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Sunday, January 6 View Page
Planted the 6.52 la rue 5 days ago! Planted it when the cots were still in the seed but just coming out. Very slow to start off but now Iím seeing a bit of a speed up
Friday, January 18 View Page
6.52 la rue is doing great! The ph a few days ago was sky high so I had to empty all the water and refill the bucket with plain water. Sheís already looking much better. Really starting to grow now. I hope to get a tomato before mid February
Friday, January 18 View Page
Some nice roots developing!
Monday, January 21 View Page
I will be headed to green bay for the big show in March! Excited to meet everyone that Iíve talked to on BP
Wednesday, January 23 View Page
Every few days I am giving the 6.52 la rue some jacks classic. About a tablespoon.
Sunday, January 27 View Page
Went snowboarding today in NH. Blizzard conditions during the afternoon. I will post pics tomorrow. Took a tramway up. Donít you just love getting motion sickness? Ugh it sucks
Monday, January 28 View Page
Well . Now Iím caught with a little bit of the flu. Thatís great! I do believe yesterdayís motion sickness was separate from this. Much more symptoms with this flu. Hopefully it goes away soon! :)
Tuesday, February 5 View Page
Giant tomato update! 6.52 la rue is doing great. Iím liking the color on it. The LED light is really doing its job. Iím hoping to get a tomato pollinated by February 15th. I donít see any yet but Hopefully within the next 5 days I see one
Tuesday, February 5 View Page
Iím impressed with the roots on the giant tomato. Itís really amazing what hydroponics can do
Tuesday, February 5 View Page
Cherry tomato doing great! Very stiff plant. Nice thick stem. Iím liking the color
Tuesday, February 5 View Page
Second cherry tomato is doing great also. So far everything is growing good
Sunday, February 10 View Page
Giant tomato is doing great! She is getting tall. The issue I had last year now that I remember itís this seed is the flowers. The genetics donít seem to want to produce for some reason. I do see 1 flower in there thatís pretty small. Hopefully I pollinate by February 20-25. Not much time for the indoor winter tomato challenge but I will be happy to just get a tomato.
Sunday, February 10 View Page
Almost killed her. Bucket was half full when I checked it, it was full two days ago. Good thing the roots weíre still moist. Drinking a lot!
Friday, February 22 View Page
Giant tomato update! She is doing great in the hydroponics. Very bushy plant. This plant does have trouble with producing flowers. Itís gotta be the genetics but Iíve got two singles that will be opening in a few days, Winter challenge ends March 20th, I feel I should have just enough time to get a decent tomato if these pollinations take.
Friday, February 22 View Page
Picture with out the light on
Friday, February 22 View Page
Here are the two single blossoms. Definitely should be opening in the next 2-4 days. I will choose the best looking one.
Friday, February 22 View Page
Hard to see but the roots are now in the entire bucket. Very hard to fertilize the plant. I have to take it out and itís very very heavy and mix all the ferts. Feeding every 3 days with some kelp and some jacks classic 20, 20, 20
Friday, February 22 View Page
Really liking the overall health on the plant


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