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Saturday, February 22 View Page
Tomorrow Night 8pm...If you need an orange seed to complete your seed selection. This is the auction for you.
Saturday, February 22 View Page
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Saturday, February 22 View Page
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Saturday, February 22 View Page
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Saturday, February 22 View Page
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Wednesday, March 11 View Page
Only a month away...New patch will be enough for 4 plants. So I am going for the 4000 lb Jacket. Something I have never had enough space to do. Short List: 1411 Engel 2019 ( 1200 Engel x 920 Cooper) 359 Foss 2013 ( 1048 Engel x 2009 Wallace) 1040 Fehr 2019 ( 920 Cooper x 781 Engel) 2261 Schmit 2019 (2283 Barlow x Self) Long List: 1464 Brown 2019 ( 1501 x Self) I will also be growing a few field pumpkins, and some Green Squash for Green Bay Packers Carve
Wednesday, March 11 View Page
Here is the new location for the River Prairie Ginormous Pumpkin Festival September 26th, 2020. Level Grade, Round about for unload, and just a better location for a weigh off. Hopefully we can have a little regatta in that pond.
Monday, March 30 View Page
I need of some big, orange and beautiful pumpkin seeds. Still time available. WWW.GR8PUMPKIN.NET
Monday, April 6 View Page
Here is my new growing spot. I plan on growing (4) Giant Pumpkins this year, and some field pumpkins here.. I have marked of 5,000sqf. The soil appears to be perfect clay loam mix with excellent drainage. I have more the black pipe is an irrigation line.
Monday, April 6 View Page
Soil test is pulled, and I am excited. Hopefully Planting more than two pumpkins, not growing in the city, not having morning shade until 9am, and not having to water with city water will help me get a 4,000lb Jacket.
Tuesday, April 7 View Page
The Line Up is set. 1411 Engel 2019- 1200 Engel x 920 Cooper 2261 Schmit 2019- 2283 Barlow x Self 1040 Fehr 2019- 920 Cooper x 781 Engel 359 Foss 2013- 1048 Engel x 2009 Wallace 1000.5 Brown *
Thursday, April 9 View Page
https://gr8pumpkin.net/giant_pumpkin_seeds_for_sale Need those orange genetics to get that Howard Dill Award? Look not further.
Friday, April 10 View Page
Tilled 50' x 125' area today. The rocks thought they were winning. Sheared a few tiller tine bolts, and then I sucked in a big one and it snapped the bolt that holds the tiller on to the pto. Well played rocks well play..They obviously don't realize they are messing with a giant pumpkin grower...they will find out sooner or later as I start my rock pile.
Wednesday, April 15 View Page
Got some work to do...OM is a little low :)
Saturday, April 18 View Page
2261Schmit, 1872 Sippel, 1411 Engel, 1040 Fehr, 1005 Brown *, 359 Foss Started today
Friday, April 24 View Page
All seeds germinated with the exception of the 1005 Brown..So the new line up is 2261,1872,1411,1040& 359
Friday, April 24 View Page
Almost ready
Friday, April 24 View Page
Well these two are taking their sweet times germinating. I spread 520 lbs of gypsum, 100 lbs of lime, 80 lbs of Potash of Sulfate, 20 lbs of 0-45-0 Triple Phosphate, 50 lbs each of Humic Acid, Feather Meal, Blood Meal, Kelp Meal, Alfalfa Pellets, and Beet Pulp. 3 lbs of Borax, 2 lbs of Manganese Sulfate, 2 lbs of Zinc Sulfate, 1.5 lbs of Copper Sulfate. My 100 lbs of K mag was delayed and on the door step when I got home. I am going for a 4,000 lb Jacket this year. In order to achieve this I need to weigh 3 pumpkins that 4,000 lbs.
Friday, May 8 View Page
Cold Cold Spring 25 degrees out..Plants are still in there 3.5 gallon air pots, and in the heated grow chamber
Tuesday, May 19 View Page
Well again I am reminded Family is more important than pumpkins. I carved this pumpkin for an event in 2011. Today We are part of this fight. The outcome looks good, but the path a very difficult one. It was caught early but will require complete removal of all breast tissue.
Wednesday, May 20 View Page
The ground is finally warm enough to plant in. My dummy seeds have germinated in the hoop houses...It is go time
Thursday, May 21 View Page
The Final Cut. 1000.5 Brown* (1844 Holub x Self) 1872 Sippel (1501 Vander Weilen x self) 1411 Engel 19 (1200 Engel x 920 Cooper) 1049 Fehr 19 (920 Cooper x 781 Engel)
Thursday, May 21 View Page
My new Rock Picker...She sputters and sounds like she needs a good tune up. She is higher maintenance with parts more expensive than the Ferrari. I am blessed to have her help me in the patch this year. We are in for a small period of roughness with Breast Cancer. The planned treatment will hopefully not result in any chemotherapy or radiation.
Thursday, May 21 View Page
This is why I love Air Pots..This plant has been in the pot for 3 weeks and is not root bound.
Thursday, May 21 View Page
We also have almost a 1/4 Acre of misc pumpkins and squash. Thanks Tom for sharing seeds. Odd thing when I am out working by myself no one ever honks. When Jodi is there people are beeping and tooting there horns.
Friday, May 22 View Page
This woman is my life....2020 is going to be one for the books. On May 4th Jodi was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, which was not detectable without an MRI and Contrast. The good thing is it is Stage 0/1. The bad thing is it is extensive through out the breast. Which means removal. Her prognosis is very good after. Life is not always fair. I know this well. How you react and handle these things is important. Thank You to those in the pumpkin community who have reached out with support and prayers. It means a lot to me that a total stranger, some who I have never met, Care. Oh yeah she might just actually be growing something this year after sitting on the side lines for years. I at least have her in the patch
Friday, May 22 View Page
Friday, May 29 View Page
The 1411 Engel 2019 is in one of the prime spots in the patch. While the 1411 Engel was nowhere near the color I like. Her genetics of the 1200 Engel (1912 Carter x 1143 Engel) x the 920 Cooper (1374 Engel x 1495 Stelts) has produced many beautiful orange pumpkins and Howard Dill Awards. I also believe you have to prove seeds out and nothing better than growing you own. This plant is going to throw me another personal best.
Friday, May 29 View Page
Next up is the 1040 Fehr... You orange growers should be hitting Bob up for this seed. As it almost comes with an HDA. The 1040 Fehr is a 920 Cooper x 781 Engel. So you take that 1374 Engel x 1495 Stelts and combine it with a 1374 Engel x 359 Foss. Oh you will see this baby come fall. Look for the Engel Orange on my trailer.
Friday, May 29 View Page
Next up in the Patch is the 1872 Sippel. This was one of those 1501 Vanderweilen x Selfs that was beautiful, orange and symmetric. Which fits my criteria for breeding in to my pumpkins
Friday, May 29 View Page
Then we have a Squash. 1000.5 Brown 2018 which is an 1844.5 Holub x self. The 1844.5 typically throws a nice looking squash. I hope it is emerald green and not gray.
Wednesday, June 3 View Page
Hoops are off, and the 1411 Engel and 1040 Fehr are running. The 1872 Sippel and 1000.5 Brown had a little set back. They got a little warm even with the hoop ends open. They are making a comeback. The 2261 Schmit is out in the big patch. Jodi thinks it should have went in the competition patch..Now I have to go buy more fertilizer
Saturday, June 6 View Page
Hoops are off..Plants are down and running. Time to get the irrigation going. I can throw 30 gallons a minute out of my 2" line right now. I need to test how much come out of the sprinkler heads 1411 Engel, and 1040 Fehr are the best looking plants. The 1872 SippeL and 1000.5* Brown are recovering from a warm hoop house. The 2261 Schmit is an odd plant with no distinguishable main...so we will have to chose one. The 1143 Engel is just starting to run. The other 1/4 acre of field pumpkins is weeded. Odd thing is I have a volunteer crop of mustard that is thick in the one end..so I keep the rows clean and keep tilling it in
Thursday, June 11 View Page
We have plenty of water. Whoever coiled the 2" line up last did not properly drain it. When we turned on the irrigation. I was a little disappointed at the amount of water covering the patch. Then I looked to the right and saw the geyser. A couple of splices and 10 feet of pipe removed. We were back in business. We have three spigots with a 45' Radius each covering the 50' x 50' patch. We did a test run for 30 minutes and threw 600 gallons of water out. Which I am very happy with. I need to learn how to properly turn the fertigator off as I threw about 10 lbs of CalMag Fertilizer down also. It was not until the end when I filled a bucket we realized we had Blue water.
Tuesday, June 16 View Page
We are down to less than 72 hours, while we think we are ready for this next part of our Breast Cancer Journey. I don't think a person can ever be ready.
Thursday, June 18 View Page
1040 Fehr 2019 X Self. This pumpkin was a 920 Cooper x a 781 Engel. The 920 Cooper is a 1374 Engel x 1495 Stelts. The 781 Engel is a 1374 Engel x 359 Foss. Hopefully this produces me a Howard Dill Award.
Saturday, June 20 View Page
Well the good news is they removed all the breast tissue that had cancer, there was no cancer in the lymph nodes or margins of the chest. So now we start the process of healing. Thank You to those people who reached out to me, to send well wishes, thoughts and prayers. Along with sharing your breast cancer journeys. I don't know what I would do without this pumpkin queen and pumpkin carver at my side
Sunday, June 21 View Page
Pollinated 1411 Engel x self Yesterday. Tilled the 1/4 acre patch and started vine burying. The 2261 Schmit will be ready next week and it is a long skinny pumpkin, and very yellow. The 1872 Sippel was a little stunted but seems to be making a come back. The 1000.5* Brown has a soil imbalance thing going on..Slowly trying to correct that. The 1143 Engel is down and running, and the Pumpkin has taken on the 1040 Fehr. Bob has given me a big bag of seeds so they will be available later this fall.
Wednesday, June 24 View Page
Pollinated the 2261 Schmit x Self. Hopefully it took. The rain was falling hard at the time.
Wednesday, June 24 View Page
The pumpkin in the 1/4 Acre are doing "GREAT" My windscreens of Giant Sunflowers and Earth Tones and Green Oaxaca Corn, along with the two rows of sweet corn are doing their jobs
Wednesday, June 24 View Page
1040 Fehr x Self. The pumpkins this year are going to be named after strong women. From this day forward this pumpkin shall be known as "Jodi The Courageous" She is facing the Breast Cancer with a smile on her face, and has the determination she is going to kick it ass, and then kick it one more time for fun. We got the left breast cancer removed, now it is time to determine what happens with the right, and other female reproductive organs that are feeding the cancer
Wednesday, June 24 View Page
1411 Engel x Self. This pumpkin from this day forward shall be known as "Kayla The Brave". Her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and the prognosis is not good. This young woman has brought me courage and strength, and we have the occasion hug to show support.
Thursday, June 25 View Page
Pollinate a 4 lober on the 1872 Sippel with the 1040 Fehr
Friday, June 26 View Page
2261 Schmit x self pollinated on Monday June 22 from this day forward shall be known as "Sue the Conqueror" for Susan Dean Barber. She was given the burden of cancer, not only faced it she decided to Kick its Ass, and take names.
Saturday, June 27 View Page
Jodi the Courageous on the 1040 Fehr at 10 days old. This pumpkin to me is the ultimate cross of the 920 Cooper x the 781 Engel. I have High hopes for this girl
Sunday, June 28 View Page
The 2261 Schmit who lost out to a space in the competition patch has become the biggest and most vigorous plant.
Monday, June 29 View Page
7" inches of rain and still coming down there go my nutrients
Monday, June 29 View Page
You ever looked at the lay of the land and said that is an odd place for a culvert...oh well that will never affect me way over here
Thursday, July 2 View Page
This place is my sanity lately. Where I go early in the morning, and just breath. Sit, Relax and Watch the world wake up. I believe this stress has caused my Vertigo to return with a vengeance. Which is not making life any easier. Jodi is doing as well as can be expected. When they removed the breast they section and do pathology on all the tissue. Turns out the Non-Invasive Cancer that never becomes Invasive. Had done exactly that in 4 places. So that changes things a little bit. So now the cancer is classified as Stage 1 Grade 2. She is have genetic testing and cancer mutation testing completed to determine what our next step is. It may result in removal of the remaining breast, female sexual organs, and chemotherapy. Thank You for your continued thoughts and prayers.
Thursday, July 2 View Page
Jodi The Courageous on the 1040 Fehr is kicking in to full growth mode. Today I will get all the pumpkins on their mats, and beds.
Wednesday, July 8 View Page
Jodi on the 1040 Fehr...This girl is going to be orange and pretty. The plant hates throwing secondaries which is annoying me
Wednesday, July 8 View Page
Kayla the Brave on the 1411 Engel. This pumpkin was pollinated on June 24th and is a 1411 Engel x 1040 Fehr Cross. She looks like she is not going to be orange and pretty. The plant is growing perfect
Wednesday, July 8 View Page
Sue the Conquerer on the 2261 Schmit pollinated June 26th 2261 Schmit x 1040 Fehr. This might be orange :)
Wednesday, July 15 View Page
Pollinated 1872 Sippel x 1411 Engel. If this one does not take the plant gets pulled
Thursday, July 16 View Page
Pollinated 1143 Engel x 1040 Fehr. The weather is not cooperating with pollinations lately Hot..Hot..Hot
Thursday, July 16 View Page
Update on Jodi...She is still doing good. We find out next week the next course of action. Genetic testing all cam back as good, with low chance of reoccurrence. Still does not explain why it could not be detected with normal MRI, or other test methods. Hard to fight something that cant only be detected through pathology of the cells.
Wednesday, July 22 View Page
Jodi the Courageous
Wednesday, July 22 View Page
Kayla the Brave..
Wednesday, July 22 View Page
Sue the Conquerer
Wednesday, July 29 View Page
Jodi on the 1040 Fehr
Wednesday, July 29 View Page
KAYLA on the 1411 Engel
Wednesday, July 29 View Page
SUE on the 2261 Schmit


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