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Wednesday, January 23 View Page
Have been getting things organized, inside stuff cleaned up, grow lights set, grafting supplies ready. Time for a test run on germinating rootstock. Looking forward to 2019 and some of the great seeds I'm gonna get to grow like Jeremy Terry's WR BG, Danny Vesters WR lope, Lloyd brights almost WR lope and his former WR watermelon, Dale Totens WR pepper and UK melon record. Gonna get to grow and cross some older melon genetics with new stuff. Really looking forward to this year. Gonna stay the course for the most part with the selfing of melons to try and pin down the better genes. We are growing more melons this year than years prior. No pumpkins at the house this year only in the commercial fields. I'll post line ups closer to the end of February. #L33T #elitemelons #triplepfarm
Tuesday, February 5 View Page
Started pepper seeds tonight. Gonna try to transplant bigger plants this year with the upgrade in grow lights. As slow as peppers are to get going I'm gonna give this a go this year. Germinating Dale Toten'e WR Poblano, Dale's 580 bell pepper, my offspring from the WR bell pepper, and just some jalapenos to eat. In the process of building 3 raised beds for peppers and tomatoes.
Sunday, February 17 View Page
The start to the 2019 growing season. Test germination is over. These are the first wave of grafting rootstock. This year I will pick one watermelon plant and give a very detailed diary on it. The other stuff such as cantaloupes, tomatoes, giant peppers, and kins will get lots of diary focus. We are doing too many watermelon plants to maintain a good diary on all plants so we will focus on one for the diary.
Sunday, February 17 View Page
First 50 rootstock seeds down.
Sunday, April 14 View Page
Haven't updated in a while. Here are some of the tomatoes. The Domingo's are considerably bigger and have been outside getting used to the outdoors. The Domingo's will go in the ground Friday. Other will follow this weekend.
Sunday, April 14 View Page
These 4 watermelon plants went outside last Wednesday.
Sunday, April 14 View Page
Here's a 268 Bright 05, the former world record. She came out of the healing chamber today. Thanks to Mr Hurley for the seeds.
Sunday, April 14 View Page
Here's a 272.5 K Neptune hole insertion that will see dirt Friday. Thanks Mr Bill for the seeds. Looks like I'll have at least 4 272.5 K Neptune's in the patch this year.
Sunday, April 14 View Page
This has been a recurring problem for me grafting melons this year. I've had alot of them put roots in the stem of the rootstock, this one decided it would put out roots on a single cot graft.
Sunday, April 14 View Page
These are the 4.28s for the Big Marley contest. Looking forward to growing them.
Sunday, April 14 View Page
Here are some of Dale Totens world record poblano peppers. They will hit the dirt Friday too.


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