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Monday, April 1 View Page
I just got home today from out west. Look what was waiting for me at the post office. Yea,,, Itís that time of year again. I initially thought thereíd be a couple ft of snow in the pumpkin patch, not so thank goodness.Iím getting an earlier start this year, hoops will be up by the end of the week.
Saturday, April 6 View Page
Started seeds today. Sanded edges and put them to soak. Iím not certain Iíll get any of my 1237s to germinate. I only had a dozen seeds or so that may or may not be mature enough. Fingers crossed
Sunday, April 7 View Page
I had just mentioned in a post about improvising or making do without. Well hereís a picture of my pumpkin seeds incubator. Lol. I canít afford a plant heating pad let alone a store bought incubator system. This is nothing more than a cooler with a light bulb and an electric baseboard heater thermostat. The thermostat I took off the wall in the basement bedroom that I donít use. I have it set where comes on at 85 and off at 90. Soil temp 88. Iíve been using it since I started.
Monday, April 8 View Page
2.5 days and we have action
Monday, April 8 View Page
Itís been 2 days since I sanded edges and soaked for 8 hrs. Tomorrow day 3 theyíll go from my make shift incubator into 2 gal pots I cut in half and into this contraption. I have 2 lights, one is Led the other a plain 40 watt fluorescent bulb type. That thing on the end is my fan which came from an old computer someone gave me.
Sunday, April 14 View Page
Itís been 8 days, all seems to be ok. I have backups for 1237, 1629, and 1921.5. My backup for the 2528 is a 2004.


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