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Monday, April 1 View Page
I just got home today from out west. Look what was waiting for me at the post office. Yea,,, Itís that time of year again. I initially thought thereíd be a couple ft of snow in the pumpkin patch, not so thank goodness.Iím getting an earlier start this year, hoops will be up by the end of the week.
Saturday, April 6 View Page
Started seeds today. Sanded edges and put them to soak. Iím not certain Iíll get any of my 1237s to germinate. I only had a dozen seeds or so that may or may not be mature enough. Fingers crossed
Sunday, April 7 View Page
I had just mentioned in a post about improvising or making do without. Well hereís a picture of my pumpkin seeds incubator. Lol. I canít afford a plant heating pad let alone a store bought incubator system. This is nothing more than a cooler with a light bulb and an electric baseboard heater thermostat. The thermostat I took off the wall in the basement bedroom that I donít use. I have it set where comes on at 85 and off at 90. Soil temp 88. Iíve been using it since I started.
Monday, April 8 View Page
2.5 days and we have action
Monday, April 8 View Page
Itís been 2 days since I sanded edges and soaked for 8 hrs. Tomorrow day 3 theyíll go from my make shift incubator into 2 gal pots I cut in half and into this contraption. I have 2 lights, one is Led the other a plain 40 watt fluorescent bulb type. That thing on the end is my fan which came from an old computer someone gave me.
Sunday, April 14 View Page
Itís been 8 days, all seems to be ok. I have backups for 1237, 1629, and 1921.5. My backup for the 2528 is a 2004.
Friday, May 24 View Page
I guess itís time to post pics of my kin. Their slowly coming along. Itís so cold here I canít hardly blame them. I had ordered 3 400 watt heaters all 3 donít even turn on. So Iím doing the best I can with what I have. Hopefully soon things will warm up. It could be worse, weíve been fortunate enough not having all the rain like many are dealing with right now, or snow for that matter. On the brighter side. We are getting some much needed rain today.
Friday, May 24 View Page
Things hopefully will pick up if we could only get some warm weather.
Thursday, May 30 View Page
Yesterdayís high forecast for to day was 68, it reached 93, with 107 inside the mini with white sheets covering the plants. I removed the 10íX10 hoops early afternoon. This is the current temps out side temp is inside the mini hoops with sheets covering.
Thursday, May 30 View Page
Covered mini hoops.Saved the day
Thursday, May 30 View Page
Plants are still surviving
Friday, June 7 View Page
Blistering hot out today, winds 30+ gusts to 45. I checked top soil temp 115.4 degrees. I put up wind breaks early this morning knowing it was going to be a tough day for the plants. Also put white sheets over top. I donít have shade cloth sheets are working fine. The only cloud cover we have is the dust blowing in the air.
Friday, June 21 View Page
Pollinated my 1237 6/20/19 at 13ft. 11 secondaries on one side only 8 on the other, so to make up for it, Iím growing tertiary off first 2 secondaries and fill in the bare spots.
Friday, June 21 View Page
I pollinated my 1629 6/17/19 at 10 ft out. Probably wonít keep it. Another will open in a few days at 13 to 14 ft.
Monday, June 24 View Page
Pollinated 1921.5 Carrer this morning at 12ft. Crossed it with 1629 Carrier.
Monday, June 24 View Page
I pollinated 1237 Carrier X Self 6/20/19 at 13ft. I have 11 secondaries on one side and 8 secondaries on the other, the first 3 secondaries coming off the main on the left side didnít grow. So, to balance things out this is what I did. I turned the first secondary terminated the the end. Terminating the end kick started the 3 tertiary vines to grow. Now, Iíll grow these out. At the end of the secondary is the 4th tertiary which will continue as a secondary. Anyone confused yet Lol
Tuesday, June 25 View Page
Pollinated 2528 Geddes this morning at 13ft. X 1237 Carrier
Friday, June 28 View Page
Pollinated a nice 5 lobe 13.5 ft on my 1629 with my 1237. This should be the last of my pollinations. Second one on this plant. Not even July yet, so Iím feeling pretty good about starting early this year. Last year my first Pollination was June 30th which I lost. All my others were July 8th or later.
Sunday, June 30 View Page
My grandchildren came up with the names again this year. There some good ones.
Tuesday, July 9 View Page
Growing slow, Iíll be starting to terminate secondaries tomorrow on this plant thatíll start to pick up the pace, (I hope) still lots of fill in to do before I reach 800 square ft though.
Tuesday, July 9 View Page
This is my year before last year seed. It weighed in 11% heavy, Iím thinking by the shape again itíll do the same. Long way to go though.
Tuesday, July 9 View Page
Iím not too fond of the blossom dipping downward. Iíve been slowly tipping the front up to hopefully just keep it level. I like the shape otherwise. This is my last years pumpkin seed (2363X2363)
Tuesday, July 9 View Page
This ones right on pace with the mother kin, good shape. Already started terminating secondaries but like the others still lots of fill in to do.
Thursday, July 11 View Page
Small verses big
Sunday, July 14 View Page
Growing right along. She has a very similar shape as her mother.
Monday, July 15 View Page
The 2528 (Big Fat KiKi) turned 20 days old today. She started out real slow, but has been adding up the numbers fast. Sheís gained 26.5 inches OTT in the last 48 hrs. She has the block shape which I like. My 1921.5 was shaped like that. CC-58.5 SS-43 EE-42, OTT-143.5
Tuesday, July 16 View Page
Good Morning everyone. Yes, itís time for Hobbits Pumpkin Patch update. I sure wish my plants were further along than they are. I still have lots of filling in to do with the secondaries. Iím spending to much energy growing vines instead of growing fruit. However, the kinís are growing well. 2528 Geddes (Big Fat KiKi), is showing great progress and put on another 13 inches in the past 24 hrs. Those of you following close may notice discrepancies on #s from my post yesterday. This is due to me not realizing KiKi turned 20 days old so I measured again yesterday afternoon. My 1629 Carrier (Wild Thing) turns 16 DAP today. I seem to be having technical difficulties with this one. Weíll see what happens when she turns 20 DAPBut rest assured sheís doing fine. ?? ?? My 1237 Carrier (Big Fat Felicia) is my ugly duckling. Iíve already culled the backup on this one, but I may start another. Iím thinking this one for my home town Pumpkin Fest entry. My 1921.5 Carrier (Constantine) is doing great. Sheís 18 inches OTT behind her mother last year at same DAP. However, she was pollinated 2 weeks earlier than her mother, and catching up. This ones going to be interesting. Could possibly be another personal best. ?? Thank you for tuning in to Hobbits Pumpkin Patch update.
Thursday, July 18 View Page
Good Morning everyone. Tuesday I did my weekly patch update and I didnít have info for My 1629 (Wild Thing). I didnít report because she was so large at DAP 16 it was unbelievable. Anyway, as it turns out, Wild Thing was actually 18 days old. Anyway Wild Thing turns 20 days old today. Her numbers are still pretty good.
Saturday, July 20 View Page
My 1237 (Big Fat Felicia) is running on slow mo. Sheís also buckling over in front. It probably wonít be long and I wonít be able to see the blossom. I have another thatís in much better condition and I believe itís going to be orange but, it was only pollinated on 7/18. I guess I shouldnít have culled my other two. Plant is getting huge and continues to grow fast. I think once Iíve finished terminating sheíll pick up the pace. Iím going to grow both kin or another on this one till at least end of August.
Tuesday, July 23 View Page
2528 ( Big Fat KiKi) DAP-27, OTT-230, estimated weight 281 lbs 1689 (Wild Thing) DAP-25, OTT-226.5, estimated weight 269 lbs 1237 (Big Fat Felicia) DAP-33, OTT- 231.5, estimated weight 278 lbs 1921.5 (Constantine) DAP-29, OTT-236, estimated weight 303 lbs
Thursday, July 25 View Page
2528 (Big Fat KiKi) turned 30 today OTT-247 estimated weight 347 30+ pounds a day.
Sunday, July 28 View Page
1629 Carrier (Wild Thing) DAP 30 today CC-113.5. SS-72. EE-74 Total 259.5 Estimated 401lbs
Saturday, August 3 View Page
My 1921.5 turned 40 days old today. Her mother last year on this day weighed an estimated 285 lbs. so thereís still hope.
Sunday, August 4 View Page
2528 (Big Fat KiKi) turned 40 days old. This one started out slow but has since been doing really good. Iím still growing growing out secondaries and will be for another week. Iíve terminated the main and let a secondary on each side grow off it. These 2 secondaries will continue to grow throughout the season.
Wednesday, August 7 View Page
Hobbits Pumpkin Patch Update Good morning everyone. Itís been a tough growing week temperatures have been ďhotĒ and dry. Now weíre going into a cool down phase. Daytime temps are predicted to be good but night temps will drop dramatically. So weíll be blanketing the kinís at night. Hereís where weíre at so far. 1629 ďWild Thing ď, Estimated weight 684 pounds. Turned 40 Days old today. 2528 ďBig Fat KiKi ď, Estimated weight 779 pounds 1237 ďBig Fat Felicia ď, Estimated weight 614 pounds 1921.5 ďConstantine ď, Estimated weight 658 pounds
Wednesday, August 14 View Page
Things are still chugging along. No great gains, just a slow steady pace.
Saturday, August 17 View Page
Wild Thing (1629) turned 50 DAP today. OTT 338.5 Estimated weight 889 7 day average 20.7 pounds And, All the corn has been removed. A lot more direct sunlight from dawn to dusk.
Sunday, September 1 View Page
Hobbits Pumpkin Patch update Not much to report, Kins are slowing down because the nights are getting colder. I donít have photos to post this time, will post pictures next week. Hereís the latest estimated weights. Still waiting for the Indian Summer. ?? Big Fat KiKi (2528) DAP-64, CC-178.5 SS-108 EE-101.5 OTT-388, Estimated weight 1302 lbs (22.5 lbs a day 7 days) Wild Thing (1629) DAP-61, CC-159.5 SS-102.5 EE-100.5 OTT-362.5, Estimated weight 1080 lbs (16.2lbs a day 7 Days) Big Fat Felicia (1237) DAP-69, CC-167 SS-89 EE-95 OTT-351, Estimated weight 986 lbs (17 lbs a day 7 days) Constantine (1921.5) DAP-65, CC-155 SS-99.5 EE-99 OTT- 354, Estimated weight 1011 lbs. (15.8 lbs a day 7 days)
Wednesday, September 4 View Page
1237 (Big Fat Felicia) DAP 76, gained 74lbs this week. Average 10.57 lbs a day. 1921.5 (Constantine) DAP 72, gained 65lbs this week. Average 9.2 lbs a day. 1629 (Wild Thing) DAP 68, gained 85lbs this week. Average 12.14lbs a day. 2528 (Big Fat KiKi) DAP 71, gained 147lbs this week. Average 21lbs a day.
Wednesday, September 11 View Page
Hobbits Pumpkin Patch update As the days and nights get colder and not much sunshine this past week the pumpkins have slowed down more. Had one night of a light frost which blackened a few leaves. Growth is still happening on all four kin. We might have some nice weather coming next 4-5 days so hopefully get a few xtra pounds. Big Fat KiKi (2528) DAP 78. Gained 95 lbs this week, average 13.5 lbs a day Wild Thing (1629) DAP 75. Gained 87 lbs this week, average 12.4 lbs a day Big Fat Felicia (1237) DAP 83. Gained 54 lbs this week, average 7.7 lbs a day Constantine (1921.5) DAP 79. Gained 46 lbs this week, average 6.5 lbs a day
Wednesday, September 11 View Page
Blossom end split, wedged in a slice of pumpkin. Will it work?
Wednesday, September 18 View Page
Itís been a tough year since the beginning. Back problems, weather, water pump problems, mistakes in foliar feeding. But, all in all a good year. Havenít lost any yet so that makes it a success in itself. Learned lots this year. Canít wait till next year.
Thursday, October 10 View Page
Constantine took 6th place at Anoka, then she was donated to the Grand Forks YMCA Parkinsonís fund raiser. https://www.grandforksherald.com/community/events/4711877-1100-pound-pumpkin-wins-contest-in-fundraising-campaign-for-YMCAs-Parkinsons-program
Thursday, October 10 View Page
Big Fat KiKi was scheduled to appear at Stillwater,Mn. I unfortunately have canceled the long trip due to severe winter storm starting tomorrow. Itís possible we may get up to 30 inches of snow in the next two days with wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour. She tapes at 1704 pounds. I weighed her at 1577 pouds. Very light. Wild Thing went to Gale woods farm and weighed in at 1519 pounds taking 2nd place.
Thursday, October 10 View Page
Wild Thing Gail Woods
Thursday, October 10 View Page
Constantine 6th place Anoka. 1126 pounds


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