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Friday, March 8 View Page
Soil cables going in - aim to increase temps for quick establishment. Power on now, and all seems to be up and work. Will see what temps it gets to as no thermostat. Currently suggest 20 degrees c
Friday, March 8 View Page
Pic now attached!
Saturday, March 9 View Page
Running a trial compost tea; took out the brass regulator and upped the diameter of the pipe over winter for more air. Got some air leaks reducing output - hunted out some PTFE tape and jubilee clips to Inc efficiency. Darn cold in this garage this time of year, so now some insulation under it. I think Iíll fit a home brew heat band and link to an inkbird to put some temp control on to aid microbial growth. Diff temps favour bacteria / fungi - fungi like it warmer.
Saturday, March 16 View Page
More compost tea brewer mods; now a home brew heat belt...
Saturday, March 16 View Page
...rigged to a thermostat & insulation. Running with some adj. water as a second season run, and will see where the temperature lands. Still in the garage which is darn cold, but mess here is preferable to the house. Iíd like to get to 70, but sure if thatís possible in this room at this time of the year.
Sunday, March 17 View Page
Even with the home brew heating belt, I just canít get the temperature in the compost tea brewer to hit target temps. Room temp is 55 f currently, but belt can only get it to 64 f. Going to try a 50 w aquarium heater.
Sunday, March 17 View Page
Started a few test run tomatoes for an experiment with myco, a week or two ago. Transplanted into 9 cm pots during the week


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