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Saturday, July 25 View Page
Hi there, Iīm back again (a bit late this year, but everything is late here this year, because of cold and cloudy spring the overall plant development is two weeks behind, sort of). Anyway, thereīs a sign of hope and motivation next to my door, this tiny but strong sunflower didnīt give a damn of where it started to grow, it simply grew and went to flower, no matter what...
Saturday, July 25 View Page
Hereīs the patch view, three AG plants (front: 1384.5* Jutras squash, back right side: 2261 Schmit, back left side: 1542 Urena). Also, looking closely you can spot two rather small FP plants (my 67 UOW Wagler 2015), hasnīt been grown yet, but certainly worth being given a go. FP seeds started on 12th June, should be fine for pollination somewhen in August and 40 - 50 days of fruit growth during the cooler time of summer.
Saturday, July 25 View Page
In the past two years my pumpkins received names. This year, oh well, I didnīt have the right inspiration for names. The only proper name, which came to my mind, was for this green squash (1384* Jutras x 1935.5* Jutras, pollinated on 4th July). The name is "Würmel", a tiny carrier of so much hope. The reason is, this was a back-up plant. Initially, I planned to grow the 1109* Jutras, started two seeds, only one germinated. Also, Iīve had a 1384* Jutras seed, which had a crack and I didnīt want to store it for another couple of years, and so I started it as a back-up. In the beginning, the 1109* planted next to the 1384*, the latter was a weaker plant with rather slow development. But very soon, it kept up with the 1109*, and finally it proved to be much more well-behaved, developed a nice secondary vine pattern, whereas the 1109* had horribly rigid vines pointing in all directions, and the first two females on the main vine of the 1109* were deformed, they (or their stems) were fused with the secondary at the same leaf node. Hence, I decided to get rid of the 1109* monster and allow this tiny carrier of hope to enter the race. So far, Iīm happy with my decision.
Saturday, July 25 View Page
This is the 2261 Schmit (x self, pollinated on 30th June). This is a beauty, indeed (and Iīm keeping my fingers crossed for beautiful shiny orange, time will tell), but I didnīt find a proper name. Therefore, I asked for help. A very dear person suggested "Buckbeak", and I was impressed, because there was a movie scene with Buckbeak and some orange pumpkins, and for this pumpkin I have the same good wishes I would say to Buckbeak, things like "Be strong, be free!"
Saturday, July 25 View Page
After Buckbeakīs name was found, a name for this third pumpkin came to my mind all of a sudden. I simply picked the age of this very dear person (who suggested the name "Buckbeak") in the year when Buckbeak appeared on screen, and then I picked the proper movie which appeared on screen when I was at the same age, and the movie is "The Neverending Story", and guess what, in The Neverending Story it is all about finding a name, a proper name. And the name is "Mondenkind" (in this particular case I prefer the German version).
Saturday, July 25 View Page
Oh, I guess I forgot to enter the details of "Mondenkind": 1542 Urena x 2261 Schmit, pollinated on 5th July.
Sunday, July 26 View Page
We may call it "Jutrassic Park" - Land of Giants, my kids are growing a green squash plant, too. Itīs the 1935.5* Jutras. First pic (the one on the left side), you can see this squash plant together with two back-up plants (of same age).
Monday, July 27 View Page
The kidsī squash, 1935.5* Jutras (x self, pollinated on 10th July). As you can see, there were two little buggers (the other one was pollinated a day earlier, but today the keeper was 1 day ahead OTT-wise, hence 2 days ahead in total with respect to the growth curve, and therefore the back-up in the back had to give up). This greenie hasnīt received a name, yet.
Tuesday, August 25 View Page
Patch today. The FP plants have reached a decent size, but couldnīt set any fruit yet, first half of August was too hot, I had been away, and all of the females from that time died. If there isnīt any fruit set soon, I can pull them :(
Tuesday, August 25 View Page
The AGs are doing better (sort of). At least the squash "Würmel" is doing fine, could become a new squash PB for me (by just a couple of lbs) if it keeps on going and growing. The AG pumpkins seem to have plant problems (looks as if the plants have had too little nitrogen in June/July, even though there must have been plenty of N in the soil. "Mondenkind" (top right) intensifies her color. "Buckbeak" (bottom two pics) must have had some stress soon after pollination, the blossom side half of the fruit didnīt continue to grow. Hence, daily gains are less than half of what I would expect in case of normal plant health and fruit expansion. Anyway, the ribs and color of this pumpkin are beautiful.
Tuesday, August 25 View Page
The kidsī squash, doing fine, nice color, still shiny and growing :)
Wednesday, September 2 View Page
Today I did some green manure work on the patch. From left to right: 1) You can see the sunflower/corn/phacelia/rye/pea...and others stuff green manure. 2) After mowing, addition of some compost, a first shallow pass with the tiller, and then sprinkled with some dolomitic lime, horn chips and calcium cyanamide. Finally 3) after a second (deep) pass with the tiller.
Friday, September 4 View Page
Green manure continued: Yesterday, we have turned the soil (yes, thanks to the availability of a 2nd spade, a very enthusiastic dear helper saved me almost 50% of the time), whereafter Iīve sown rye, clover, vetch and some oil radish, and then finally slightly compacted and watered the surface. Looking forward to seeing some nice greenery grow there, soon. Looking forward even more to seeing a new giant grow there next year ;)
Tuesday, September 8 View Page
AGs today, similar perspective as for the pics taken two weeks ago.
Tuesday, September 8 View Page
The kidsī squash today, still shiny, still growing, still too sad we need to pick it for weigh-off soon.
Thursday, September 17 View Page
Picked the pumpkins today. This is Buckbeak (2261 Schmit x self), which is the 404.5 (uow) Wagler 2020 now.
Thursday, September 17 View Page
And here we see Mondenkind (1542 Urena x 2261 Schmit), which is the 471.8 (uow) Wagler 2020 now.
Sunday, September 20 View Page
We took the two heaviest fruit to the weigh-off in Görlitz/Ludwigsdorf. Apparently, the squashies managed to cope best with the cold and dark weather this spring, their plants did very well. The kidsī squash is the 518.8* Wagler 2020 now (1935.5* Jutras x self), pretty nice result for their first go at giant pumpkins (after 3 years with FPs), and my squash is the 710* Wagler 2020 now (1384* Jutras x 1935.5* Jutras). Fingers crossed, hopefully there will be good seeds inside, Iīm seriously inclined to giving my own squash seeds a go next year.
Wednesday, September 30 View Page
Today I received this wonderful aquarelle painting from a very dear friend. This is a very precious treasure to me. May it bring about some Good Luck...(maybe also for the next pumpkin season).
Saturday, October 3 View Page
Green manure report: In the front you can see the green manure sown in early September (rye, vetch, clover, oil radish), and the rest of the patch (upon picking the pumpkins) also got some green manure sown (about a week ago).
Saturday, October 3 View Page
Here you can see the rye seedlings on the major part of the patch.
Friday, October 9 View Page
Fall...cloudy...dark...cold...and the wonderful hope that there will be sunshine again and again...


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