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Thursday, June 6 View Page
I dont have a big garden, but still growing AG's. All three are starting to get female blossoms. Getting warm here in Virginia. Plants are looking healthy, and growing like crazy.
Thursday, June 6 View Page
First 2 are from my ponder from last year.
Thursday, June 6 View Page
This is from my seeds last year as well.
Thursday, June 6 View Page
My Big Zac. 3.38 Borgers
Thursday, June 6 View Page
Plants have very thick main stems. Need to beat my personal best.
Thursday, June 6 View Page
Think this one will do it. The blossom was 3 times bigger than the others.
Monday, June 17 View Page
My own seed 9 days old.
Saturday, June 22 View Page
14 days DAP. Pollinated June 8.
Wednesday, June 26 View Page
19 DAP. Measuring approximately 105 lbs.
Saturday, June 29 View Page
21 days DAP. Measuring 196 inches. 169 lbs
Sunday, July 7 View Page
Day 29. OTT 243.. approx 310 lbs. Beat my personal best of 200 last year. Hopefully it keeps 26 lbs a day going for a few more days. I'm just growing in my back yard and not covering the vines up this year. Still keeping up with nutrients and fungicides.
Friday, July 12 View Page
Dap 34. Measures OTT 259 inches. 373 lbs. I'm an amateur at this and just doing less than I did last year. Maybe the weather has been perfect this year and I'm not over doing the ferts. Taking better care of trimming and fungicides. Keeping the stump and stem dryer. I didnt bury vines this year. Might be better for the 95 degree temps we have here in Virginia. Be nice to get over 400 pounds. I know most of you grow in green houses and polly tunnels. I'm just growing in my back yard. One thing we all have in common, my neighbors think I'm nuts, but the all come over to look. Lol. Good luck everyone!
Saturday, July 20 View Page
Day 42... Measuring 467 pounds today. Still growing, but slowing down.
Saturday, July 27 View Page
This is my best Zac. Still green and growing. Looks like a double.
Saturday, July 27 View Page
This is another double on the first truss that looks promising. Trying to get past 3 pounds a least would be my personal best
Saturday, August 3 View Page
This Zac is taping 20 inches. Could beat my personal best if everything goes ok.
Saturday, August 3 View Page
This one is grown from my seeds from last years 200 lb kin. Kind of growing upside down, so had to prop it up with a 4x4. OTT 282. 518 lbs on the new chart.
Saturday, August 3 View Page
Day 54. Dont think its growing anymore. Been taping the same OTT 285 for the last week. It's got a really good shape and color. So far this is my personal best, and for growing in my back yard on the lawn, I'm pretty happy. I did not bury vines this year or use a lot of ferts. Did a few foliar sprays for fungus and bugs. Put a fan this year on the stem, and tried to keep it loose to avoid the splits I had last year.
Thursday, August 15 View Page
Here are my two entries for the tomato contest. 2.66 lbs and 2.53 lbs. Been a tough year and was hoping to get over 3 lbs, but not this year. I dont see any other tomatoes that have any potential.


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