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Monday, April 15 View Page
The giant cabbage were planted about 1 month ago. Every year they damped off. I had 5 seed left and planted all hoping one would make it.
Wednesday, May 29 View Page
My squash. 753 (left)MacDonald vs 1701 Jutras(right). The 753 was the best looking plant two weeks ago, then decided to be a bush plant. 1701 was a backup planted ten days later and has grown the best in the hoops of all the plants in this cold wet spring.
Wednesday, May 29 View Page
2017 Boyce(right) vs 2363 Holland. I am struggling on choosing this one. The Holland is longer but with a smaller stem and leaves. The Boyce is shorter, but with larger leaves and a monster thick main vine. Is also has better color.
Wednesday, May 29 View Page
1501 vs 1501. My two biggest plants. This is going to a tough call, but one I need to make this week. My plants have confused me a lot this year. I also plant one plant in the hoops around May 1st, and the second 4-7 days later. Normally the early or the late out performs the other. This year two early, and two late are the leaders.
Wednesday, May 29 View Page
The runts of the pack. 1224 Macdonald(right) vs 1442 MacDonald(left). The 1224 is the leader at the moment. This year is conspiring against this spot. It is the only spot with heat lamps instead of heating cables. Last year, dryer and warmer, the heat lamps out preformed the soil cables. This year that is not the case. Also I have in the past planted on the other side of the patch because it is dryer, the patch has had standing water a few times over the last few weeks. Compared to last year, I am a few weeks behind. I had 10-12 foot long mains and the hoops off by this point. We are looking at 4 next gets in the 40ís in the next ten. We will see what happens.
Monday, June 17 View Page
Pollinated a nice one on the 2363 Holland. No female flowers on my 4 competition plants the same as last year. I did the year plant my backups just for flowers. Glad I did.
Monday, June 17 View Page
Tomatoes are coming along nicely. Porkchop needs to be very afraid ;)
Thursday, June 20 View Page
1501 is at about 15 feet and there is a female. The plants are slow but steady


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