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Tuesday, March 3 View Page
Looking fwd to the new season - plans are afoot for another season of giant tomatoes!
Tuesday, March 3 View Page
5 gallon challenge - would an air pot be legal?!
Tuesday, March 3 View Page
5 gallon bucket challenge - would this be legal?. 5 US gallons = 18.927 litres in metric I was going to propose a 20 litre airpot, but not fill to the top (some kind of volume calculation based on diameter & height). Airpots have lots of holes in the side - itís supposed encourage rooting to make max use of the available compost If max weight per x volume of compost is an aim, airpots could be a fun avenue to go down. (I have never grown in them before). I can of course find a bucket tho for standardisation... Happy either way but flagging now before anything starts!
Saturday, March 28 View Page
It's not pretty yet, but container for giant (tall) sunflowers is made, filled, and prepped ready for sowing on the south facing part of the house. Some bright days had, but still cold (both day and night, so protection is going to be needed to keep things cozy.
Saturday, March 28 View Page
Not exactly super snug & warm out without a bit of help.
Saturday, March 28 View Page
Thanks very much to John Butler for the seed!! Just awesome, thanks again.
Wednesday, April 8 View Page
The tomato line up - some for the little greenhouse, some for 5 gallon challenge and some to play with breeding crosses.
Wednesday, April 8 View Page
Giant sunflowers (Butler) are up. Started early as an experiment. Be interested to see if they flower x days after pollination or at particular time of year (shortening days)
Friday, April 10 View Page
Amazing how fast giant sunflowers grow. 8 days difference - and these are the rejects (2 of 6) that didn't make it in what is a gradual cull!
Tuesday, April 14 View Page
Universal beer can measuring scale provided for the giant sunflower. Germinated 13 days ago...This is post the thinning to just the one plant. It was tallest, and most heliotropic. Wonder if that is related? Additionally, Iím going to need to give him a name (4 year old boy has told me itís a boy sunflower). Is Sunny McSunface too obvious?
Wednesday, April 22 View Page
17 inches of giant sunflower on day 20. No idea if thatís good, bad or indifferent - but Iím impressed. I canít seem to find any growth rates or what heights people are at on day x, y, z so noting for my future reference
Wednesday, April 22 View Page
Tomatoes are up; those successfully germinated amongst other seeds are 4/4 WR 9.65 and 3/3 Lambchop. They wonít all make in the ground due to space, but good to know there are choices to be had. Other seeds include my 6.11 Delicious, 5.57 Domingo, 8.07 Daho, 7.66 Hill.
Thursday, April 23 View Page
I really wanted airpots for the 5 gallon challenge, but I had to go over or a long way under in volume as everything sold in litres here in UK. So 20 litres (over the limit) or 15 litres (a long way under). Settled and on fabric bags that aught to also root prune but these are 5 gallons on the dot. Letís try this!
Monday, May 18 View Page
Tomatoes transplanted; those on the left suffer from a bit of shade due to a fence and some overgrown neighbor bushes so Iíve co-opted the propagation lights in the short term. 2 x 9.65 Porkchop, 1 x 5.71 Lambchop, 1 x 5.57 Smith Those in pots are for the 5 gallon challenge, but also for some breeding crosses - 6.11 Smith, 8.07 Daho, 7.66 Hill.


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