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Thursday, May 30 View Page
First time AG grower. Growing Wallace seeds received as Christmas gift.
Saturday, June 8 View Page
9 days
Friday, June 28 View Page
A couple leaves folded in the storm the other day
Saturday, June 29 View Page
First female forming about 10í out!
Sunday, June 30 View Page
This morningís storm with 35-40mph gusts wrecked shop. Leaves folded and split, mains turned upside down etc. Obviously I didnít have it staked well enough. Trying the clothes hanger method and re-buried. Guess weíll see...
Wednesday, July 3 View Page
Recovering from the storm damage. First male flower today!
Sunday, July 7 View Page
The female at 10í didnít make it. There is another female forming about 15í on the main. Both plants are looking much better.
Sunday, July 7 View Page
The female at 10í didnít make it. There is another female forming about 15í on the main. Both plants are looking much better.
Sunday, July 7 View Page
Pic this morning
Sunday, July 14 View Page
5 lobe opened at 15í on the biggest plant. Pollinated x self. Hope it takes with the hot weather we are having...
Wednesday, July 17 View Page
3 DAP 15í main vine. Will probably have 3 more open tomorrow on secondaries. Itís been very hot and humid so keeping fingers crossed.
Wednesday, July 24 View Page
Plant seems to be growing well and producing a lot more females. Currently 4 fruit, 2 on main and 2 on secondaries. All 10 DAP or less.
Thursday, August 1 View Page
So while trying to move the pumpkin to be more perpendicular to the vine this happened. It was hot and I was trying to go slow over several days but...yeah. Not sure if I should cut it off and move on. Disappointing since it was just starting to really expand.
Thursday, August 1 View Page
Pasted with sulfur and I guess Iíll wait and see for now.
Monday, August 5 View Page
Hail and wind...3rd time this year. As a 1st timer it has definitely been a learning experience that this is not as easy as some growers make it look!
Friday, August 9 View Page
Got home tonight and saw an SVB on a leaf. Used my sons bug net to catch it but it was weird, it wouldnít fly but kept hopping. So I started checking every leaf and found 5 more in the patch. Killed them all but every one acted the same, maybe temperature related?
Wednesday, August 21 View Page
My biggest of the year so far OTT 165. Had to cut a borer out of the vine about 5í before the pumpkin. Growing slow but the vine has healed pretty well.
Thursday, August 22 View Page
My backup pumpkin growing on the first secondary. Much rounder shape, and its growing faster than the bigger one on the main. OTT 132
Friday, August 30 View Page
The smaller pumpkin around 80lb started rotting on the bottom so I cut it and applied Captan to hopefully safe it for display. The larger one seems to be doing well, OTT of 228! Iím very happy about the shape and color, just hoping it makes it!
Friday, September 13 View Page
The smaller pumpkin I tried to save rotted. The big one is now the only one left. OTT of 249 and looking solid!
Wednesday, October 9 View Page
Me and my assistant with our first AG that took 10th place at the Anoka Weigh Off! Ok...there were only 10 entries but still a great experience! Thanks to everyone who helped me and welcomed me at the weighoff. Final OTT 267.5, Final weight 475lb!


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