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Monday, April 6 View Page
our geese, white 1 is Gerty, Buff 1 is Lucy, and lots of goose poop for the gardens
Monday, April 6 View Page
the tomatoe seeds we are growing this year
Monday, April 6 View Page
the patch 800 sf, 2 plants will go into this,
Thursday, April 9 View Page
got the vegie patch tilled in about an hour before the rain set in,
Saturday, April 25 View Page
pumpkin patch soil sample,, needed a few items, added iron/zinc
Saturday, April 25 View Page
the west patch for the pumpkins
Saturday, April 25 View Page
Saturday, May 2 View Page
the garden dragon has made her return
Thursday, June 25 View Page
i hope the other growers in Utah have faired better than me, lost my squash, 1109 Jutras 19 both of them, both starter pumpkins. 2016 Lancaster 18. 1045.5 Zaychkowsky 16, due to high winds, snapped them off, backups are in, a month behind now, but plant are looking good so far, best to all,
Tuesday, July 7 View Page
the backup Squash 525 Saxton 16 est, at least a month behind
Tuesday, July 7 View Page
opps this is the squash, the other is the 2098 lancaster 18 Dmg. was a rough 2 weeks getting these 2 to make it, very high winds
Thursday, July 16 View Page
got the 1st brew of compost tea going for the season, plants are vining. there is hope yet.
Thursday, July 16 View Page
2098 lancaster finally took a growth spurt, doing great, still behind, probably no records this season but a pumpkin is a reality,
Thursday, July 16 View Page
the 525 saxton, is really doing great, jumped up the last 10 days, may get set something to a WO, this fall. best to all, growem big
Sunday, July 26 View Page
525 saxton est, started june 30th, 85 inch main vine, slow growth, but alive and growing,
Sunday, July 26 View Page
1st female on main vine, to close to pollinate, 6 feet on vine, but very curious to see the lobes,
Sunday, July 26 View Page
2098 lancaster, planted June 30th, 83 in main vine, slow growing, but yeah alive
Sunday, July 26 View Page
1st female on the 2098, also at 6 feet on main vine, again to close to pollinate, but curious to see the lobes,
Thursday, July 30 View Page
nice little 5 lober on the 525 Saxton Sq. only 6 feet out, didnt pollinate, main vines is 99 inches now,, doing a good growth
Friday, July 31 View Page
pollinated a 4 lobe on the 2098 lancaster this morning
Saturday, August 8 View Page
pollinated the 525 squash yesterday, deformed 4 lobe. going to have to watch for BES on this one,
Monday, August 10 View Page
the 2098 Lancaster [plant
Monday, August 10 View Page
2098 Lancaster pumpkin, 9 DAP
Saturday, August 15 View Page
the 2098 Lancaster, DAP 15 is 29.25 CC, it appears the 525 # 1 squash fruit has aborted, going all yellow, not growing DAP 7.
Thursday, August 20 View Page
2098 Lancaster, DAP 20, OTT 108
Monday, August 24 View Page
the 525 est Saxton squash, DAP 11, CC 26.25, not bad for a late pollination, August 13th
Friday, August 28 View Page
525 saxton squash, DAP 15, OTT 83
Saturday, August 29 View Page
the 525 Saxton DAP 15, OTT 83
Monday, August 31 View Page
2098 Lancaster, DAP 30, OTT 164
Monday, September 21 View Page
2098 Lancaster, Dap 52, Ott 215, Est 230 lbs, with the extreme drought, strict water restriction, high winds, The bad cold front that hit us early in late August, the growth slowed to a crawl, but very happy to have a pumpkin still alive, got a porch carver after 4 years, without success, ugly it is, but will do justice for us, we are smiling, best to all still growing and fighting the time to W.O,
Tuesday, September 22 View Page
the 525 squash, dap 40, ott 211.50, est weight is 217 lbs, starting to catch the pumpkin,
Sunday, September 27 View Page
525 Saxton, Dap 45, Ott 222.50. est 254 lbs, mornings are getting colder, afternoon highs in the 70s, growth is starting to slow down. maybe make it to the 10/1020 WO, up at hee haw farms, yet, best to all. growers still alive an in the hunt.
Saturday, October 3 View Page
the 525 saxton squash, dap 50, ott 231, est 284, 7 days to WO. may get to 300 lbs, yet.
Wednesday, October 7 View Page
525 Saxton squash, OTT 235.50, DAP 55, EST 300 lbs, 3 days to W.O. hope it goes to chart, lol,


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