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Friday, April 17 View Page
The 2020 season is underway. I will be growing one plant this year, the 1257.50 Wallace 2018. This seed has great genetics and potential. I soaked one seed last night for 2 hours and placed in ziplock bag with paper towel. I am setting a goal of a modest 300lbs. Hoop house in on the patch. Manure and compost added. Shooting to plant around May 1st time time.
Monday, April 20 View Page
It has been 3.5 days for the seed in the ziplock bag. Nothing yet. Slightly nervous started 2 more seeds last night.
Wednesday, April 22 View Page
We have ignition on the 2 backups. 60 hours after soaking!
Saturday, April 25 View Page
Day 6 since I soaked the seeds. I carefully pulled the seed coats off. They were not coming off on their own. Dull yellow color cots. Placed them under grow lights. Hopefully they start to green and open up
Thursday, April 30 View Page
The plant has greened up nice but the cots are twisted. It should not be a problem. Hopefully it grows out of this.
Friday, May 1 View Page
Here is the plant this morning. Seems to be growing every day. I was going to plant this weekend but I am going to give the plant a few more days inside to develop the first true leaf
Saturday, May 2 View Page
Cots seem to be doing good. I have the plant in a clear pot. The roots are growing very fast and aggressive. No sign of a true leaf yet.
Monday, May 4 View Page
Finally! A first true leaf is forming. Monster cots on this plant
Thursday, May 7 View Page
First true leaf getting larger. I can now see a second leaf forming. Plant will need to be planted on Sunday.
Sunday, May 10 View Page
Today is the day. Plant is heading out into the hoop house!
Sunday, May 10 View Page
My hoop house setup. Portable heater along with a thermometer receiver that displays the temp in the house so I can keep and eye on the temp!
Sunday, May 10 View Page
Here we go!
Wednesday, May 13 View Page
Day 3 out in the hoop house. Seems to have grown a little.
Sunday, May 17 View Page
One week in the ground. Third leaf starting to show
Sunday, May 17 View Page
Close up of the plan
Saturday, May 23 View Page
The plant continues to grow. We had a few warm days with the front of the hoop house opened the plant wilted a little. I drenched the plant and misted the leaves. Once the temps dropped a little the plant perked right back up.
Sunday, May 24 View Page
Plant continues to go. Little wilting when it gets hot but I am trying to water and mist to cool the plant. Could anyone tell me which way the main will go?
Sunday, May 31 View Page
Looking good. Should be ok the ground and running by weeks end
Monday, June 8 View Page
Vine is down and running. Vine is a few feet long now!
Tuesday, June 9 View Page
This is the plant yesterday. Looking good!
Thursday, June 11 View Page
Vine in a little of 4 feet long today kicking into gear now.
Thursday, June 11 View Page
Exposed to the elements. Time to weed around the plant. Not setting the world on fire but the plant is healthy. The leaves are huge. Nice green color. Hopefully 250lbs is in my future.
Sunday, June 14 View Page
Sprayed for bugs this morning with bug b gone. The wood fence attracts a lot of wasps and hornets. I sprayed the plant and fence. Let’s see if this works. Plant is pushing 5 feet long. Some leaves are bending from the weight.
Tuesday, June 16 View Page
Female spotted in growth tip tonight on the main vine. I am going to let it grow and I can practice pollinating it. I am hoping to get one further out on the main vine
Tuesday, June 16 View Page
Female spotted in growth tip tonight on the main vine. I am going to let it grow and I can practice pollinating it. I am hoping to get one further out on the main vine
Friday, June 19 View Page
First male flower is opening tomorrow.
Sunday, June 21 View Page
Starting to ramp up. Plant is 9.5 feet long. Side vines are starting to go. Female at 8.5-9 feet. Another female in growth tip. That female will be out over 10 feet
Saturday, June 27 View Page
Am I going to grow a world record? Probably not. Setting my site on 300+lbs plant is looking awesome. First female at 9. Not sure if it it’s going to open. Another female just dropped onto Main vine. It must be over 11 feet. I also see one in the tip. I am guessing 13+ feet. Sprayed for bugs this morning.
Saturday, June 27 View Page
Female #1 not sure if it will open
Saturday, June 27 View Page
Looking good. 3 females on the main vine. See what happens one female at 9 feet. Other well over 10. Not sure if the one at 9 is going to open
Sunday, June 28 View Page
The beat goes on. Plant is over 12 feet long I would say now. Huge plant
Tuesday, June 30 View Page
First female didn’t open. Second female is looking like it will open. Blossom appears to be growing. Hopefully pollinating soon
Wednesday, July 1 View Page
Tomorrow might be the day!
Thursday, July 2 View Page
Looks like a 5 lobe! Love is in the air. Crossing my fingers and toes. Please please set! I pollinated this with itself. Good coverage on the lobes. I tied it back up. I will shade the female. Please please please take
Monday, July 6 View Page
Day 4 still shiny it has doubled in size since pollination and the stem has gotten much bigger.
Monday, July 6 View Page
5 males for tomorrow’s pollination. Female is very far out our on main 3 or so feet past the female that is on day 4.
Tuesday, July 7 View Page
Day 5 for pumpkin #1. Still shines. Pollinated pumpkin #2 today with 5 males.
Tuesday, July 7 View Page
Day 5 for pumpkin #1. Still shines. Pollinated pumpkin #2 today with 5 males.
Thursday, July 9 View Page
Day 7. Still shines. It’s growing. Not crazy fast but it is moving. Will I grow a 2000lber? Probably not. Will I grow a1,000lber? Probably not. 300lbs. You are in my sites.
Thursday, July 9 View Page
Day 7. It is finally resting on the ground. Day 2 second pollination. Size of a lemon
Friday, July 10 View Page
This might be game over. Sudden leaf wild
Friday, July 10 View Page
If you know what the leaf wilt is and or how to treat it please email me. I was treating the entire plant weekly for and pests.
Friday, July 10 View Page
Went out at 8:30pm to check plant. I gave it a good drink. Misted it and now it’s raining and misting. Some of the wilted leaves have rebounded. It was extremely hot on Thursday. But Friday morning they wilted? I am hoping it is just the heat 3 of the leaves are in really bad shape. Really blown away that If that is sun damage. Time will tell.
Saturday, July 11 View Page
Special shout out to the morning chat crew. Thank you for all the help so far. It’s nice that I can give live updates from the patch and get some answers. John Paul Bart Norm. Thanks again!
Saturday, July 11 View Page
Plant this am. Lots of leaves rebounded. I am blown away that it was possibly heat related. I am disappointed in myself that I might have not been giving it enough water and I damaged some leaves and stressed the plant. Learning experience. I will keep a close eye on the plant. See what happens. Day 9 for pumpkin 1 still shines and it grew a ton overnight. Day 4 for pumpkin 2 still shines and it is growing.
Sunday, July 12 View Page
Day 10 pumpkin #1. 19”cc. It has grown 6” in circumference past 2 days. Putting some sand down for it today.
Sunday, July 12 View Page
Doing everything I can. Purchased this 40% shade cloth. I was watching bubba Presley YouTube videos and I believe he said you only need 60% of sun rays to complete photosynthesis. Plant hates the extreme heat.
Monday, July 13 View Page
Day 11. Pumpkin #1 22” in cir. 52 total inches. It is growing steady daily.
Tuesday, July 14 View Page
Day 12 24” in circumference. Slow but it is growing. That is the main thing. Still hoping for a 300lber
Thursday, July 16 View Page
Pumpkin 1 went from three inches a day on day 11 to a snails pace. Ayyy yi yi. Think it is aborting. Pumpkin two looks like it is aborting. Hopefully I am just measuring wrong on pumpkin 1 but I doubt it. We shall see.
Sunday, July 19 View Page
Both pumpkins are toast. I have another pollination tomorrow. It will be 95+ degrees. My luck is outstanding.
Monday, July 20 View Page
Wednesday, July 22 View Page
Day 2 for pumpkin 3. It continues to grow. Crossing my fingers
Wednesday, July 22 View Page
Day 2 for pumpkin 3. It continues to grow. Crossing my fingers
Saturday, July 25 View Page
Day 5 pumpkin 3. Still shines. It is still growing
Sunday, July 26 View Page
Day 6. Pumpkin continues to grow. It is much bigger than the first pumpkin at day 6.
Monday, July 27 View Page
Day 7 18” in circumference for pumpkin 3
Wednesday, July 29 View Page
Day 9 pumpkin still shines circumference of 24.5”
Thursday, July 30 View Page
Day 10. 27” circumference. 67 OTT
Sunday, August 2 View Page
Day 13 36” in circumference
Friday, August 7 View Page
Day 18 45”inches in circumference
Sunday, August 9 View Page
Day 20 circumference= 51” end to end = 36” side to side = 33” total of 120 inches.
Friday, August 14 View Page
Pumpkins stopped growing around day 21 at 53 inches in cir. I have another pumpkin going. It is day 25 and we are at 59 inches.
Saturday, August 15 View Page
62” today. Grew about 10lbs last night
Sunday, August 23 View Page
Pumpkin is starting to turn orange. If I had to guess it is pushing 100lbs
Saturday, August 29 View Page
Over 70” CC. Stem is rotting crossing my fingers it makes it for the front stoop
Sunday, September 13 View Page
Around 77” in circumference
Monday, September 14 View Page
Another angle
Monday, September 14 View Page
Last one


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