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Friday, January 31 View Page
No its not been snowing, just a little more perlite to top the soil up. You need to watch carefully this year because were going big for a change, really big.
Wednesday, February 26 View Page
Laser eye Stuart has dug the whole patch on his own and its perfect. The aim is to get all of the irrigation down by the end of March. We now get the chance to get any weed seeds near the top germinated and sprayed off.
Wednesday, March 4 View Page
Oh yehhh Three amigos
Tuesday, April 7 View Page
Finally in these troubled times a ray of sunshine. This is hopefully our lineup for this year.
Wednesday, April 8 View Page
All tested and ready to rumble. 90F
Saturday, April 18 View Page
We had a 100% germination for the first time ever so hopefully we will end up with our first choice line up in the patch.
Sunday, May 17 View Page
Were of and running and the only casualty was one of the 2005 plants that had an iffy vine so it got pulled.
Tuesday, June 16 View Page
Its been a while since I last posted but here is a 1928 Deletas getting a bed of sand.
Tuesday, June 16 View Page
Stuarts trying to stop this Boonen Herman growing over its nose.
Tuesday, June 16 View Page
All together in these trying times were very happy with our plants.
Tuesday, June 23 View Page
We try to lift up the pumpkins to stop the blossom going under the pumpkin. It doesnt always work but it does help.
Wednesday, June 24 View Page
And a photo
Wednesday, June 24 View Page
Weve been watering in all the good stuff one a week over the top and last weekend ramped up the water from 50 gallons to 100 a day. This weekend we will increase to 150 gallons which is needed for the pumpkins but the plants roots will hate it. To help the roots weve given a Subdue.
Wednesday, June 24 View Page
At this point we pull the drip hose well away from the main stump to keep it a dry as possible.
Wednesday, July 29 View Page
Im sorry for the lack of posts but things have obviously not been great for Pinetops and I havent been particularly well. Anyway Im going try and finish this years diary with a flourish. Our 2005 Haist DAP 52 is 1375lbs up 282lbs for the week and averaged 40lbs a day for the last week. She set a new pb for us a couple of weeks ago averaging 56lbs a day for a week.
Wednesday, July 29 View Page
Our 1876 Mendi DAP 54 is 1421lbs up 336lbs thats averaging 48lbs a day.
Wednesday, July 29 View Page
The 2226 Boonen Herman is a cracking looking pumpkin and DAP 53 is 1487lbs up 309lbs for the week.
Wednesday, July 29 View Page
Our Deletas is the only white pumpkin in the patch. On DAP 49 shes 1393lbs up 308lbs for the week.
Wednesday, July 29 View Page
Our other 1875 Mendi has gone nuts and DAP 47 is 1496lbs up386lbs and averaged 55lbs for the week. Amazingly she has averaged 53lbs a day for the last three weeks and is 100lbs in front of our pb 2433.
Wednesday, July 29 View Page
And last but not least is our other Boonen Herman. DAP 50 shes 1284lbs up 273lbs for the week.
Saturday, August 1 View Page
Weve noticed that its getting very humid in the patch at night when the vents tend to be closed, so we put a couple of fans up as high as we could in the roof. It was a bit precarious but I did get the opportunity to take this photo of the stunning Boonen Herman.
Sunday, August 2 View Page
The patch is looking like something out of a fairy tail and quite beautiful. I think it going to be a shame to destroy the patch when we start lifting them. The Haist on DAP 59 is 1544lbs up 169lbs and averaged 24lbs a day.
Sunday, August 2 View Page
On DAP 61 the 1875 A is 1592lbs up 172lbs for the week.
Sunday, August 2 View Page
The 2226A DAP 60 is 1660lbs up 173 lbs for the week.
Sunday, August 2 View Page
The Star of the week is going to the 1928. DAP 56 shes 1611lbs up 218lbs for the week.
Sunday, August 2 View Page
The 1875 DAP is the biggest in the patch at 1709lbs and up 213lbs for the week.
Sunday, August 2 View Page
The 2226B DAP 57 is1506lbs up 222lbs for the week.
Sunday, August 9 View Page
Weve had a cracking week in the patch with no real problems for a change. The 2005 DAP 66 is 1670lbs up 126lbs for the week.
Sunday, August 9 View Page
The 1875A is getting there and DAP 68 shes 1709lbs up 117lbs for the week.
Sunday, August 9 View Page
The rather beautiful 2226A DAP 67 1818lbs up 158lbs for the week.
Sunday, August 9 View Page
DAP 63 the 1928 is 1758lbs up 147lbs for the week.
Sunday, August 9 View Page
The 1875B is smoking and DAP just 61 is 1928lbs up 219lbs for the week.
Sunday, August 9 View Page
Im giving the Star of the week to the 2226B Boonen Herman because she is the perfect shape and like a rock. DAP 64 shes 1699lbs up 193lbs for the week.
Tuesday, August 11 View Page
I hope this photo will be legible. This is our last soil sample of the year a probably the best one Ive ever seen. The patch is looking stunning with some expected leaf senescence but there is definitely room for improvement. So far we have two major improvements for next year and Im sure we will find more. This is definitely not the time to get excited. Its time to focus in the roots and shoots.
Sunday, August 16 View Page
Quite a steady week in the patch with no real dramas. The 2005 DAP 73 is 1778lbs up 108lbs for the week. The 1875 A DAP 75 is 1808lbs up 99lbs for the week. The incredible 2226 A, in the photo, DAP 74 is 1938lbs up 120lbs for the week. The 1928 DAP 70 is 1888lbs up 130lbs for the week. The Star of the week has to go to the 1875 B which on only DAP 68 is 2060lbs up 132lbs for the week. Finally the 2226 B DAP 71 is 1798lbs up 99lbs for the week.
Sunday, August 23 View Page
On the whole its been a good week in the patch and were very aware that these monsters become very difficult to tape at this time of year. Weve been fighting a stem rot in front of the 2005 for about a month a have just about lost the battle. DAP 80 she is 1838lbs up 60lbs for the week. DAP 82 the 1875 A is 1858lbs up 50lbs for the week. DAP 81 the 2226 A had a slow week and is 1979lbs up just 41lbs for the week.
Sunday, August 23 View Page
DAP 77 the 1928 had a really good week and tapes 1989lbs up 101lbs for the week. DAP just 75 the 1875B in the photo tapes 2173lbs up 113lbs for the week. Finally DAP 78 the 2226B has had a great week packing on 70lbs to end up at 1868lbs.
Sunday, August 30 View Page
We now have three in the patch taping over 2000lbs and its going to be a shame to destroy the patch to get the pumpkins out. The 2226 Boonen Herman B is off to Spain at the end of the week unfortunately on her own. Fortunately she a big girl and can handle herself at 1959lbs up 91lbs for the week.
Thursday, September 3 View Page
Tomorrow we say goodbye to our 2226B. She has been a delightful pumpkin to grow and its so sad to not be there when shes weighed. She will be looked after our pumpkin family in Spain,Ruben and Salvador. We always promised ourselves that if we had a good year in the patch we would send a pumpkin to Half Moon Bay. It was all planned. Stuart and I would fly the pumpkin Calgary where Eddy Z would pick it up and drive it to California. We would have our show on the Saturday and fly to California ready for the Monday. Guess what? All Im saying is that Corona has a lot to answer for. It will happen.
Sunday, September 6 View Page
I think the patch is doing okay for the time of year and we need those last few inches. DAP 94 the 2005 is 1928lbs DAP 96 the 1875A is 1949lbs DAP 95 the 2226A is 2030lbs DAP 91 the 1928 is 2091lbs DAP 89 the 1875B is 2265lbs And the 2226B was 1999lbs If we get them all over the line we could end up with all 6 weighing over 2000lbs The 1875 in the photo is definitely going to be one hell of a lump to lift. I really hope the 2226B gets to Spain okay because were told that it will travel on four different lorries just to get to Ruben. Anyway were happy that weve packed her up as well as we can and you can only do your best. Worst comes to the worst we can always send another to Europe but its mega expensive. We always keep a little in the bag on the FB and SS when we measure so that were not disappointed when we do the lifting. Good luck everyone
Monday, September 14 View Page
Nows one of the most important times of the year. As we pull our plants we need to be looking at the vines and roots. We need to be asking ourselves if were happy or could we do better. This is a good example of our top roots and the thing to note is how clean the vine is. You can just see the light shade where the pot was.
Monday, September 14 View Page
The patch in general is doing really well and our 2226 Boonen Herman weighed in at 2060lbs in Spain. Of course we were second to Rubens beast but hes a great buddy so its okay. The Boonen Herman in the photo with my amazing granddaughter Martha is taping just under 2100lbs and the 1928 is taping just over 2100lbs. Our 1875 is taping 491inches and Ill let you do the maths.
Thursday, September 17 View Page
We have a very small soft spot on the 2005 and unfortunately the Boonen Herman A. Both have had a side vine rubbing up next to the skin and its something we will address next year. This one went only about 2% heavy but it is a cracking shape. Well weigh the other one when we can get to it next week.
Sunday, September 20 View Page
We still have a couple of movers in the patch and DAP105 the 1928 is 2152lbs up 51lbs for the week. DAP103 the incredible 1875 is 494 inches which is 2348lbs up 31lbs for the week. We will take the Boonen Herman out this week and you know what, were alright with it. The soft spot is only small like the 2060 Paton and she will be weighed. NO PUMPKIN MUST GO UNWEIGHED
Sunday, September 20 View Page
Clean forgot to put up the 1875A which is still growing slowly but DAP110 is1989lbs up 40lbs over the last two weeks. In general we tend to get a few inches when we put them on a pallet because our grounds so soft.
Wednesday, September 23 View Page
The Boonen Herman has been a pleasure to grow.
Monday, September 28 View Page
Its all good in the Patonator patch. The 1875A got an extra inch and DAP 117 is 1999lbs. She has really netted over well which is testament to how good the plants have been. She will be off to the Reading GPC show this weekend. The 1928 in the photo has had a great week and DAP 112 is 2204lbs up another 52lbs for the week.
Monday, September 28 View Page
The 1875B just put on 1inch this week but thats okay because we always keep the three quarter and half inches in the bag and 500 inches is definitely on the cards. DAP 110 she tapes 2358 lbs and just 5 inches to go.
Thursday, October 1 View Page
I finally got my best ever award hung up in my shed. I was looking through the pumpkin figures and our 1928 taping 480 inches is equal 9th ever, inches that is. Very cool.
Friday, October 2 View Page
The 1875 has turned out to be an absolute beast. She has put another inch around her waist and 4 inches in the side to side thing. I guess it just shows how soft our soil is. DAP 122 she is 465 inches and 2050lbs.
Sunday, October 4 View Page
Boooom. Four out of four have gone over 2000lbs. Admittedly one did cut it close but perhaps its going to be our year. We gained another inch on the 1875 so she tapes 496 inches with six days to go. We still have some part inches in the bag and she will get a little bigger when on a pallet.
Sunday, October 11 View Page
The 1928 was always going to go light
Sunday, October 11 View Page
Were so close but we will get there.
Sunday, October 11 View Page
For me the photo of the day has to be Mark with his stunning marrows. He also missed the WR by just a few pounds
Friday, October 16 View Page
The 2593 is on all the TV and papers and rightly so as shes the second biggest fruit ever to sit in this planet. The total weight off our six plants and pumpkins is 12989 lbs which is quite incredible. The BBC weather girl, Sarah Farmer and I with the incredible 2593
Friday, November 13 View Page
We now have all of our seeds and unfortunately this is all we found inside the 2593 and some of these are hollow. On a brighter note we should have enough seeds to go round from all of our other pumpkins
Monday, November 16 View Page
Now thats a set off seeds in a germination test ! Ten of each apart from the 2593 which I only put three in. We have exactly twenty very precious 2593 seeds left but actually our go to seed would be the 1875 x 1875 sib because the father was the 2593.
Saturday, November 21 View Page
Out of 50 seeds only 2 didnt germinate. The 3 seeds that I put in from our 2593 took an age to show signs of life but by 4 days all three had appeared.
Thursday, December 31 View Page
Meet the new cooling system for the patch. Its one of seven improvements for 2021. God knows where we find them but they normally start appearing about mid season.


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