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Saturday, February 16 View Page
These pine berries/white strawberryís came in the mail today and I didnít expect them to come like this. Do any of you have experience with this and know what to do? What should I do with them to get them to start growing? They donít look to healthy
Wednesday, February 20 View Page
Test germinating some seeds. I got this plastic box and heat mat from wallace wow and it stays at a constant 85. I donít have to worry about temperature spikes now!
Friday, February 22 View Page
5/6 of my practice plants are up after 3 days. Now Iím keeping them at 70 degrees under the grow light 14 hours a day
Sunday, March 3 View Page
Hereís my test plant 12 days since the seed was planted and 9 days since it came out of the ground. When I planted it into the bigger pot I put dirt all the way up to the cots and the. The next day it grew 2 inches out of the dirt again. The plant seems a little flimsy but Iím not experienced with plants this size. What can I do to fix this? Iíve heard of a fan is there anything else? Email me at pumpkins044@gmail.com if you have any ideas thanks
Sunday, March 10 View Page
This is my plant 17 days out of the ground itís crazy how healthy this plant is when all I have right now is 1 2ft t5 light. Iím ordering a couple more for my real plants.
Wednesday, March 13 View Page
This is the practice plant 19 days out of the ground under one t5 light bulb it out grew the box. I didnít feed this anything but water and a little bit of humic/ fulvic at the beginning of its life.


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