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Tuesday, January 7 View Page
Wish I could breed the longevity from this pumpkin into my AG's. Jan 7 and still solid as a rock. Spent all December on the fireplace with a candle ring on top as a Christmas decoration. will it make it until April so I can make an easter bunny out of it? Time will tell.
Tuesday, January 7 View Page
okay lets try it with the right rotation and a little cropping so you don't see how messy my work bench is.
Saturday, January 18 View Page
Seed germination tests went very well for the 2019 seeds.
Friday, March 27 View Page
With shelter on place in affect my place to shelter in is the school greenhouse. Still hoping things straighten out enough to have a plant sale in May. Meanwhile a lot to do with no students to help out. Transplant and seed every day for 3-6 hours. Knee replacement surgery cancelled so not sure when I will be able to reschedule that.
Monday, May 4 View Page
Anyone have info on this pumpkin. Had several seeds and this picture in a baggie of old seeds that were sent to me. Really like the color and shape.
Saturday, May 16 View Page
Good and bad news. bad news is the empty spots are the 1332 Wolf, 1059 V/M, 993 V/M, and 811 Gerhardt. All four did not germinate. So much for my classic orange x new big orange crossing plans. good news is 1662.5 Stelts, 1290 Poirier, and 1086 Veitch did germinate so have a couple older genetics. Other good news is 2112 Skinner, 1998.5 Jutras, 1916 Barron, 1889 Lidberg, 1885.5 Werner, 1872 Sippel, 1780.5 Wagner, 1561 Reeb, 1533 Henkin, 1510 Carter, and 1501 VanderWeilen all did germinate in Tray 1.
Saturday, May 16 View Page
tray 2 - two empty spots are the 1429 Herrmann and 721 gansert that did not germinate. Germinated are 1495.5 Snyder, 1464 Brown, 1382.5 rea, 1297.5 Young, 1215 Young, 1211 Ailts, 1049 Swain, 1044 Gansert, 1002 Ailts, 981 Grubbs, 926 Gansert, 907.5 Gansert, 875 Gansert, 825 Kruger, and 810 Westcott.
Saturday, May 16 View Page
tray 3 - empty spots are 150 Rea seeds that did not germinate. Germinated are 642 Grubbs, 616 Hollein, 600 Herrmann, 588.5 cooper, 545 Harnica, 500 Herrmann, 406 Harnica, 402 Harnica, 324 Hollein, 279 Young, 278 Harnica,274 Harnica, and 260 Herrmann.
Saturday, May 16 View Page
tray 4- House orange, all germinated -- 758 House, 556 House, 742 House, 531.5 House, 519 House, 512 House, 479 House, and 456 House. Grew multiples of some of them. If you don't know me and wonder why in the world I have this many plants I grow commercially.
Saturday, May 16 View Page
Tray 5 -- old orange. all the empty spots are seeds that did not germinate. I just don't have much luck with seeds over 10 years old. The five that germinated are 982 Northrup 06, 754 Schweigert 10, 705.9 Lovelace 07, 1445.5 Werner 09, 716 Frantz/Seals 07,
Friday, June 26 View Page
All 6 acres of jack o lantern and ornamental pumpkins in, 1 acre of Indian corn, popcorn, and gourds and 60 AGs. Now I need rain.
Wednesday, July 15 View Page
Think I will have to say this is an open pollination. Bees are thick which is fine with the 6 acres of commercial pumpkins next to the AGs
Friday, July 24 View Page
60 AGs planted including the 2112, 1916, 1885.5, 1501, 1872, and a bunch of other seeds with big orange potential. Most never set a pumpkin ( mid 90s and no rain all of June. So whats leading the pack in size? The 742 Sweigert( an old orange seed I planted and selfed). Definitely going to be orange.
Friday, July 24 View Page
Have a decent field growing on the 158.6 MacKinnon that I selfed. Know it will be mature way early but growing it for seed.


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