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Sunday, March 24 View Page
Hello 2019! Measured Stuff. Added in stuff. Spread stuff. Watered in stuff. Four weeks until seed starting day!
Saturday, April 20 View Page
Happy 4/20 Day!! Time to start the seeds!!
Sunday, April 28 View Page
Six of Six are up. Now it’s almost time to choose.
Sunday, June 16 View Page
Plant is looking good. 1718 Kline made the final cut
Tuesday, June 18 View Page
Tissue test off in the mail today. Test 11 from Western Labs in Parma ID for those of you who are new to the hobby.
Saturday, June 29 View Page
Pollinated this 4 lobe today at 13’. Only one male flower opened so not as much pollen as I would like. This is the Kline 1718.
Saturday, June 29 View Page
Have a really nice magabloom on the first tier of my only Giant tomato plant. This is the Dunn 5.11. Prayers for a quick recovery for Chris.
Tuesday, July 2 View Page
Second pollination attempt this morning. Decent 6 lobe on a side vine.
Friday, July 5 View Page
Second pollination on the main vine - 18’ out.
Friday, July 12 View Page
Third attempt on the main. About 22 feet. 4 lobes and disfigurement. Also 93 degrees forecasted high for today so....
Friday, July 12 View Page
Mega #1 on the 5.11 Dunn plant. Looking interesting!
Friday, July 12 View Page
Mega #2 on the 5.11.
Friday, July 12 View Page
13 DAP on the 1718 Kline. About volleyball-sized. This isn’t lighting the world on fire but is gaining momentum.
Sunday, July 14 View Page
Pretty good one going on this plant. Can’t tell it it’s going to be considered 1 or 2 tomatoes.
Monday, July 15 View Page
Saying goodbye to No 1 today in favor of next one out on the main. Cut 1/2 way through this morning.
Monday, July 15 View Page
Number 2 is 10 DAP today. Good shape and looks pretty symmetrical so far.
Monday, July 15 View Page
Second tissue test is back. Looks pretty good to me!!
Monday, July 15 View Page
Tissue test No 2 came back. Super happy with this result. Now I just have to not screw things up!
Wednesday, July 17 View Page
12 DAP and the plant is growing well. It’s about 350-400 sf now. This picture gives a pretty good perspective on what us backyard growers deal with: walls, houses and patio covers! But hey we don’t have the SVB in SoCal so there’s that!
Wednesday, July 17 View Page
Wednesday, July 17 View Page
So this giant tomato stuff is pretty fun!
Wednesday, July 17 View Page
Other side of the Big Ugly. Found a fused section between the left and right sides today. Pretty sure this will be one tomato.
Friday, July 26 View Page
DAP 21 On pace for a PB so that is fun! Getting 5” Of cc per day right now. I guessing this one is going to grow over the blossom.
Friday, July 26 View Page
Giant tomato is growing well. This is the Dunn 5.11 seed.
Monday, July 29 View Page
19” in cc today on the Big Ugly. Closing in on 3 lbs? She’s growing on her side!
Monday, July 29 View Page
Bottom view. Which isn’t really on the bottom... 25 DAP today. Approximately.
Monday, July 29 View Page
DAP 24 on the Kline 1718. This pumpkin is growing well and looks like it will grow over the blossom end. She’s 202 inches ott today and tracking for a PB. Really hoping for 1,000 lbs but she will only have 53 more days to get there.
Tuesday, July 30 View Page
Quick! Get a fan and some sulfur!
Saturday, August 3 View Page
The Big Ugly broke 20” today!
Saturday, August 3 View Page
Stem side view. I maybe have another 6-10 days before she starts to blush. It’s been too hot.
Sunday, August 4 View Page
Day 30 Moved the pumpkin about 4” back from the main vine today. She’s 243” ott and growing steady.
Wednesday, August 14 View Page
Day 40 130” cc Tracking for a PB!! She’s been slow but study, never breaking 25 lbs per day.
Saturday, August 17 View Page
My first Giant tomato made it to the scale and is now the Donahue 3.785. Really happy with it. This is a big zac that gets traced back to the Dunn 5.11 which came from Dan MacCoy’s 8.41. I only had one plant this year so to get a nice one is cool.
Saturday, August 17 View Page
This little kitchen scale had the exact weight!
Saturday, August 17 View Page
Speaking of Chris Dunn, that guy knows his giant tomatoes! He guessed the weight from the photo and was DEAD ON.
Thursday, August 22 View Page
Not going to be an Orange year that’s for sure !
Saturday, August 24 View Page
Day 50 on the 1718 Kline. Growing well although it looks like growth is declining. This fruit is exactly the same size as my largest effort. 321 OTT est 762 lbs.
Tuesday, September 3 View Page
Day 60 Still have a shot at my first 1,000 lb pumpkin. It’s taping 338.5 inches OTT today for 889 lbs on the 2018 chart. Come ON JUST NEED 7 lbs a day average to get there. Bad time for a heat wave.


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