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Saturday, March 16 View Page
Jersey night at Lambeau Field tonight. I am representing the greatest Buffalo Bill of all-time. Jim Kelly.
Wednesday, March 20 View Page
The season officially started today as I was able to get a soil sample. This 14 inch soil probe is a very easy and consistent way to take a sample as you will have a true representation of your soil for analysis. I took 12 samples over 4,000 sq ft and will let it dry for a day or so before sending to Western Labs.
Wednesday, March 20 View Page
We had another 12 large White Pine trees removed this winter that will give us an additional 1.5 hrs of late day sun. Fellow pumpkin grower Alex Noel is using much of the lumber for projects around his home.
Wednesday, March 27 View Page
Joe and Steve stoped over this morning so we could organize and plan our greenhouse build for this year. We are only doing 4 plants this year. 4 will be more manageable than the 6-8 we have been doing. This will also allow 3 patches that will be cover cropped and rested setting up a nice rotation of patches.
Tuesday, April 2 View Page
Amending today where greenhouses will go. Hopefully will have houses up by end of the week.
Tuesday, April 2 View Page
Paps up from hibernation and back on the tractor! Tilled in 0-0-50, Kelp Meal, Humic/Fulvic Acid , Tiger 90 Sulfur, and Pro Mag.
Thursday, April 4 View Page
Greenhouse frames up today will finish tomorrow as it was too windy today. Only growing 4 plants this year.
Friday, April 5 View Page
Greenhouses up! Time to start seeds
Monday, April 29 View Page
Been a busy few weeks. Iíll catch everyone up on whatís been going on in the patch!! April 10th installed 24í soil heating cables using this jig Joe Jutras designed. Worked great as cables were very easy to install. Planting area soil went from 50 degrees to 70 degrees in a few days.
Monday, April 29 View Page
Finished photo of heating cables installed. I used the exact size pot that my plants will be transplanted in.
Monday, April 29 View Page
Bought this 13 x 33 greenhouse online for less than $500 delivered. Good quality just needs to really be anchored down very well. Itís not like the greenhouses we made last year but so far itís doing the job.
Monday, April 29 View Page
On a early April 60 degree day the temps soar inside the greenhouse. The soil was nice and dry inside the greenhouses for planting. Like many growers are April weather was not great as we set a RI record with 21 days of measurable rain.
Monday, April 29 View Page
Started 9 plants for 4 spots. Transplanted in 2 gallon pots and placed under an 8 bulb 4í T 5 light for 14 hrs a day. I find the plants grow best when the lights are 22Ē from the table. Temp at plants run about 80-85 degrees. I run a fan during some parts of the day when the temps get close to 85. These lights work great but can burn the plants very easily.
Monday, April 29 View Page
About a week before transplanting in greenhouses I will bring the plants out into the greenhouse to get some natural sun and cooler night temps. Using the T 5 lights the plants really adjust fast to the natural sun. The 4 chosen plants are 1911,1911,2170 and 1733
Monday, April 29 View Page
Transplanting day. We always transplant late in the day. First patch drink was Essential, Companion, Seaweed and Humic/Fulvic Acid.
Monday, April 29 View Page
Here is how we protect the plants at night. Cattle fence is turned into a mini Quonset Hut with a light bulb placed down as you donít want light on the plants at night. A sheet and a blanket goes over the hut.
Monday, April 29 View Page
Last night it got down to 31 degrees inside the greenhouses but 62 under the mini hut.
Monday, April 29 View Page
Pap tilling under a mowed cover crop of winter rye in preparation for Kodiak Mighty Mustard! This area will be next years patch.
Tuesday, April 30 View Page
When the plants outgrow the Quonset huts I switch to the Mr.Buddy heater. This is the set up for the smaller greenhouse on a normal low to mid 40ís night the heater on low will keep the greenhouse around 60 degrees. The fan behind it on low helps circulate the heat. We run the heater from midnight till 6:30 am.
Tuesday, April 30 View Page
Here is the big greenhouse heater set up. I have never had to run all 3 burners usually just 2 on the low setting with the fan running behind it is more than enough.
Tuesday, April 30 View Page
Put in a backup plant today (1928 ) just Incase one plant looks like it might give me some trouble.
Monday, May 6 View Page
I could use a few more testers for my new Starter Paks. If you are going to grow any flowers, vegetables or herbs of any kind in the following size pots please let me know if you are interested. Ron@wallacewow.com 1 Gallon 2 Gallon 5 Gallon 15 Gallon or bigger. I will be sending out the Starter Paks for this trial in a day or so. Thank you!


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