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Friday, March 8 View Page
Soil cables going in - aim to increase temps for quick establishment. Power on now, and all seems to be up and work. Will see what temps it gets to as no thermostat. Currently suggest 20 degrees c
Friday, March 8 View Page
Pic now attached!
Saturday, March 9 View Page
Running a trial compost tea; took out the brass regulator and upped the diameter of the pipe over winter for more air. Got some air leaks reducing output - hunted out some PTFE tape and jubilee clips to Inc efficiency. Darn cold in this garage this time of year, so now some insulation under it. I think Iíll fit a home brew heat band and link to an inkbird to put some temp control on to aid microbial growth. Diff temps favour bacteria / fungi - fungi like it warmer.
Saturday, March 16 View Page
More compost tea brewer mods; now a home brew heat belt...
Saturday, March 16 View Page
...rigged to a thermostat & insulation. Running with some adj. water as a second season run, and will see where the temperature lands. Still in the garage which is darn cold, but mess here is preferable to the house. Iíd like to get to 70, but sure if thatís possible in this room at this time of the year.
Sunday, March 17 View Page
Even with the home brew heating belt, I just canít get the temperature in the compost tea brewer to hit target temps. Room temp is 55 f currently, but belt can only get it to 64 f. Going to try a 50 w aquarium heater.
Sunday, March 17 View Page
Started a few test run tomatoes for an experiment with myco, a week or two ago. Transplanted into 9 cm pots during the week
Sunday, April 14 View Page
Put an electric fan in the small greenhouse this year, which is a long standing project. Iím often at work during the hottest parts of the day, so itís linked to a thermostat.
Sunday, April 14 View Page
Thermostat screen idea from YouTube - itís hidden down the bottom of the white tube. Which is linked to the black tube - Duc Taoe in my case! Aim is the black tube heats up and draws air up from the bottom to ensure a passive Ďflowí of air over the thermostat. Never tried it, but giving it a go.
Monday, May 6 View Page
Prepped and ready to go. Back from recent hols. Ground watered, compost tea added, soil heating cables back on, and a sprinkling of kelp meal and chicken pellets applied so they can start being broken down and absorbed. And the white plastic cover from last year washed. Need to wash greenhouse to as seems to be covered in layer of dust. First seeds will be sown later this week; tomatoes in pots in pic are just stand ins. Nearly there!
Friday, May 10 View Page
Seeds started. Fingers crossed!
Sunday, May 12 View Page
My greenhouse is within WiFi range, so Iíve been tinkering with some kiddie technology as a proof of concept
Sunday, May 12 View Page
It currently monitors greenhouse temps, humidity and calculates the VPD - and sends it to an app on my phone.
Sunday, May 12 View Page
Thereís a snapshot of Ďcurrentí greenhouse status (at any given time) Not sure the Ďtargetí figures are correct as such, but itís interesting to see. Wishful thinking on the buttons - they donít actually do anything at the moment. But theoretically they could, from my phone which Iím investigating! :) ...you can tell Iíve been itching to go for a while so been looking at other projects, but night temps only just starting to rise from 5C (40f) here...
Friday, May 17 View Page
4.22 Daho and 5.175 Hill are up after being planted when seeds had a few mm of radicle showing a few days ago. Sadly, my 5.95 Domingo didnít germinate, but I popped another on. Some backups in pots if needed, but Iíd like 2 Domingos in the mix of my 7 plants. My own seed of the 5.95 has germinated and transplanted - fingers crossed.
Wednesday, May 29 View Page
Looks like weíre off. Plot 1 (GH) 2 x Smith 5.27 (Domingo) 1 x 4.28 Spaziani (BZ x Domingo) 1 x 4.22 Daho (MegaMarv it turns out, checking latest Mendi diaries) 1 x 4.72 Meisner (Delicious) 1 x 5.175 Hill (BZ) 1 x 6.02 dmg Smith (BZ)
Wednesday, May 29 View Page
Tried 2 of the 5.95 Domingos, but neither successfully germinated, so opted for two of my own Domingos descended from the same seed
Wednesday, May 29 View Page
Plot 2 (Farm) 2 x 4.74 Wiesli 1 x 5.175 Hill 2 x 6.02 dmg Smith
Sunday, June 9 View Page
Awesome drone shot of the farm plot from today. A few giants in here: 4.74 Wiesli (2) 5.175 Hill (1), 6.02 dmg Smith (2)
Thursday, June 13 View Page
Not my megabloom - but someone elseís grow off my 6.02 Smith seed. Fingers crossed itís a whopper - great to see, Iím growing a few plants off the same seed.
Sunday, June 16 View Page
Life has had a few turns of late which mean Iíll need to take a sabbatical on the commercial salad growing. Unfortunately that means that my farm plot (rented) is being pushed to see if someone else might take it on by owners. Be hard to see it go, having built it from scratch - but I donít have time to run the salad sideline, and it isnít my main income. So...maybe losing access to the farm plot giant plants as a result including: 4.74 Wiesli (2) 5.175 Hill (1), 6.02 dmg Smith (2). Ah, pants.
Monday, July 8 View Page
Well I can confirm - I moved off the farm plot at the end of June, so my collection of giant tomatoes is halved. The ones who wonít make it further include: 4.74 Wiesli (2) 5.175 Hill (1), 6.02 dmg Smith (2). Thatís a real shame. Focus will shift to giving what I can to remaining plants.
Monday, July 8 View Page
Plants are staggered in age so itís not a direct comparison. But the 4.22 Daho so far does seem to be a beast. Nothing better than a double yet in blooms tho, so Iím holding out. The 6.02 Smith a lot younger than the other two - would have been interesting to see vs the Hill. A double forming on the Hill, but Iíd like 3+.
Monday, July 8 View Page
Marvís Delicious is coming along - by comparison to the Domingos, BZ and MegaMarvs; itís a super compact tower of tomato - narrow and column like in appearance, super dark green foliage. No blooms of note yet tho.
Monday, July 8 View Page
Across the path, a few Domingos - a quad is forming in the middle, not at pollination stage yet. Rick - Iím sorry - the Big Marley has really struggled as an ant colony set up shop at the base of the plant. I *think* Iíve managed to shake them with countless soakings of water. But itís really set it back and itís struggled alongside them for over a month - but looking a lot better this last week. Fingers crossed, I really like the idea of this cross.
Tuesday, July 16 View Page
Not the biggest mega, but looks like a triple forming on my 4.72 Meisner (Delicious) Still early days for the flower


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