyweic, and 2091 Midthun seeds I started at the same time as the 1404 and 1033 Haist. Started another Krakken and 2102 Meier (1985 Miller X Sib) seeds.
Thursday, May 7 View Page
Started these seeds. I figured the 1342 Terry (2230 Wallace X 2624) would be a good cross with the 1404 Tobeck. I figured the 1309 Pierpont with give me the squash genetics I am looking for to cross with the 1033 Haist. The other 2 squash seeds probably wouldn't see dirt but with the weigh offs being in question, it wouldn't matter to me if they didn't get weighed. Hopefully they will give me nice dark green squash. I would rather deal with too many plants than not enough if everything germinated.
Monday, May 11 View Page
7.64 Spaziani seeds germinated and growing funny.
Tuesday, May 19 View Page
513.5 Weibel Squash popped up on Sunday. Was yellow. Shell came off easily.
Tuesday, May 19 View Page
1342 Terry popped on Sunday. I was poking around with a craft stick and accidently broke off the root system. I applied some Clonex where it broke to see if I get a new root system to form and save the plant. This is why you shouldn't be poking around in the dirt .


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