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Tuesday, April 2 View Page
Going to start my pumpkin a bit later than last years.. because I donít have a greenhouse this year ; Iíve been too ill to set one up. I think Iíll start mine in about 2 weeks, and place a bucket over it at night incase we get frost.
Tuesday, April 16 View Page
Trying to follow my mentor Glenn (north shore boyz) and get my butt in gear. óóSoaked my 1535 Johnson seeds today and now have them in my germination box.
Monday, April 22 View Page
My Johnson seeds didnít germinate, I had them right on the germination mat and cooked them ...(lesson learned) ó- I placed two folded towels on the mat and had success with 2 Wallace 1733ís
Monday, April 22 View Page
3 of my Johnson 1535 seeds that I thought were cooked sprouted a root today ó- so I have 3 Johnson 1535ís ó 1 1904 Steil ó- and 2 Wallace 1733ís planted in pots
Saturday, April 27 View Page
Usually I am further along at this point, but thatís ok
Sunday, May 5 View Page
In the picture there is - 2 pumpkin plants , 2 bell peppers, 2 cherry tomatoes and 3 beef steak tomato plants. Iíll pick the fastest growing of the pumpkin plants cull the other. (1904 Steil and a 1733 Wallace). I regret not starting earlier but I was just to sick to do much of anything.
Thursday, May 9 View Page
Weather has been hot for this time of year- had the use shade netting. The plants are growing at a reasonable clip
Thursday, May 23 View Page
Took the temp greenhouse down. Over night lows are fine now and its hot during the day. My one and only plant (1904 Steil) is doing well, planted just forward of some tomatoes and peppers.
Friday, May 31 View Page
1904 Steil growing not bad
Monday, June 3 View Page
Replacing bad soil with good soil. About 7 more yards should do it.
Thursday, June 6 View Page
Put a wind fence on the south east side of the new greenhouse to try and stop the very high winds we had yesterday. The vine flopped over but today it look fine. I think Iíll put plastic on the greenhouse and use shade cloth to cover the top on the very hot days. The ends will be left open
Saturday, June 8 View Page
I can see some male flower getting close to opening but no females yet. Plantís growing pretty well though ...
Wednesday, June 12 View Page
First pumpkin at about 8 1/2 feet (1904 Steil) - prob pollinate it as a spare
Saturday, June 15 View Page
1904 Steil about 9í long
Saturday, June 15 View Page
Did some vine burying with a mix of llama manure and screened garden soil. Fertilized with 15-30-15 (1904 Steil)
Wednesday, June 19 View Page
Pumpkin on the bottom right will be open for pollination tomorrow morning, but wonít be pollinated because I have no male flowers yet. Pumpkin on the bottom left is the next contender, fingers crossed. This weekend Iíll bury some more vines (Plant is about 12í long now)
Sunday, June 23 View Page
Working really hard in my spare time digging out poor,rocky soil and replacing it with really good soil. About 400 square feet left to go.
Tuesday, June 25 View Page
Sunset on the pumpkin patch - (1904 Steil) I think this is the healthiest plant Iíve grown so far.
Wednesday, June 26 View Page
Pollination day tomorrow. Hope a have some male flowers this time
Monday, July 1 View Page
Hereís a broken off leaf. Good size this year.
Wednesday, July 3 View Page
A nice five lobe female opened up today and finally I had some males to pollinate with. 3 from the garden and 2 from the fridge from the day before. Temp is 19c (66f) ó 1904 Steil ( on the main vine @ 14í )
Thursday, July 4 View Page
Pollinated this one 6 days ago and was doubtful it was going to work as I had no open male flowers to pollinate with. So I picked a flower that was going to open the next day and peeled back the petals and pollinated it. Seems to have worked, the little pumpkin is shiny and solid and growing each day.
Saturday, July 6 View Page
Left one is day 9 ...right is day 3. My pumpkins are always slow out of the gate it seems but I have a feeling they will kick into gear as soon as it warms up some. Give them 2-3 weeks and keep the fastest and cull the other.
Tuesday, July 9 View Page
Plant is about 21í x 21í and the healthiest plant Iíve grown so far.
Wednesday, July 10 View Page
12 dap. Canít really see them in the picture but Pumpkin has 2 long stem splits..... hopefully itíll be ok
Monday, July 15 View Page
Frustrating time of the year when ya just want them to grow grow grow! Haha
Tuesday, July 16 View Page
Some hefty stem splits on both my pumpkins
Friday, July 19 View Page
Culled the bigger of the 2 pumpkins. The smaller one has more vines behind it and is more symmetrical. The one in the picture is the one I kept. Thank you Glenn for helping me make the decision.
Sunday, July 21 View Page
Finally a day of mostly hot weather. Been sick for 5 days, got my wife to take this picture. It growing good and liking the sunshine
Wednesday, July 24 View Page
Day 20 (1904 Steil)
Tuesday, July 30 View Page
26 dap. Not sure of the ott ...but I noticed pumpkin is starting to grow more rounded. It bulged out some overnight
Friday, August 2 View Page
After all the rain we got in the past 24 hrs, Iím kinda surprised the pumpkin didnít split. Forecast for this afternoon and this evening is possible thunderstorm with hail, hopefully that doesnít happen. 208 ott (1904 Steil)
Sunday, August 4 View Page
22lbs a day now. (1904 Steil) about 256lbs. Hoping to beat my personal best (655lbs)
Monday, August 5 View Page
Just a nice day (27c)
Tuesday, August 6 View Page
Another hot day 29c. Leaves donít seem to be bothered at all by the heat. Tapes to 303 pounds
Wednesday, August 7 View Page
Gave pumpkin a feeding of 0-0-50 potash today. Only the second time this year so far. Sunny and 26c
Thursday, August 8 View Page
For the last two days itís been putting on 26.5 pounds per day. Iím happy with that number
Saturday, August 10 View Page
Pumpkin measures to 401 pounds today. 37 days old
Tuesday, August 13 View Page
Day 40 - tapes to about 475 pounds
Thursday, August 15 View Page
Measures to 522 lbs @ 42 days old. Iím happy with that weight . Trying to top my pb which was 655 lbs.
Saturday, August 17 View Page
I glued another tape on to my old one,because I ran out of room. Makes measuring so much easier.
Saturday, August 17 View Page
I wasnít measuring my pumpkin properly. Now that I know how to do it, it measures to 617 lbs
Sunday, August 18 View Page
Formed a lip on the front, so I dug a hole in front to accommodate it, and keep an eye on it.
Tuesday, August 20 View Page
Tapes to about 670, hoping to reach 700 by this Friday. Heavier than my PB by 15 pounds so far.
Thursday, August 22 View Page
Tapes to 707 lbs today... day 50
Saturday, August 24 View Page
Keeping warm and dry on those cool nights
Monday, August 26 View Page
Pumpkin measures to approximately 804 lbs today. A nice surprise
Wednesday, August 28 View Page
Slowed down to about 13lbs a day, but thatís ok. 1904 Steil
Sunday, September 1 View Page
Tapes to over 900lbs now. Backed off on the water some and it seems to have kicked it into gear
Wednesday, September 4 View Page
My wife got this OTT chart laminated for me. Should be fine to leave in the garden all season long
Thursday, September 5 View Page
Plugging along at its own pace, almost 14í in circumference. Really hoping itíll make 1000 pounds.
Saturday, September 7 View Page
Decided to apply another application of 0-0-50 potash. Try to gently nudge it to the four digit mark
Wednesday, September 11 View Page
Dig a much deeper hole in front of pumpkin so I can once again see the blossom end. I got some good advise to place a fan on it 24/7, so I did. Also made a small ditch around the hole to keep rain water from entering it and causing a humid situation
Saturday, September 14 View Page
My pumpkin is still growing (slowly but surely).. even though the weather has been cold and rainy. Maybe it likes the rain water
Sunday, September 15 View Page
Keeping my 1904 Steil covered with a warm quilt and a good quality tarp (at night).. and on cold rainy days. Estimated- 1035lbs. No cracks found as of yet
Wednesday, September 18 View Page
It finally stopped raining. My one and only is still chugging along even though itís been cold and wet out. Leaves are bagged
Thursday, September 26 View Page
2 roots off each node?
Friday, September 27 View Page
Tomorrowís a day off so Iím going to make a lifting ring for my straps. Got down to 5c overnight
Saturday, September 28 View Page
Came home and found a lot of fruit flies at one end of my pumpkin, pretty sure itís rotting underneath. Smells a bit funny too.
Saturday, October 5 View Page
I lifted the pumpkin up and looked underneath and didnít find any rot at all :) For the life of me I donít know why there were so many fruit flies around it.
Thursday, October 10 View Page
Loaded up a week early due to construction in front of our house. So glad it went well
Friday, October 18 View Page
All lashed down and ready for the weigh in tomorrow
Saturday, October 19 View Page
Had the funnest day in a long time!! Came in second at the old farm market in Duncan B.C. 1130lbs!! Made it into the 1000 lb club :) Big thanks to my mentor Glenn (north shore boyz) for his great advice year after year!!


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