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Monday, May 20 View Page
Season is earnestly underway. First order of business is to take care of the dogs and keep them from barking with a new pair of pumpkin shoes. New shoes are waterproof hiking boots and they are really comfortable.
Tuesday, May 21 View Page
So many northerners/westerners griping about their weather, that I thought I would share the opposite gripe. It is getting too hot, too quickly. We were having lows in the upper 40s just a couple weeks ago. Now, the forecast is for 95-97 highs starting on Saturday. Every regions has its hurdles.
Thursday, July 4 View Page
Good news and really bad news. I have pumpkins set on each of my plants which is good. However, Western Labs has confirmed that I have a bacterial leaf disease on both of my plants. One of my plants has lost 80% of its leaves and its beautiful set orange pumpkin has not grown in over a week. I am probably going to pull the plant this weekend but I am holding out for proof that the pumpkin is rotting. But I am not sure what the point is trying to get a pumpkin to hang in there in July.
Thursday, July 4 View Page
My second plant is my only real hope for saving my season. I have lost about 30% of the leaves due to the bacterial leaf infection, but the plant continues to grow well as does the pumpkin. I have decided not to remove the tertiary vines. My thinking is that I need every healthy leaf that I can get. I want to thank Western Labs and their disease guy Harry, who has talked with me over the phone and sent me two emails concerning my situation and recommended treatment. I would never have imagined that they would be so supportive, especially since I am truly a non-heavy hitter grower and a new customer. It just goes to show that they are a first class operation. Below is a pic of my last hope for a decent season.
Thursday, July 11 View Page
So this is what it looks like when your last surviving pumpkin gets run over by a car. Some years are just not meant to be, lol. I guess my next post will be about mustard growing in my patch for next year.
Saturday, July 13 View Page
Picture says it all. I will still never understand why my wife's friend would jump from a car with a working brake, but such is life. At least no one was hurt and the car is not in need of repair. Of course, no one was hurt because no one was in it which I guess is not any stranger than a car in my pumpkin patch.


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