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Monday, February 17 View Page
I get frequent requests for soils tests and what CO2 is all about and is it all worth it. Well lets start with soil: This is a copy of a soils test I had Ron Wallace do for me from a US based lab and the one he uses. I had this mix designed by a garden centre a few years back and we are now exactly where we want to be. This mic consists of 25% loam, 25% compost, 25% pete moss and 25% blond pete. My numbers are well over optimal and the reason for this is, I believe these plants are cable of taking what they need and only what they need. So if you have it in reserve, they will use it as they need, and when they need it. this will push the 3000 pound barrier. I do add mycorrhizae, and a few other items but more as a complete package to all the soil as apposed to just at vine burying. The pete moss is incredible for retaining nutrients and moisture and then releasing it, This is key to consistency for growth. I do add water soluable ferts and micronutrients at every watering. Bottom line, I do not think you can over feed these plants. I have tried over and over. All I get is incredible growth rates and never a stall from over feeding which would be visible in the leaves.
Monday, February 17 View Page
Now Co2 is it important?? YES BUT with an asterisk I have and will continue to use CO2. But I have figured out you need it for plant production, Not fruit growth. I shut my co2 off last year a few days before pollination, And that is in my books optimal. You need to get that plant as big as you can in as short of a window as you can. By doing this you have a plant uniform in health and especially in age. I think you need at least 85% of your plant pre pollination. When your fruit is 10 days old, your plant should be done. I let one side grow after, that's all. I have achieved 400 inches by day 40. My average is 10 inches a day. You do the math. This will easily put you on a path for 500 plus inches at day 65. This is when you need to back off. Haven't learnt that lesson yet, Still experimenting more to come
Saturday, March 7 View Page
Marv here is a pic you requested
Tuesday, May 19 View Page


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