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Sunday, February 24 View Page
As we approach the start of the 2019 season, we're buried in snow. The Twin Cities average 7.7 inches in February. MSP has measured 35.7”, or the 6th snowiest month of all time. The public schools have had 10 days off this month (between snow days, cold days, holidays, and in-services). To say that I have cabin fever now would be an understatement. Auction season is wrapping up and my lineup is crystallizing. 2019 is probably going to be a year of growing big and orange from the 1810 Werner lineage. Here’s hoping we thaw out soon.
Thursday, March 21 View Page
The snow was well over my knees in the back yard when I was last out there on 3/10. Left for 10 days for work/vacation and the soil is making an appearance again. Spring-like weather for the foreseeable future. Also, it is sugaring season! Only tapping my black walnut this year.
Sunday, March 24 View Page
3 of 6 test seeds have germinated after 48 hours. Going to see how they do with the new grow light and have them start some mycorrhizae growing for the real plants in a few weeks.
Sunday, March 31 View Page
Test plants are all up. The back yard is 90% thawed. Unfortunately the temps for the last few days have been mid 30s, maybe 40. Everything is still a sloppy mess out back. Hoped to do soil sampling today, but will wait a few days to see if it dries any more. Few flakes flew today, but otherwise it's been dry for the last 16 or so days.
Saturday, April 6 View Page
We've just broken a little mini drought. Had close to 20 days without precipitation. This prevented area flooding from being even worse than it was as all our snow melted. Unfortunately, we didn't really get enough heat to dry out the garden properly before I pulled dirt for a soil sample Wednesday. Submitted the sample yesterday, nearly an inch of rain when I woke this morning.
Saturday, April 6 View Page
Inspired by others, trying to germinate my 1810. Its a little earlier than I had planned, but will give it 4 days and will decide who else to start if/when it starts.
Wednesday, April 10 View Page
Winter is back, celebrating by starting seeds makes sense?
Friday, April 12 View Page
Soil test results back. Time to make the amendment plan/order stuff up. Who knows when the patch will be workable, need to thaw again...
Saturday, April 13 View Page
Spring is really trying to assert itself. Getting some sun today-- the rays are the same intensity as late August. The snow is off color due to a dust storm in Texas, which should help accelerate the melt. I bet well be clear in the garden again by Monday.
Saturday, April 13 View Page
The test plants started on 3/22. Could do better, added heat pad about half way through their grow. Hope they got the myko established in the starter mix.
Saturday, April 13 View Page
4/5 seeds have germinated and were showing root tips after 60 hours. Baggie method, sanded and soaked for 1 hr in water plus a little neptunes harvest seaweed. No special incubator, just have all the starts in the furnace room which is averaging about 75 degrees. 2X 1937 Werner, 1933.5 stelts, and 1656 Stelts have all been moved to the 2 gallon grow bags.
Saturday, April 13 View Page
1673 stelts is up at 72 hrs.
Saturday, April 20 View Page
Took advantage of the beautiful sun to get the starts some proper spectrum. Hope Easter is amendment day. Added 600 lbs of composted cow manure to the patch today, will till it and the rest in if the weather holds.
Sunday, April 21 View Page
Woke up to rain showers this AM. Thankfully it didnt amount to much. However, since 0.5 forecast for tomorrow, pulled the trigger with the amendments I have on hand. Still waiting on copper sulfate. Heating cables in the dirt. Plan to give them a week so to heat things up. Also got the rain barrels installed again.
Tuesday, April 23 View Page
Looks like we'll have a couple half way decent days and then it'll cool off over the weekend. Solution? 1 of 4 plants (1937 Werner) hit the dirt today and will get a lot of TLC and monitoring. The other 3 will have more space inside and will likely go out towards the end of next week.
Friday, April 26 View Page
The one outside is doing well. Weather is going to crash tomorrow (sorry to WI neighbors with snow in the forecast). Temps have been holding in the hot ok overnight with the bulb going. Will probably leave everything tucked in until Sunday at least.
Friday, April 26 View Page
Here are the rest of the starts. They won't go out until next Wed or Thurs at the earliest.
Sunday, April 28 View Page
I had a temperature logger lying around so I stuck it in the cloche. It's been informative the last few days. 1) The temp spikes are from when the logger way at the top of the cloche, near the plastic, baking when the sun is out. I've since lowered the probe so it's in a more central location. However, my plant's first leaves got some sunburn last year even with the "doors" open, and this tells me why. 2) Big AM temperature drops are when I remove the blanket and switch off the light in the morning. Delaying the "unveiling" the last few days has helped eliminate the big dip. 3) Overnight temps have been satisfactory. Soil temp is holding around 75 and am not particularly worried about not making it through this cold spell. Plants are putting up their second leaves and look generally healthy. The 1937 that is outside is looking a little yellow, probably could use some more direct light. Of the indoor starts, strength of seedling is 1656 > 1933 > 1937.
Wednesday, May 1 View Page
Forecast high was around 50, but I don't know that we cracked 45 today. 20 degrees lower than the average May 1 high temp. Planted 1937 soldiers on regardless, but I wish I left the light on today. Of the three still in grow bags, I'm a bit worried about the 1933.5. All 3 of the other clearly have 2nd leaves now while it has a nub.
Saturday, May 4 View Page
Hopefully warmer temps have arrived effective today. All of the plants are in the ground now. 2X 1937 Werner share one corner of the plot, the 1933 and 1656 Stelts are in the opposite. Watered in with a little Neptune's Harvest.
Tuesday, May 7 View Page
We've had half-way decent conditions since Saturday--or at least sun and highs in the upper 50s to mid 60s. It's been enough that the plants are starting to ramp up a bit in their hot houses. 1937 Werner shown. Unfortunately tomorrow sounds like it'll be cool, wet, and generally miserable out so may not even uncover. Hopefully we'll rebound by the weekend and start heading to the 70s.
Saturday, May 11 View Page
Cool week, but it looks like the weather will be turning a corner next week. At least the plants won't have to worry about transplant shock. Shown are the Stelts plants. 1656 is a bit ahead, but is a bit closer to the heat lamp in the tunnel. 1933 skipped the 2nd leaf, had 3rd, 4th, 5th all at once.
Saturday, May 11 View Page
Two 1937 werners in the other corner. The bigger of the two (and one planted earlier) us shown. I'm probably two weeks ahead of last year. Looking forward to getting the plants all more sun and heat.
Saturday, May 18 View Page
Woke up to thunder, hail, and close to an inch of rain. If it's going to hail, let it happen now while the plants are still sheltered. 2 to 4" of rain forecast this weekend. Hopefully this is the last of the cooler weather.


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