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Friday, April 17 View Page
The 2020 season is underway. I will be growing one plant this year, the 1257.50 Wallace 2018. This seed has great genetics and potential. I soaked one seed last night for 2 hours and placed in ziplock bag with paper towel. I am setting a goal of a modest 300lbs. Hoop house in on the patch. Manure and compost added. Shooting to plant around May 1st time time.
Monday, April 20 View Page
It has been 3.5 days for the seed in the ziplock bag. Nothing yet. Slightly nervous started 2 more seeds last night.
Wednesday, April 22 View Page
We have ignition on the 2 backups. 60 hours after soaking!
Saturday, April 25 View Page
Day 6 since I soaked the seeds. I carefully pulled the seed coats off. They were not coming off on their own. Dull yellow color cots. Placed them under grow lights. Hopefully they start to green and open up
Thursday, April 30 View Page
The plant has greened up nice but the cots are twisted. It should not be a problem. Hopefully it grows out of this.
Friday, May 1 View Page
Here is the plant this morning. Seems to be growing every day. I was going to plant this weekend but I am going to give the plant a few more days inside to develop the first true leaf
Saturday, May 2 View Page
Cots seem to be doing good. I have the plant in a clear pot. The roots are growing very fast and aggressive. No sign of a true leaf yet.
Monday, May 4 View Page
Finally! A first true leaf is forming. Monster cots on this plant
Thursday, May 7 View Page
First true leaf getting larger. I can now see a second leaf forming. Plant will need to be planted on Sunday.
Sunday, May 10 View Page
Today is the day. Plant is heading out into the hoop house!
Sunday, May 10 View Page
My hoop house setup. Portable heater along with a thermometer receiver that displays the temp in the house so I can keep and eye on the temp!
Sunday, May 10 View Page
Here we go!
Wednesday, May 13 View Page
Day 3 out in the hoop house. Seems to have grown a little.
Sunday, May 17 View Page
One week in the ground. Third leaf starting to show
Sunday, May 17 View Page
Close up of the plan
Saturday, May 23 View Page
The plant continues to grow. We had a few warm days with the front of the hoop house opened the plant wilted a little. I drenched the plant and misted the leaves. Once the temps dropped a little the plant perked right back up.
Sunday, May 24 View Page
Plant continues to go. Little wilting when it gets hot but I am trying to water and mist to cool the plant. Could anyone tell me which way the main will go?
Sunday, May 31 View Page
Looking good. Should be ok the ground and running by weeks end


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