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Sunday, May 19 View Page
Hello everyone this is our first entry ,so here goes this is the 2152 Gantner the only pumpkin in my greenhouse. The plan is to self the plant to hopefully get a big orange beauty the set ups we are using included heating cables under the plant and a mini greenhouse with a heat lamp to keep warm at night. All of this is in a large greenhouse with roll upsides and the ability to allow the plant to grow out one side.
Saturday, June 1 View Page
Here’s our 2152 Gantner about 8 feet now, side vines are making good progress. Very beautiful plant big thanks to mark mixes and Ron Wallace for the evening so far.
Wednesday, June 5 View Page
Our 2152 Gantner is just awesome plant no problems so far nock on wood not counting my chickens and all that good stuff. I have been burying the main and just started burying the secondary’s.
Wednesday, June 19 View Page
The 2152 Gantner is off and running I would say we’re 14 feet wide by 14 long there are two pumpkins on the main hopefully going to get a successful pollination on the second one. That would give me 20 secondary’s in front of the pumpkin.
Wednesday, June 19 View Page
Just got back our tissue test from what I been told it’s not to bad just have a little tweaking to do, we will make necessary changes and retest in a couple weeks.
Sunday, June 23 View Page
Here’s the 2152 Gantner secondary’s starting to out grow the greenhouse. Going to let all secondary’s grow this way to maximize plant size.
Monday, June 24 View Page
Pollination of the 2152 Gantner at 6:38 am 60 degrees and cloudy, as you can see she is a 5 lobed and on the main vine. This hopefully is the back up to the next I hope to pollinate later this week which is also on the main vine.
Monday, June 24 View Page
Her she is again just closed up.
Wednesday, June 26 View Page
Good morning here is a weekly updated photo of the 2152 Gantner as you can see she has that beautiful Christmas tree pattern going and she is about 17 feet wide buy 15+ feet long.
Wednesday, June 26 View Page
In this picture is the second female on the main, this is the one I want as long as everything is right with her. This would put me at 14+ feet with 20 side vines 10 on each side. I do have another female at the end of the main as well so that would give me three chances to get on to take (fingers crossed) :)
Friday, June 28 View Page
Pollinated this beautiful 6 lobed female this morning hopefully this will be the one. I do have another one yet to pollinate on the main, this would make 3 so far
Wednesday, July 3 View Page
Here’s a weekly plant update every things still looks good, will be doing another tissue test today just to see if my changes have made any difference.
Wednesday, July 3 View Page
This is 5 Dap on the six lobed female of the 2152 Gantner I culled the one in front her and just pollinated the one behind which was a deformed 6 lobed one as well see next picture
Wednesday, July 3 View Page
Deformed 6 lobed female
Thursday, July 4 View Page
Found and killed two of these suckers today, even though I spray merit it makes a person nervous so I watered some merrit through my irrigation system as well. My thoughts are if I spray anything that comes in contact with the leaves will die and if I water it in the plant will absorb through the roots for a more systemic approach.
Monday, July 8 View Page
Ok so I had a big set back I cut the secondary and leaf/tendril to close to my ideal pumpkin set on my main vine in doing so rot began to form right at the joint of pumpkin stem and main vine. So I removed infected part of the main vine and kin. I am left with about 15 feet of main and 18 secondary’s. So the big question is were to set my next pumpkin lucky enough the last 3 secondary's all had female blossoms. In the next 3 photos you wil;l all see what I have to work with and advise or thought would be great I have posted this question on the general discussion board.
Monday, July 8 View Page
The previous picture is the left side of plant this is middle inside greenhouse
Monday, July 8 View Page
This is right side of the plant
Saturday, July 13 View Page
Ok back in service after a slight delay, after having to terminate my main vine I almost threw in the towel I was very angry with myself after making the most silly of mistakes. With that said since my last post I have pollinated 6 female blossoms three 4 lobed and three 5 lobed, 3 on each side of the plant. All six were pollinated in 3 days so hopefully this will make it easier to chose which one to keep. To be honest one on the left had seeds in the blossom a five lobed and anther on the left side a 4 lobed was a little weird but not bad. I also may have the chance to pollinate one more on my new main tomorrow. The cross on all these is the 2152 Gantner x 1878.5 leer, you may ask why cross the Gantner well I over groomed the plant not thinking I was going to need all those males (WRONG) lucky a fellow grower 10 minutes from was growing the leer so I will keep the genetics orange. Hopefully all goes right now and I can make it to a weigh-off and have a new personal best.


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