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Saturday, May 11 View Page
Thanks to Reed for the Foss seedling, and thanks to Bill for distributing his pumpkins! My original seeds did not take, so good to have help.
Saturday, May 18 View Page
Making a bigger home for a Foss baby. After walking around, decided to move 5 yards of soil into the open walkways. Gotta use all the space.
Saturday, May 25 View Page
20x20 patch. Planted foss pipsqueek with some goodies. Kids ate dirt. Ill take that in place of a soil sample.
Sunday, June 2 View Page
I missed some garlic last year...it will be super interesting to see how many heads of garlic sprout from this, since each head is at least 5 new heads. What can i say, im firing the three kids that helped.
Friday, July 5 View Page
Drip tape installed. I feel like a real pumpkin grower. Killed a squash vine borer with my bare hands but broke a leaf doing so. Watch out bugs, I'll take a leaf out to get you.
Thursday, July 11 View Page
Funny thing happened. I couldn't get a shovel into the 4x8 raised bed behind the pumpkin to transplant that volunteer tomato at the front of the main vine. So I thought it was a wooden brace. So I moved the shovel over a foot. Again the shovel wouldn't break through like it was a bog. Finally the shovel cut through a mat of thick white roots. Oops. Dang pumpkin found the chicken manure I was letting cool off for next year, and really likes it hot.
Friday, July 19 View Page
Svb s make me want to break international laws against chemical warfare. Does anyone do all organic pest and disease control? I want to, because the leaves look healthier before a chemical applications, and I sure it messes with the michorizal network. My giant carrot has some rot issues with the heavy rains...but that's been my way of learning...failure.


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