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Saturday, May 2 View Page
The 2020 season is now under way. We had a wet spring so I held off working the soil as long as I could until it had a chance to dry out some. For the first time I will have a second patch to grow in this year. This was last weekend, the day I picked to do all my patch prep. It made for a long day, actually a long weekend out in the sun. Both patches are ready to go.
Saturday, May 2 View Page
This year I am going orange. It would be nice to get a Howard Dill Award so that will be my goal this year. I'm going with the 477 Buglio (923 Gouin X 681 Gansert) in one patch and for the other patch it will be either the 666.5 Gansert or the 907 Young,
Saturday, May 2 View Page
They are all up and going now. Both 477 Buglio's and the 666.5 Gansert look great! The 907 Young was showing no signs of life after 4 days and the seed coat was starting to get a slight bit of mold. I figured it probably wasn't going to make it so I tried to experiment with it. I removed the seed coat completely and soaked the seed in a 9 parts water - 1part 3% hydrogen peroxide / seaweed solution for 15 minutes. Wrapped it in a new, very slightly damp paper towel and sandwich bag. Threw it back in the germinator box at 88 and a day and a half later it popped to life! The 477's and the 666.5 were planted today. I'll wait a few more days on the 907 since its a few days behind.
Saturday, June 6 View Page
The 477 Buglio is looking very good too. Up to this point the plant did not have even a single leaf with sun damage so I thought it was displaying good heat tolerance. It did not fare as well as the 666.5 Gansert did when the temp hit 101. I had about 20 leaves that were damaged by the sun, some partially burnt to a crisp. All leaves that were burned were either the third or fourth leaf from the tip which are always the most tender leaves. The next day the temp hit 102 but this time I had a second layer of shade cloth above the plant and nothing burned. The first pumpkin opened on the day it hit 101 so I'm guessing it will probably abort. Even if it doesn't abort I will cut it off because the location is not where I want it. Another pumpkin will open in the morning at a better location. I will pollinate it with the 666. Gansert. I have the 907 Young as an option for pollinating with but there aren't any open flowers on that plant yet.
Saturday, June 13 View Page
The 666.5 Gansert is looking real good. Both my plants seem to really be flying this year. The weather has been nearly perfect with the exception of 2 days this past week where we hit 101 and then 102 the next day. The 666.5 handled the heat very well under 40% shade cloth with no burnt leaves at all.
Saturday, June 13 View Page
First pumpkin on the 666.5 Gansert. Unfortunately, I gotta pass on this one for obvious reasons. I'll wait for one a little further out on the main. This one was at 12 feet out. I think this is some sort of record for me. From seedling to pumpkin in 5 weeks on the 477 Buglio and 5-1/2 weeks on the 666.5 Gansert. Earliest pumpkins I've had.
Saturday, June 13 View Page
A few weeks ago I woke up to see my patch looking more like a moonscape than a garden. Something tore the place apart during the night. Even tore up my water lines.
Saturday, June 13 View Page
Here is that "something" that tore my patch apart. He had so much fun tearing the place apart that night that he decided to visit the trap too. He now has a new residence.
Saturday, June 13 View Page
Modern day lizard hangin with the prehistoric lizard. They seem to get along pretty well!
Thursday, July 2 View Page
After several pollinations on each plant the chosen pumpkins have finally been selected. Here is the pumpkin on the 477 Buglio ( 923 Gouin x 681 Gansert ) crossed with the 666.5 Gansert (681 Gansert x 1092.5 Gansert). Looking a bit ribbed already. No doubt its going be be orange.
Thursday, July 2 View Page
The chosen pumpkin on the 666.5 Gansert (681 Gansert X 1092.5 Gansert) crossed with the 907 Young (1059 V/M x self). I am growing the 907 Young only as a genetics plant because it had such a late start. This one looks like shes going to be a real beauty. Perfect round shape (so far), bright yellow like a lemon and nice smooth skin.
Tuesday, July 14 View Page
Day 30 on the 477 Buglio. Daily weight gains have been in the 30's. 266 OTT or 425 lbs on the 2013 chart. She's growing pretty good Frank!
Thursday, July 16 View Page
The 666.5 Gansert is a beauty. Growing well as day 30 approaches in a couple days. Last night was a good night in the patch. One rat eliminated and one opossum relocated after a few weeks of evading the trap.
Thursday, August 6 View Page
The 477 Buglio is really starting to draw attention from people walking by. Its so nice to have orange pumpkins in the patch after several years of white blobs. She is currently in the 900's. I hope you like her Frank!
Thursday, August 6 View Page
The backside of the 477. I might have to name her "Pumpkin Buns" :-)
Thursday, August 6 View Page
The 666.5 Gansert sitting pretty in the patch. Nice smooth skin and getting more orange by the day. This one is sitting at 750 lbs. Not growing as fast as I would like to see but so happy with the way it looks.


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