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Wednesday, January 2 View Page
Welcome 2019! The patch is all planted up with rye and ready to go.
Wednesday, January 2 View Page
This year I am starting a second patch and have put down a thick hay/straw mulch over the winter.
Thursday, January 3 View Page
We have plenty of compost in the making.
Thursday, January 3 View Page
Here is the potential seed line up for the year. As always, the final selection depends on a lot of factors.
Tuesday, March 12 View Page
Other seed options for 2019: 900 HWT 2018 (1761 Cutrupi x 2145 McMullen) 1752 HWT 2018 (2261 Wallace x 2145 Mcmullen) 1747 HWT 2017 (1975 Wallace x 2145 Mcmullen) 1078 HWT 2018 (1747 HWT 2017x 2145 McMullen) 1032 Stoeckl (1747 HWT 2017x 2145 McMullen)
Monday, March 25 View Page
My daughter started these (UK grown) seeds today. I know it's a little early but she just couldn't wait to get started and it's warm and sunny. [Correction on the previous post: it is the 990.8 Heavy West 2018 (1871.7 Cutrupi x 2145 McMullen)]
Tuesday, April 9 View Page
Here are the first ones, ready to go out tomorrow.
Wednesday, April 10 View Page
Has anyone encountered the mottled appearance of the 1032 before? The 990 (1871 Cutrupi x 2145 McMullen) is looking the best so far.
Monday, April 15 View Page
3 x 2070, 1984, 1945 and 1752 are in the ground. Backup plants are still under the lights. After frost the last three nights it looks like we have some warmer weather ahead (the temps are in Celsius).
Monday, May 6 View Page
Here are the 1984 and 2070 Paton. Still not sure which one to keep. Identical genetics and near identical quality.
Monday, May 6 View Page
The 1798 was started a little later but is doing fine. I hope to use this one as a pollinator as it was quite heavy to chart.
Monday, May 6 View Page
The main plant is in the middle with a pollinator plant in the corner. I have started another patch this year but there is nothing too exciting to see there yet.


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