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Monday, April 20 View Page
Does this make me a greenhouse grower? It has certainly helped the seedlings as i usually struggle with getting enough light and heat on the table in the living room. They along with the flowers and vegetables are doing good with the exception of forgetting to vent today which fried a few 692's (its ok I have 9 of them going). Snow now forcast for tomorrow. Considering the following for my 2 spots: 692 Podraza (2005 Haist x 2416 Haist), 1462 Podraza (2416 Haist x self), 2517 Haist (2005 Haist x self), 832 Podraza (864 Podraza x self...orange)
Tuesday, May 12 View Page
Earliest I've ever planted (4-28)and coldest spring spring we have had in many years. 27 degrees this morning at 7am, wind, sleet, hail and snow the past 5 days. This is the 692 Podraza (2005 Haist x 2416 Haist) I have heat cables in and the heater which has been running non stop.
Tuesday, May 12 View Page
Here is the 832 Podraza from 2016 which is a selfed 864 podraza (1426 wolf x 1634 werner) Im growing this one for orange in my small space which grew both the 864 and 832. Plant ends up about 175-200 sq feet.
Wednesday, June 3 View Page
Had a bad thunder storm last night with heavy rain and hail. Looks like a tornado came through the yard, destroyed the plants, there is no return from this as the mains are shredded.
Wednesday, June 3 View Page
Here is my other plant. I do have another 692. I broke the main on the main on the 692 early and started a few extra. I put one in at the opposite end of the patch on may 26th and it has 2 true leaves now. So it wont pollinate till probably the 2nd week of july but it will keep me busy.
Sunday, June 7 View Page
Following my hail damage I had a very generous offer from a fellow WNY grower Jim Block. He gave me a 1904 Steil out of his patch. I stopped out to his place to pick it up. Jim has a great location and patch structure and will certainly be someone to look out for. Here is the 1904 in place.
Sunday, June 7 View Page
here is the 1904
Sunday, June 7 View Page
Here is my little 692. Its going a bit slow Im hoping it will need a few warm days and nights to to start pushing. Whichever does better the 1904 or 692 will get the space. The 1904 will have to overcome the transplant shock/stress and re root so i anticipate that they will be fairly even for awhile.
Sunday, June 7 View Page
Here is the damaged 832 with new growth. There is a perfectly positioned side that is the new main. I went through it yesterday and clipped out all the major damage. Its been getting fish/kelp and companion daily. I was given a 191 Kapelari by andy wolf that will grow in this area as well.
Saturday, June 13 View Page
Looks like some of my pics didnt take to the posts, ill have more later. Had another storm earlier this week again with hail. Not much left to damage so it wasnt as bad. Transplanted 1904 is struggling to get rooted as expected, 1789 haist is working through being root bound, New 692 is growing great, still in cold frame, Im pushing it with daily to every other day companion, fish/kelp, micronutrients, silicate and will start soluable kelp and a touch of ca nitrate later today. LG is where is shoudl be as is the 191 FP.
Thursday, June 25 View Page
The 832 responded pretty well after the hail damage seen in earlier pics. There are some rot issues which may result in the plant being pulled but I found a female in a good spot this morning that should open in the next 1-2 days. There is a 191 FP by the shrubs that ill let ramble in the 832 or it will get the whole space the plant goes down.
Thursday, June 25 View Page
Here is the "new" 692 that was planted may 27th. Its where it should have been early june...If the weather stays warm i should be on track for a pollination around july 10th. Took the cold frame off this morning...hopefully no more hail this season! The transplanted 1904 is still going but its taken quite awhile to get rooted, its no longer flagging but its only pushing main vine with very little side growth.
Saturday, August 1 View Page
I have championship mustard! Pulled the 692, females were small and wouldn't pollinate and it had early vine rot/fusarium as the 1st 692 did. The 832 which is just in front of the mustard has no rot issues. The extra plants I had in wouldn't grow sides so they are gone as well. I guess this counts as resting the soil.
Tuesday, August 18 View Page
Linus says the Mustard is almost ready


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