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Thursday, April 4 View Page
Its time to get started for the year, im back to the patch I grew the 2106 in the year 2016 ive just been doing cover crops in it since then. Happy where the test is, we will have to mainly boost K and MG and tweak up a few micro nutrients, ive added 1% OM with the cover crops....I was hoping for a bit more but Ill take it.
Thursday, April 4 View Page
Lets see if the photo adds this time
Monday, July 8 View Page
Ive been working the past few weeks on getting an old scale up and running to grow a pumpkin on
Monday, July 8 View Page
On the scale we have a 2283 Barlow/Jacobus x self and it was pollinated on June 23rd. The scale itself weighs 360 lbs, I trained vines for a few weeks, in order to leave a big area for the scale. We put down 8' 2x6s yhen backed the trailer up, we then set the scale on the 2x6s and as I held the pumpkin we slide yhe scale in place. The platform is 4x4 but I extended it to 5x5 with 3/4 treated wood. I didnt have time to weld extensions on and cut drain silts with plasma cutter. So in order to combat flucations with the platform, I have to cover the kin and scale with a tarp everytime I water.
Monday, July 8 View Page
7-7-19, 9pm - 39lbs 7-8-19, 8am - 44.5lbs 7-8-19, 10am 46.3 lbs I then watered and right after I watered it dropped 2lbs, then an hour later it gained it back 2:30pm 46.3 6pm 45.3 7pm 45.2 8pm 45.4 9pm 45.6 Total gain in 24 hour period 6.6 lbs
Monday, July 8 View Page
Unfornatley that last post is difficult to read, ill have to come up with a better way to post the info, here is the pumpkin and the vine pattern, I terminated the main at the kin but kept the secondary, it made it easier to get the scale in place.
Saturday, July 13 View Page
Dap 20 for the scale kin, Tapes 177" for an estimated weight of 131lbs, actaul weight 117.8 so we are currently %10 light to chart. The other night I sprayed Bravo, Eagle 20, Bifen XTS and MKP and it stayed on the exact same growth rate. Which was great to see, next week will be a different insecticide and only one fungicide so we will check to make sure that also doesnt affect it. When I measured for Dap 20 it had done 22 lbs in the last 24 hours.


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