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Monday, August 17 View Page
Squash Growing 2020 Set off on a mission this year in an attempt to break the Pennsylvania State Squash Record which currently stands @ 1,159 lbs. Big day in the patch today August 17, 2020 the Squash in the back just tied up with the PA state record with a 372 ott on the 2018 GPC chart putting it at an estimated 1,161 lbs! Plant is still healthy, stump, stem, and fruit are looking good. Still putting on the pounds, 5 weeks till Barnesville. Dont plan on taking the foot off the gas here so I will see how big I can get this thing before the Barnesville weigh-off. Squash in the front is just under 1,100 and should have no problems breaking the record as well. I just need to get them to a scale in tact.
Monday, August 24 View Page
Squash are Still growing nicely Infact I might have been pushing them too hard I am getting some pretty good shoulder splitting and some splitting on the rear end I have been taken care of. Hopefully this does not get to deep and cause some more serious issues. Zappa, thank you, and Best of luck to you as well! It sounds like both of our squash are similar in size which makes it fun. I am sure there are some other big ones out thier with all the sun we had this summer so no matter how the weigh-offs turn out I am just happy put one or two over the current state record. Your Squash looks great as well, ideal shape, nice ribbing, and appears to be medium green. Mine is a medium green, tall fruit, which is developing deep ribbing, and a dill ring over the back half.
Monday, September 14 View Page
Alright 10 days out till Barnesville and the 1701 is still putting on pounds. I am still getting measurable growth and plenty of growth splits on the shoulders and rear end. I have a couple splits on the rear I have been treating. This Squash should be the biggest fruit I have grown to date. Zappa it sounds like our squashes are running neck and neck but you might have me by a nose hair on the ott.
Monday, September 14 View Page
Squash #2 Taping over the current PA state record as well. I plan on taking the biggest to Barnesville and will have to see where the boss is taking this one...
Thursday, November 5 View Page
Both Squash on display. 993 on the left 1304 on the right. The 1304 is out of the 1701 Jutras and is selfed. Unfortunately the 1304 had a small late season BES, I proactively sealed it up so I could get an official weight on it since it estimated 150lbs more then the state record at the time. It weighed just a shy under the chart. A very uniform shape and color true green squash. The roots system on this plant had the most aggressive rooting at the leaf nodes I have ever seen with a lot of leaf nodes throwing doubles and even triples out of just the bottom of the node. Every Squash I set on this plant had the longest stems I had ever seen with some being a foot long..... very aggressive plant, tough to manage at times. The 993 is the 1252 Jutras crossed in the 1701 which grew my 1304. The 993 is a lower lying very wide squash and weighed lite to the chart. By the way I was taping this one I had it estimating right at the state record but it came in lite. I had good rooting at the leaf nodes on this plant but overall it was the exact opposite of the 1701 plant. Every vine on this thing was flimsy and layed down on its own, alot of side vines did not pop out till later in growth stages, even with extra nitrogen applied to the plant. I really can't believe this plant produced this fruit.
Thursday, November 5 View Page
1304 all dressed up for Halloween this year. She is still rock solid, I will probably leave her on display till thanksgiving then harvest the seeds. Thanks for the seeds Joe!! Zappa: Congratulations on your new State record squash over 1600 lbs. Weigh to set the bar high!
Friday, November 6 View Page
Season Wrap Up: All in all it was a great season, I am really glad I grew this year. Even after many, many years of growing it still amazes me you can start your seeds in April and 5 months later end up with these gargantuan fruit. All those instructions on how to grow and how fast to do it packed in the DNA of that little seed. Grew 2 plants out this year and ended up with two very nice squash one of them surpassing the state record at the time till Zappa brought the monster squash in squashing the compitition.... Very good year and I think I enjoyed it more this year then ever... Much better for the mind, body, and soul working in the garden then sitting inside starring at all the garbage on TV. The Mustard was sown at the end of September and is growing very well.


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