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Kevin Snyder (TEAM HAMMER) - 2020 Grower Diary Point your RSS aggregator here to subscribe to this Grower Diary.

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Sunday, August 23 View Page
Ned, thanks for all the 3.77 seeds, they produce mega blooms like crazy, just like you said they would! One question, when can I expect the blossoms to fuse together? Thanks again, Kevin
Monday, August 24 View Page
My first ever giant tomato, grown on CK's 6.23 Konieczny 2019. It weighed in at 5 lbs 8.8 ounces or 5.55 pounds. It taped about 25.75". The goal for my rookie season was to hit 5 pounds, mission accomplished but, more to come. Thanks for the seeds Chris, it is a good one! If I wouldn't have made some rookie mistakes I'm sure it would have made it to 6+ pounds. I have a few ideas on how to improve next year. I have a late pollination on a second mega last week on the same plant that produced this one, it should be fun to see what it turns into.
Monday, August 24 View Page
Here is the 6.23 Konieczny plant just before harvesting the 5.55 Snyder with the Tomato Hauler 3000 ready on stand by.
Monday, August 24 View Page
This is as far as I could stretch the tape on the 5.55 before weighing it.
Saturday, August 29 View Page
Ned, good news, some of those blossoms finally fused together on one of my 3.77 Sandercock!
Saturday, August 29 View Page
It's easy to weigh a PB when you've never weighed a tomato before, but what about your second tomato? This one had a bigger CC but wasn't quite as thick so I was sure it would go light to its 27-1/8" measurement. The question was, how light? I didn't think it was going to beat my tomato from earlier this week, it was a little nerve wracking, but the scale settled on a new PB of 5.69 pounds. Thanks for those 3.77 seeds Ned! They do throw a ton of mega blooms. I had a little trouble getting the best blossoms to stick, probably rookie mistakes, but I think the potential is there for it to produce a monster.
Saturday, August 29 View Page
I heard they make the rockin' world go round.
Monday, November 2 View Page
My last tomato of the year, I didn't expect to be picking tomatoes in November but here we are. This pic is about two weeks old, it's from mid-October, this tomato is old. I'm guessing 60 days???
Monday, November 2 View Page
This pic is about a week old, with first signs of color showing up on the left side.
Monday, November 2 View Page
Side shot from a few days ago. The lobes closest to the camera have continued to add a little growth the last week or so despite the horrible weather. Warmer weather is in the forecast and I hope to get the left two thirds of the fruit to full red. I wish this blossom would've shown up about a month earlier. The plant is looking burnt out at this point suffering from frost and disease damage this last month or so but the tomato has stayed healthy and keeps on growing slowly. This is on a Big Wixom seed from Chris Konieczny. Chris was very generous with the seeds he sent me, a rookie tomato grower. I've had good luck in my rookie year so far, I've been lucky enough to weigh 5.69, 5.55 and 4.69 tomatoes. Only a few days left, where will the Big Wixom end up?
Thursday, November 5 View Page
6.17 pounds on the Big Wixom, a great way to close out the year!


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