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Sunday, March 1 View Page
Really excited to have been a small part of the most improved site award for 2019. The top10 at the Irvine Park Railroad increased the weight by over 45% year over year. Thank you to Chris Dunn for always helping his fellow growers get better. You rock SoCal Grower.
Sunday, March 8 View Page
Turned the patch over - all 432 square feet of it! We are having some nice spring rain this week and I want that water down deep
Wednesday, March 11 View Page
Picked up this nice organic compost - 20 bags will add some nice OM. Have to watch this juiced mixes though. This stuff already has some kelp, chicken poop and alfalfa. They are all great but need to take them into account in my calculations.
Wednesday, March 11 View Page
You say John Deere? I say Radio Flyer!
Sunday, April 5 View Page
Amended the patch yesterday and gave it a good till. Thereís five days of rain coming so I wanted to get what I had Iím the ground. There were a couple things I didnít have available so I will till again in a few weeks after they arrive and I put my canopy frame up. Itís almost go time!!!!
Sunday, April 5 View Page
Alfalfa Meal can be tough to find in the suburbs. I can usually find horse pellets or rabbit pellets and they cost a lot less. Reading the ingredient list, I noticed several ingredients that seemed favorable to AGís. The cane molasses, ash and Yucca are beneficial. Anything negative on the list?
Saturday, April 11 View Page
And the season begins!!! Hereís the contenders: 2152 D. Gantner 1576 LaRiviere 858.9 Karkos 1148 Wagner 689 Donahue 1 hour soak in half strength seaweed and humic.
Monday, April 13 View Page
Rainy afternoon is a good time to build some walking boards. Glad for my wifeís help! Happy Easter everyone! He is Risen!!!
Monday, April 13 View Page
I use an ice chest with a seed germination mat as an incubator. Cellophane over the top of the pots ensures they stay moist. I expect the first germination tomorrow at about the 72 hour mark.
Wednesday, April 15 View Page
Woke to find 6 seeds breaking through. Both 1148ís, 2 858.9ís and 2 of my own 689ís. This is about 3 1/2 days from the time they were started.
Tuesday, April 28 View Page
Almost ready for the patch.
Wednesday, April 29 View Page
Time to plant!! The finalists are the 858.9 Karkos. Itís all about the ORANGE!!
Wednesday, April 29 View Page
And finally, we are in the ground! This is much earlier than Iíve ever planted. Hoping It will lead to an earlier pollination in more favorable conditions.
Wednesday, April 29 View Page
This is an overhead view of my patch from our balcony. Right about 500 square feet. You can see the park behind our house. I will train secondaries to go over the 3 foot wall and run down the slope. They canít root in because they are on top of shrubbery but it gives me extra plant canopy.
Thursday, April 30 View Page
Final till is complete, the shade canopy is installed so when itís time to put on the shade cloth it can be done without disturbing the plant. The overhead misters have all been tested and replaced where needed.
Thursday, April 30 View Page
For the first week I like to keep a little shade cloth on the plant - it can get really hot even now. It was over 100 degrees in the patch last weekend. This little cabana has 50% shade cloth on it, enough to help the plant get established.
Monday, May 4 View Page
Eating tomatoes are all in the ground now. Varieties include Yellow Pear, Lemon Boy, Celebrity, Beef Steak, pink Princess and Virginia Sweets.
Monday, May 4 View Page
Pepper garden was a hot mess (lol) so I took out all the plants except 1 and tilled/amended the whole bed. This year I will have Jalafuego, Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, Caribbean, Fatali, Ancho and Sriracha peppers.
Monday, May 4 View Page
It hit 94.1 degrees in the patch today. And itís supposed to be 8 degrees hotter tomorrow. Ugh! The shade cloth is now in place. Glad I put the frame up early! This is 30% aluminet and works great.
Saturday, May 9 View Page
Today is planting day at Mae Powellís house! Mike Prager, Chris Dunn and I drove up to Pasadena to get her season off to a good start. Mae is still growing at 101 years old!!
Saturday, May 9 View Page
The best part about the Giant pumpkin community is growers helping other growers. Mae was so excited we were coming!
Saturday, May 9 View Page
We planted two 858.9 Karkos seedlings, a 764 Prager, and two of Maeís seedlings. Which she doesnít remember what seed she planted which is forgivable when you are 101 years old!
Thursday, May 21 View Page
Double on the varmits!
Thursday, May 21 View Page
A bonus!! 5 points extra for a gopher.
Thursday, May 21 View Page
Both plants are doing great. The mains are 3 feet out now.
Thursday, May 21 View Page
Forecast: 82 degrees My patch: 91 degrees and counting. Plants seem to be tolerant so thatís good. Very little flagging to speak of.
Tuesday, May 26 View Page
Plants are doing great and so far are my best at this stage. The mains are at 6.5 feet on these Karkos plants. Theyíve grown about 3.5 feet in the past 5 days. I did not water for about two weeks and theyíve tolerated the dry conditions very well. Very little sign of distress even in the heat - it was 94.8 degrees today. Still, itís nearing that time when I will have to cull one.
Tuesday, May 26 View Page
Planted up a few giant tomatoes 2 each 3.79 Donahue 1 each 5.11 Dunn (former CA State Record) 1 each 5.71 Dunn (CA State Record) Thanks for the seeds Chris!
Friday, May 29 View Page
Culled to one plant today. Main is over 7 feet now.
Sunday, May 31 View Page
Plant is looking good! No abnormalities.
Monday, June 1 View Page
Hello young lady! She should settle in about 13í out. Even this small it looks like this one will have an elongated shape.
Wednesday, June 10 View Page
Sheís 12 feet out and looks like 2 days from opening. Itís great she didnít open during this heat wave! It was 98 here yesterday and will be the same today. Forecast gets a bit better and then back into the 70s by Friday.
Friday, June 12 View Page
So a disappointing first female showed seeds in the blossom. I pollinated anyway. I did take off a female from a secondary that appeared normal so hoping the next one out at 15í- 16í will be uniform.
Friday, June 19 View Page
Another main vine pollination and another deformed flower. Ugh. Running out of space. This one is worse than the last! I knew it wasnít good before it opened because half the pedals opened and half didnít. I did have a decent 4 lobe flower on a sidevine open. We will see if it takes
Thursday, June 25 View Page
Really nice bouquet of males to work with.
Sunday, July 5 View Page
10 DAP
Tuesday, July 7 View Page
12 DAP Does my pumpkin make my tractor look small?? Lol
Saturday, July 11 View Page
First double digit gain
Sunday, July 12 View Page
This is not good pumpkin weather. Not at all. And it was hotter yesterday!
Wednesday, July 15 View Page
Not lighting the world on fire but nutrients should all be better balanced now. Hoping for a solid week of growth. Itís ahead of last yearís PB at this stage. But every growth curve is different!
Tuesday, July 21 View Page
What a difference a week makes. This pumpkin has gone from a personal best pace to a weak growth curve. It gained 20.5 lbs overnight and should be in the 30ís by now. Trying everything I know to boost it.
Wednesday, July 22 View Page
Rat kill #19. On my way to a personal best. Iíve only lost one tomato and this one is then culprit. The bait? Tomato pieces of course.
Friday, July 24 View Page
Found this today on a tertiary shoot. Looks a whole lot like the Mosaic virus I dealt with several years back. Say it ainít so...
Friday, July 24 View Page
Day 28. Daily gains are increasing by about 1/2 pound per day. So by day 98 she will be doing about 52 lbs a day lol 98.5 cc
Friday, July 24 View Page
Love the fresh produce from the garden this time of year!
Tuesday, July 28 View Page
24th rat to tie my personal best This Ratinator trap has been money.
Tuesday, July 28 View Page
Friday, July 31 View Page
Day 36 Daily gains are 18-19 lbs now. Nothing to write home about but there is still a chance that I could outgrow the mother ( 858.9 Karkos) which would be a first
Friday, July 31 View Page
So this volunteer came up in my garden. Does anyone recognize it? Looks Like a gourd of some kind. Maybe the seed was in the compost. Who knows?!
Thursday, September 17 View Page
The pumpkin came off the vine about 10 days ago due to stem rot. Chances were high it wouldnít make the weigh off. We came up with the idea for Mae to have her own weigh off at home. Mae was so excited she couldnít sleep! The news was there and the folks at the Huntington Gardens donated a tractor and a driver for the day. It all went off without a hitch. It was great that Maeís family, friends and neighbors could all be together to celebrate her special day!
Friday, September 18 View Page
Day 85 and still growing some. This is the longest growing fruit Iíve had in my patch. The leaf canopy is shot. The growth thatís left is all tertiary and mosaic-infected.
Friday, October 2 View Page
Saturday, October 3 View Page
The 2021 season has begun! Soil solarization underway...
Sunday, October 4 View Page
Condensation is visible under the plastic.
Sunday, October 4 View Page
Temp is at 116 degrees and rising.


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