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Sunday, April 7 View Page
My season started on Sunday. I spent the day putting new plastic on the mini greenhouse, prepping amendments and taking care of early weed infestations. Lets hope for better luck this year
Thursday, April 11 View Page
Here we go. Earliest start I've ever gone with! Temps look to be stabilizing in the low 60s for the next week or so. Hoop House will do its job out in the patch until planting day with warming the soil (already is sweating on the inside of the plastic). My plan is to dig the planting-hole for this one a little extra deep and backfill with compost and some "fun stuff".
Tuesday, April 16 View Page
well... my hoop house went for a ride across the lawn last night with 50mph wind gusts :(. Shredded the plastic. Guess I get to do it all over again
Thursday, April 18 View Page
1567 Gantner is up and looking beautiful. I built my own seed starting box with a heat mat, aluminum foil, and a cheap grow light. So far it is working amazing. In the box I have this giant pumpkin, some squash plants, cucumbers, watermelons, and some morning glory seedlings. All are doing really, really well and really love it. No weedy seedlings. So far I am a happy person. I have some 2 gallon pots to transplant the 1567 into in a week or so. Currently it is in the largest peat pot I could buy and has plenty of room. So far so good. This weekends activities include amending the patch and fixing my porto-greenhouse from the wind damage. Next week will be rototilling.
Tuesday, July 9 View Page
its been awhile since I updated. Here is the 1567 Gantner on 7/9/2019. It is about 12-15 feet in length and very healthy. Grows low to the ground, no big and tall leaves. Had a bit of a rough go coming out of spring. Ground was very wet and cold. Plant didn't want to take-off. Over the last 3 weeks it has made tremendous improvement and growth. Unfortunately there have not been any pumpkins on this plant yet :( and unfortunately I am significantly behind everyone else at this stage in the game. Good news is it is very sunny and very warm, hopefully I will see a pumpkin on the main in the next week.
Tuesday, August 6 View Page
Unfortunately my season came to an end over the weekend. My lone pumpkin aborted and the plant is suffering a severe case of disease. Appeared to be Downy Mildew at first but now it looks to be perhaps Yellow Vine Disease. Leaves are turning and orangey color and dying off, straight down the main vine and then working down the secondaries. plant will be pulled this weekend and the season will conclude


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