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Sunday, April 12 View Page
Happy Easter Everyone! Today, I planted 3 castor beans and 8 Jimson weed seeds in 3" square pots. Put them under grows light on a heat mat. I hope they can sprout. The seeds are from 2017. I have been on furlough since the 23rd of March and will not be going back to work till after the 30th of April.
Sunday, April 12 View Page
I meant the 21st of March when my furlough started.
Monday, April 13 View Page
Today, I threw my hat in the ring to try my hand at growing giant tomatoes. So, today I planted two seeds of the 5.58 Porkchop 2015.
Wednesday, April 15 View Page
Planted two tomato seeds from the 4.94 Porkchop 2016. I hope they will sprout.
Sunday, April 19 View Page
Two of my three Castor Beans have started sprouting, one was two days ago, the other yesterday.
Wednesday, April 22 View Page
This morning I planted three tomato seeds: 4.73 Reinhard 15, 5.58 Porkchop 15, and the 4.86 Hill 15. Also, planted more Jimson weed seeds. The soil I had used before was too heavy and only the castor beans had spouted with the third one spouting today. Had to help them by gently moving the soil a little bit away from them because they were stuck in the soil trying to spout.
Wednesday, April 29 View Page
My 5.85 Porkchop sprouted this morning!
Sunday, May 3 View Page
Happy 31st Birthday to me! This morning I had to plant more tomato seeds, because the soil in the pots was molding on the surface and 5.85 Porkchop had dried up and died. I also, throw out the Jimson Weed pot because it molded on the surface of the soil and never sprouted. So, I am sprouted 4 seeds from the 5.44 Young 15 and 4 from the 3.83 Young 19 using tips from Marv.
Monday, May 4 View Page
Today was the first day I was able to go back to work. After being furloughed since the 21st of March. : )
Sunday, May 10 View Page
One of the two Cherokee Bush pumpkin seeds that I planted in a 3" pot on the 3rd of May has sprouted this morning.
Friday, May 22 View Page
In the morning, I planted one of my Castor Bean plants and the Cherokee Bush pumpkin in my backyard.


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