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Monday, January 28 View Page
How can you tell how heavy a chili pepper is? Give it a weigh, give it a weigh, give it a weigh now...
Friday, February 22 View Page
Hey Wixom! It's my first vasectomy, how'd I do??
Friday, February 22 View Page
but, but.. that's not a Colossal variety! what is going on here??
Wednesday, March 13 View Page
Just for fun winter grow. A whopper. I can't believe someone grew a sakurajima to almost 70#.
Thursday, May 2 View Page
907 Young was 1st selection, 2nd was 341 uow House. 907 didn't germ, so 341 it is! I have one more 907 I'll try next year.
Sunday, May 5 View Page
Transplanted 5.95 and 7.1 Foss, BG, roselle, tall SF. waiting on LGs to pop.
Monday, May 20 View Page
What a difference a year (and a little soil prep) makes. Happy for now but with 95 degrees forecasted this week already I'm not sure how I'll ever set a pumpkin this summer.
Thursday, May 23 View Page
Poppies. Figured out the trick, seed in the fall.
Thursday, May 23 View Page
341 House. Very happy with this plant
Thursday, May 30 View Page
Big Marley. Tip for you newbies, mix some Rogaine into your fertilizer rotation.
Monday, June 10 View Page
Rutabaga. Goal is only to keep from rotting/bolting
Monday, June 10 View Page
unofficial 150 sqft plant
Monday, June 10 View Page
Reisetomate. I've had my eye of these for years, love the backstory. Thanks to whoever had these in the seed exchange.
Wednesday, June 19 View Page
patch "helper" impeding my progress for unloading pumpkin boards.
Wednesday, June 19 View Page
Jupiter and its 4 moons visible last weekend. Taken through telescope so a little blurry.
Wednesday, June 19 View Page
Feeling so inadequate...
Wednesday, June 19 View Page
Probable fusarium wilt in tomato patch. Pulled 2 plants so far. Note to myself to solarize and don't plant here next year. Need to start round 2.
Monday, June 24 View Page
I can't find a record for these, so here you go THE NEW WR LONG SWEET PEPPER!!! It's that easy, right??
Tuesday, June 25 View Page
......Whistle thing
Thursday, June 27 View Page
My existing tomato chart only goes to 26". Could be a problem.
Friday, June 28 View Page
My secondary on the 341 House.
Friday, June 28 View Page
The 90s were a little crazy
Sunday, June 30 View Page
Makin culls. Never easy!
Monday, July 1 View Page
Team Swamp Donkeys take the lead! Err, wasn't that our name Wile?
Monday, July 1 View Page
65 vester. Having a blast this year between these, the cukes, and a mystery plant that will be revealed end of season (look out Mr. Glazebrook). Makes me want to get a pair of wixom's MC Hammer pants and dance.
Thursday, July 4 View Page
uh oh...
Thursday, July 4 View Page
Looks like we're going with 14 pounds on this one!
Thursday, July 4 View Page
Remy gives it his stamp of approval.
Friday, July 12 View Page
I always thought the smell of squishing a squash bug between your fingers was the worst in the garden. I stand corrected.
Friday, July 12 View Page
Post peroxide and sulfur treatment. No idea what I'm doing but it seemed like the right thing to do. I hate pumpkins.
Thursday, July 18 View Page
Not many blossoms these days. Bee orgy. I swear I heard one ask me 'you down to slaaang?'
Monday, July 29 View Page
After witnessing my pumpkin melt like the wicked witch, I've decided to look at the upside. So much more time for other things, like experimenting with 12,000 year old fence technology.
Monday, July 29 View Page
PB, 3.82#
Monday, July 29 View Page
2.86 pounder, probably over 3 before it leaked everywhere. ain't nobody got time for 2 pounders on Team Swamp Things.
Monday, July 29 View Page
26# of 65 Vester. Split its bottom out like a redneck at golden corral...
Monday, July 29 View Page
The King of my jungle.
Thursday, August 1 View Page
Longest gourd of the season broke last night in a small storm. Par for the course.
Friday, August 2 View Page
No takers on my watermelon model data gathering? Whatever, I'll just do some temperature and precipitation modeling. I'm seeing a sharp uptick in growth since the temperature dropped from the high 90s to current levels. The inch of rain on the last decent rain helped too. Guess I'm underwatering. Aside from this data, the larger plant size on CC2 seemed to give it a nicer growth rate (obviously) off the bat.
Wednesday, August 14 View Page
Just like I tell my wife: Your backup choice isn't always the worst...
Monday, September 2 View Page
Porkchop. I think Remy is sweet on Sadie. Said 'check out my ups gurllll'.
Monday, September 9 View Page
Downy mildew 1, me 0. Culled a 100# melon.
Monday, September 9 View Page
Fall season is in the air. Happy Aubergine-ween from our family to yours.
Monday, September 23 View Page
Esheel, I think we were talking about 'second round' on plants. Here is mine. Multiply by 2 to get a good grower's weight. Round 1 was a monster caterpillar that I lost to BER. Might be a good idea for southern growers. Set one early, let it suffer/rest through July, then set another mid August.
Friday, October 11 View Page
Yet another lesson learned. I'm getting so smart this year...
Friday, November 1 View Page
shot of the patch. Wixom promised me I'd get over 4# with his top secret method. He owes me.


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