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Saturday, April 20 View Page
Everyone is posting things about planting and tilling, and I'm over here like... "Hey, the robins are back"!
Saturday, April 20 View Page
Year 2 The robin picture was last week, and that's pretty much all melted now. Last year was my first year growing. I tried to grow 2 for size and 2 orange, along with about an acre of decorative pumpkins, gourds, sunflowers, etc. I made a TON of mistakes and learned an equal amount of lessons. On top of that, my area was brutally dry for the majority of the summer. I don't have a watering system, and the top 2 inches of soil were basically powder the entire summer. My year 1 goal was 500 pounds. Even with a ton of issues and a dry summer I hit 557 pounds, and grew a beautiful looking 467 pound orange. I beat my co-worker, who also had never done it before, so all in all a good year. This year's plan is 2 pumpkins instead of 4, and I'm not planting anything else that will drain my time. No field pumpkins, no gourds, no sunflowers, no corn. I'm going to start 2 for size and 2 for orange, and hopefully plant the fastest growing of each. I also have a way to water easier. It's not a sprinkler system, but much improved over last year. YEAR 2 GOAL: 1,000 Pounds The 4 seeds I am starting today are in the picture, felt like I needed to stay with WI seeds this year. Picked up the 4 pack from Shannon's website for the Engel seeds, and got the other two from the WGPG seed distribution. That's worth the price of the membership alone! Size: 1708.5 Faust and 2004 VanderWielen Orange: 1048 Engel and 1374 Engel Been a slow warm up for the WI spring, but ready to get going today!


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