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Wednesday, June 10 View Page
The 2 plants to win a season in patch A are both 2158 Geddes.
Tuesday, June 30 View Page
2158 Geddes x Sib. The main snapped just after this female. Fingers crossed.
Sunday, July 12 View Page
2158 x sib at 21days
Tuesday, July 14 View Page
Had to do a roof repair. Got a rare mid season roof picture. Both plants are 2158 Geddes planted back to back
Tuesday, July 14 View Page
B patch 2017 Frias on the left 2118 Barron on the right. Sunflowers and popcorn on edges
Monday, July 20 View Page
The big day 30. 625 pounds today. Average 40 pounds a day. Very happy so far. Hoping for a new PB this year!!!!
Tuesday, July 21 View Page
The other 2158 Geddes x Sib. Itís 4 days behind the other on pollination and was started a week later from seed as a back up. At 525 pounds today
Sunday, July 26 View Page
2158 A is 35 DAP taping at 328= 811 pounds. Gained 260 pounds this week
Sunday, July 26 View Page
2158 B is at 31 DAP. Taping 316 OTT =727 pounds.
Tuesday, July 28 View Page
Other side of the house. 2017 Frias is the far plant 2118 Barron is the closer
Tuesday, July 28 View Page
2118 Barron. Going for a few pumpkins on this plant. It never got the spark for a big one. Popcorn and sunflowers in the outer
Sunday, August 2 View Page
Both of my 2158 are taping the same. Just over 1000 pounds
Sunday, August 2 View Page
The other 2158 Geddes. 353 OTT also.
Tuesday, August 4 View Page
2017 Frias. 1200 sq ft plant. Looks pretty so far
Tuesday, August 4 View Page
2118 Barron. My smallest plant and weird shape pumpkin. Iím still happy with it. I hope it stays white. I like the different colors for the fall display
Wednesday, August 12 View Page
The sunflower sidewalk survived the storm. The tallest at 13 feet. 50 feet of sunflowers on the left and popcorn on the right. Kids from all over ride bikes and run up and down through it. Really beautiful this time of year.
Wednesday, August 12 View Page
Patch view pictures of the corn and sunflowers.
Wednesday, August 19 View Page
This plant has had it rough. Lots of SVB damage. 2 major wind storm with damage each time and now cutting side vines from diseases. Still somehow gaining 150 pounds a week. Shocking 405 OTT. My guess is a big slow down is coming but Iím happy even so
Tuesday, September 1 View Page
My field pumpkin got a soft spot and started leaking so I brought it in for the first carving of the season. 50 pounds using the bathroom scale.
Saturday, September 5 View Page
2017 Frias is at 1050 pounds today. Plant is looking great. Might grow another couple hundred pounds before picking time
Wednesday, September 16 View Page
2158 Geddes B plant. 10 days till the weigh off.
Saturday, September 19 View Page
Illinois weigh off is one week from today at Heaps giant pumpkin farm in minooka Illinois. Details in the picture. Good luck everyone and see you all soon!!!
Tuesday, September 29 View Page
Illinois giant pumpkin growers association weigh off at heaps giant pumpkin patch this past Saturday went great! Thanks to mark for all these great pumpkin photos. Check out his website pumpkinphoto.com it has amazing pumpkin pictures from all over the nation.
Tuesday, September 29 View Page
My exhibition 2158 Geddes x Sib. A percent or 2 over the chart
Tuesday, September 29 View Page
My other 2158 Geddes x Sib. Second heaviest pumpkin Iíve grown
Sunday, October 4 View Page
The pumpkin house is back again. Looking large this year.
Sunday, October 11 View Page
Carved a 200 pounder at Heaps giant pumpkin patch today. 70 degrees and sunny.
Wednesday, October 14 View Page
Carved the smallest of the display giants today
Sunday, October 18 View Page
Carved one of my pumpkins at aquascape pond today
Sunday, October 18 View Page
One more from the pond company
Friday, October 23 View Page
Carved my est 1200 yesterday
Sunday, October 25 View Page
1581 turned into this today
Wednesday, October 28 View Page
All four are carved and ready for Halloween


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